Alexa Holt

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Traded in the cleats for kids // #sahm Sharing my love for moms & motherhood🤍 💌

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Being raised in the restaurant, looks exactly how you’d think it would 🥰 If you’ve seen some of the food, what’s the one thing you’re wanting to try?! @holtbrosbbq

Over here, we believe in the 2nd Amendment 😋

Outfits on sale. Monster tastes like heaven. Children driving me crazy. Discovered my new favorite leggings. So why not snap a “candid” picture & share that with all my frands 🤪 #liketkit #momstyle #simplestyle

You guys have heard me talk about moving for the last year.. Our plans have changed many times, but I don’t think I ever shared our final decision on the exterior 😍😍 If all goes to plan, things should get started within the next couple of months!! If you could add ONE thing to your current home, what would it be? (Or one thing that you love & are glad you have?!) 👇🏼💕

Is 2021 going to be another year of lounge wear? Because if so, I am HERE FOR IT 👏🏼👏🏼 The Stars Above line from Target is my faveeeee. What about y’all?! #liketkit #targetstyle

Had ourselves a little girls day 💕 Started with coffee from @dunkin (DUH) then found our new favorite nail salon! Best. Day. Ever 🥰 My hot pink sweater is still on clearance & comes in tons of colors! $23 🤪 #liketkit #ltkfashion #ltkunder25 #mommyandmeday #girlsday

Pondering how to pimp out my 3 year old as a photographer, because clearly she has a knack for it 🤣 Lol but in all seriousness- pretty sure I was thinking about leaving all of the toxic things/people in 2020, cherishing the small things & living more in the moment 💕 I know I said I wasn’t excited for a new year because not much would change- I was wrong. This will be one of the best yet 😋

Ringing in the New Year with a pajama party 🥳 My goodness this year...... And although things won’t change anytime soon, I’m so thankful for this little life of mine. Cheers for what’s to come! We love you guys! 🥂

Terrible quality, but out on the town with my mini 💖 Riley has become quite the little party animal 🤪 And she keeps begging me to move to Florida.. one of these days I’m going to take her up on it!

Hardly any Christmas photos were taken, we didn’t get to go to Christmas Eve service, everything came & went so fast.. But by the look on the girls faces this morning (second pic) I think it’s safe to say they had a pretty good Christmas 🎄❤️ AND Daddy & Kylie got new vehicles so that’s definitely something to be exited about 🥳 Now we’re headed to Florida this afternoon, YAY!

It’s officially Christmas week! 🥰🎄 Are you guys done shopping, or still have things to pick up? I am proud to say that this is the FIRST YEAR EVER, I am done shopping before the 24th! I’m talking grocery store & all. Hopefully that makes things stress-free 🤞🏼 We have a week full of festivities!

So. I’ve never had false lashes. I don’t have the pain tolerance to get my lips done. I’m clueless when it comes to makeup (Lord help these eyebrows.) I hate my teeth. Blemishes cover my face. I don’t get Botox. But here I am. I definitely want all of these things. But if I did it- it would’ve been for you. Not for me. I’ve never been into fashion or beauty.. And sometimes I have to remind myself that that’s okay. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like I fit in- I’m truly as average as they come (lol.) I’ve stepped into adulthood, and I’m still trying to find my place. However instead of trying to keep up with everyone and everything, I’m going to start searching within. This year has been a weird one; some of us lost it all, and others have found it. I know that I’m a mom.. I’m a wife.. But I’m kind of ready to find Alexa. I hope 2021 allows me to meet her 💖

Tonight, was our first festive one 🎄 We went & saw all of the lights our little town had to offer, had the Nutcracker soundtrack playing in the car & finished w/ The Polar Express! One of my FAVES 🥰 Whats your families favorite Christmas movie?!? #liketkit #winterstyle #holidaystyle

True life my kids are 151794 times cooler than me 😎 #twinningtoddlers

2021- the year we (I) turn country & THIS is our backyard! 🤠 If you had the choice would you rather live in the city or out in the sticks?!

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