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I am a mother and a wife; who loves all things related to natural hair, fashion, and lifestyle. I love to help others get creative with their hairstyles as well as cute fashion choices to try out. There is nothing wrong with throwing in some everyday lifestyle here and there as well.

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Just because its a fail; doesn't mean it has to be a fail. 😁😜 I can't even begin to tell you how many wash and gos didn't work for me to wear them out. Instead of accepting that they were complete fails to me, I always took it and created a style with what I had to work with. There is nothing worst than going through a whole wash day only to have your style be a fail and having to complete wash day again. Noooo.. let's cut that part out and just start getting creative with this hair. Music: Ice Tea Musician: Not The King

Sis, I think it may just be the age that is creeping up on me because I am starting to see things so much different now. For example; sometimes we fall in love with things and people that don't love us back. Love is such an amazing thing to be able to offer someone, it has no price tag. As much as you give is as much as you want to receive. Sadly, that doesn't happen in every case. So, I've learned to stop putting in the time and effort in hopes that my love will be seen eventually. I started focusing more on the love that I give that is being received and reciprocated. I also started loving myself more and enough to realize that I tried, but it was time to walk away. Coming to the realization that just because I love or give love to something or someone; it didn't mean that it was for me was also something I had to learn. I won't just blame it on the age, since I've been through enough to know that knowledge comes from more, but what do you think you've learned as you've gotten older? Have you come across this same thing?

It's really been the "Gains" for me lately, and not just with my body weight. ▪︎Family ▪︎Business Opportunities ▪︎Growth ▪︎Love ▪︎Friends ...etc. In just one weekend, I was truly able to see all that I've gained in life just by being surrounded by the right people. (Sometimes that's all it takes) Too often we see what we don't have, and instead of being thankful and grateful for what we do, we dwell on other things. We dwell on the things that look good, but really aren't meant for us. It is the beginning of a new MONTH; instead of focusing on things I don't want anyways, I will be focusing on GAINING more business opportunities, making more connections, and just overall living how it was planned for me. What is this month looking like for you?

I'm honestly just trying to keep this weight up. The clothes are fitting different, and I don't know how to act anymore 😂🤣 STORYTIME: all my life I was the little one; well I still am, but not as little as I used to be. All I ever knew were double digits. I was told that I should eat more to get some meat on my bones; as if I wasn't already eating 🙄 and it got to the point where I just didn't like my size. I kept feeling like I was just too small because that's what everybody else was saying. So I would try to eat more and more to at least try and gain some kind of weight but it never worked. I was literally 96lbs for as long as I can remember until 23 because I was pregnant with my son. The weight that I gained during my pregnancy was the biggest that I had ever been in my life. It didn't count much since all of it was baby 🤣😂 and once I dropped him, I went right back down to the size I was. Let's fast forward to now, 6 yrs later. I am triple digits now and loving every bit of it. Not because I was able to finally gain weight, but because I learned how to accept myself for who I was when I didn't have the weight. It really is about learning to love yourself no matter what. We have to stop listening and caring about what other people say to us or how they feel about us. Love you for you.

I won't lie to you sis, if I don't have much going on for the day; this hair will get put up and out of the way. You do not always have to have your hands in your head or to even have your hair down. Natural hair, especially the ends can be so fragile and break off at times, so to prevent that I like to keep my ends safe. The best way for me is to either puff it up or throw on that bonnet and that's not something I like to have on all day. So while I stream you better believe this natural crown is being protected. Are you in your bonnet all day if you have no plans, or do you pineapple as well?? S/N what are you guys watching? I like to watch my movies on @netflix and catch my shows on @hulu ; whats been good that I need to see?

[Share + Save] Which one did you enjoy me creating the most? Which one would you rock yourself? Creating styles has and will always be fun for me. I don't like to see myself with the same look from day to day so I try to spice it up as often as I can. Being a source of inspo for everyone has made me even more motivated to keep pulling out every style that I can. The love I receive on my looks is beyond words for me at times and I just hope to be able to continue to be that source for you. THANK YOU!

Sometimes, ONE product is all you need! I absolutely love when I can find a product that does it all. It helps to make #washday so much shorter and you don't have to worry about if the multiple products are going to play well in your hair. #AD|| This product from @w2naturals gave me moisture, defintion, and the hold that I like to get from using a gel. Don't sleep on it now. Which products have you found that you have been able to put in your ONE N DONE stash, tell me below?

SWIPE.. I had so much fun with this first beaded style, but you tell me which has been your favorite so far? 1, 2 or 3?

Vacation may be over, but what I love about them is that the memories are always here to stay. One thing my husband and I want for our child is for him to experience everything we didn't when we were kids and then some. That includes going to new places, eating new food, learning about different cultures etc.. we want him to be able to pass down to his children the traditions we start with him, because the cycle has to be broken somewhere. Where was the last place you vacationed? Did the kids come along and are you starting new traditions with your little ones?

Sound ON 🔊 ... its another throwback, and a really cute one. I USED ▪︎RatTail Comb ▪︎Edge Control Gel ▪︎RubberBands ▪︎Flower Accessories (claires) I love doing #braided hairstyles, but if you have any questions the video didn't answer drop them below or send a DM. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? It has to be a hard YES for me. See the things I've been through in life, some could never imagine; and I thank GOD that I don't look like what I have been through. But every situation of mine whether good or bad has had some kind of lesson behind it, and with each lesson its taught me strength I didn't know I had, and understanding that I now value. So YES, I love to see this strong, caring, independent, woman everytime I look in the mirror.

Cheers!🍹 to being able to just live in the moment of things. We get so consumed with our technology and social media. Wanting to stay up to date with pretty much everything and that alone can cause us to get lost in it. We have to realize that every good thing and moment in life is not in those places. Sometimes we have to step away from all of that stuff and just enjoy what is in front and around us. I live for the special moments that I can create with my family that require bonding. Of course sharing those special moments with others is cool, but when I'm there; I am 💯 there. S/N these were from last Spring, but seeing these are making me that much more excited about vacation next week.

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