Crystal Kirkpatrick

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Mom, Educator, Blogger, writing about all things family, relationships, parenting, educational activities, and more. A self-proclaimed jill-of-all-trades.

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It's Been Awhile...

Fast forward to May, we are 100% virtual but no grades are given, so many students don’t participate. In middle May, my family moved to a different state, I continued to support my students that did show up to video meetings and chat via Google Hangouts. We have a semi-rigid schedule with 15-30 minute Zoom meetings, about 6 times per day for students and up to 10 times a day for me. A struggle to laugh at things that once made me laugh, a struggle to smile and the cuteness of my littles, a struggle to show and receive affection.

Home-Student Schedule: Is it right for your family?

Seems fairly obvious, but to be clear, a home student schedule is simply a schedule similar to what your student is used to during school. It gives students time for academics and non-academics, it can be a “soft” schedule, or a strict schedule. Basically, the idea behind it is to keep your students in a routine (because loads of child psychology experts agree that all kids “need” a routine to feel safe and secure – see THIS article for more). School schedule during the day, then after school we had routine things we did

No Television Challenge: Kid Edition

the more they wanted to watch t.v., and eventually they started fighting over the it. Now, my kids didn’t watch television non-stop. After the third day, she started being nicer to her brother, she started helping me around the house with less complaint, and she started sleeping better. They do not watch television at all, from Monday morning til Friday night.

Math Games: Battle of the Coordinate Planes

One of the standards we need to teach to 6th grade students (and other grade levels in varying complexity) is the coordinate plane. I chose to have 3-4 students on either side for a grand total of 7-8 students playing one game. Since I had four stations, I made each one have different segment lengths (2 had identical x and y axis segments and 2 had different x and y axis segments). but, when I do this again I plan to provide each team a laminated coordinate plane (regular paper size) and a dry erase marker so they can plot the points they call out and mark them as H for hit or M for miss.

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