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This #SAHM #mom #lifestyle #blogger strives to enrich the livelihood of moms by blogging about motherhood, green living, essential oils, marriage and DIY.

Location Johannesburg
Country South Africa
Member Since JULY 07, 2019
Social Audience 2K
  • Moz DA 12

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Home Deco Ideas Home Deco (DIY and Free)

5 Free and easy DIY Scandi Boho Inspired Home Deco using natural, free, and repurposed or reused products you may already have. I love plants especially greenery, natural materials, neutrals, earthy tones, woven textures, glass pieces, Boho lively patterns and DIY’s etc. After 2 days, I shook out all the small flowers that were on the grass and spray painted them with Clear Lacquer Spray Paint. The next home deco post will be all about incorporating nature into your home and which interior design styles incorporate nature.

Natural Journey (An honest update)

Along with limited money and fear of meeting people and traveling as well as lockdown, plus the uncertainties of what to use (the insistent use of more than 60% alcohol), my zero-waste journey came to a pause. I found a good Mosquito spray in Dischem called Anti-Mozzie Body Spray (plant-based mosquito repellent with citronella, I am struggling to replace toothpaste (I have sensitive teeth, so I use a specific one), bleach (oxygenated bleach is not as strong), menstrual pads Lack of a physical support group from people who live my kind of lifestyle. Another thing is green washing (when a company poses as green when its not actually green).

Montessori Shelves Inspiration Montessori shelves inspiration -

Materials and activities are placed according to the child’s interest, developmental interests, and sensitive periods. Great materials to have for a toddler are: Blocks of different shapes (building blocks, alphabet blocks, plain blocks etc) On our Montessori shelf last week, Shelves in the Montessori setup (Montessori at Home) should be organized, speak to the sensitive period of order, laid neatly and undone on trays or in baskets and kept in open shelving according to the different subject areas. As well as the childs interests, sensitive period and developmental interests of the child after the prepared adult observed the child.

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