Modern Hipster Mama

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I help mamas find style, sanity, and sisterhood. As a former professional wedding photographer, graphic designer, and social media manager, I am passionate about creating excellent campaigns with direct results for brand partners. I would love to work with you!

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When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the 1918 pandemic. I inter-library-loaned books from across the state that were bigger than my head. (Yes, nerd 🤓) I read all about what happened in history, but also the major steps they were taking in modern times - like finding and analyzing virus samples from frozen bodies discovered in the arctic. I even read about the backlash against masks and mandates - yes, even back then. And yet I remember my fascinated little mind asking nearly everyone I knew - and almost NO ONE had heard of the 1918 pandemic! Well, it turns out that reading about a pandemic is MUCH more fun than living in one… and I’m so grateful to take my first step toward a life after the 2020 pandemic. 💪🙌 #notthrowingawaymyshot

Modern Hipster Mama

Keto allows you to eat all sorts of yummy meals (like these air fryer keto game day recipes) while losing weight If you’re looking for beginner keto tips on how to lose weight and improve your health conditions, here is what we’ve learned: (Some of these links may be affiliate, which doesn’t increase your price, but helps support our family. If you don’t prepare, you’ll quit at the start- without realizing that a day or two of misery will end and lead to major weight loss. But don’t expect to go from eating out every meal to cooking every meal – that’s setting yourself up for burnout.

🎉 GIVEAWAY!! @erinselderberries & I are teaming up to give away a beautiful glass trio of elderberry syrup, aronia syrup, and her genius Yum Punch to one lucky winner! @erinselderberries is an amazing mom-owned business helping us all have healthy and happy families. My family has used elderberry syrup for years to boost our immune system, and Erin’s is absolutely delicious! 😍 I LOVE supporting moms who are following their passions to help provide for their families, and I’m so excited to give away this prize to one of you (swipe left to see)! Entering is easy: 1. Follow @modernhipstermama and @erinselderberries 2. Save this post (tap flag on right side) 3. Tag as many friends as you’d like in separate comments (each tag is an entry). 
Share this post to your stories for an extra entry (must be public and tag me so I know). Giveaway ends February 28th at 11:59pm PST. USA only. Good luck!!

Keto Air Fryer Recipes for Game Day

We’re still in the honeymoon stage, but I already know he’s the love of my life! I’ve fallen HARD for my air fryer and he’s been there for me in ways my other kitchen gadgets continually let me down. This is my favorite sugar substitute and it’s so easy (and yummy) to use crushed pork rinds instead of bread crumbs or breading! When you’re dipping these into ranch dressing, it’s easy to forget you’re following a diet!

Influencers made me feel like a crappy mom. 😭 When I was struggling with postpartum depression, not being able to breastfeed, and definitely not bouncing back to my pre-baby body, Instagram was like a toxic drug that I’d binge on during pumping sessions, midnight feedings, or when I sunk into the couch in mid-afternoon exhaustion. I kept coming back for more, but my guilty pleasure left me feeling even more inadequate. Years later, here I am. A “mom blogger.” 🙊🤣 It’s a constant temptation to nip and tuck and present a perfect version of myself on here - but I specifically started this account to be the person I NEEDED to find on Instagram 5 years ago. There are a thousand voices all telling me their secret to success, brand deals, and popularity - and none of them involve posting photos with no makeup, 4 year old baggy sweatpants, and a child who refuses to wear anything other than bright orange pajamas every day. And did I mention the screen time? Like, I’m not even trying to hide the fact that my kids use tablets ALL. THE. TIME. I love makeup. I definitely wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to lay on a beach in Mexico in all my fake bake glory. I adore an organized and spotless home. But if I only showed you the idealized version of my life, I wouldn’t be letting you into my reality whatsoever. And I would HATE to make any mom feel like she’s all alone in this crazy parenting thing. So thank you for being here as I do this crazy experiment of mine. Thanks for letting me be real. If it encourages even one mom, it’s worth it. 💗💗💗

Self Care Plan for Moms

You might not care about getting a manicure, but you’d love to sit outside and admire nature while sipping coffee (Hot coffee! This gallon-sized water bottle has markings to encourage you to drink lots each day, and this protein powder is a great low-carb breakfast or lunch (when you might have resorted to unhealthy processed meals on a crazy day). I also started taking biotin as an easy way to improve my hair, skin, and nails, and of course I take a quality multivitamin and Vitamin D. They look nice and the benefits sound nice, but by the time you talk yourself into actually washing your face before collapsing into bed, you’re definitely not going to take the extra time to apply eye creams and cuticle treatments.

🙋‍♀️ Do you feel like your personality has changed during COVID? Mine definitely has! We talk a lot about getting “back to normal,” but I’m definitely not going to view the world the way I did a year ago. The first couple months of stay at home orders were really rough for me - a lot of anxiety and stress that was compounded by my husband working from home and my special needs son not going to school. 😭 But pre-COVID, my schedule was dangerously unhealthy. In fact, our family had just committed to creating better boundaries between work and home, because my husband was always working and we were all running all over the place every day. It’s just a little ironic how we committed to family time, and then got stuck in our house together 24/7/365. 🤪 The adjustment period was ROUGH, and there’s no doubt that 2020 was devastating to everyone in different ways. I wish the whole thing never happened - but I can definitely say that our family is so much closer and healthier now. How did you change during COVID-19? Leave me a comment - I’m so curious about your answers!

Activated Charcoal Benefits

Lucky for you and me, activated charcoal bags are here to save the day by naturally absorbing odors! basicConcepts’ bamboo activated charcoal bags are an all-natural, discreet, and pet-safe way to absorb odors. So when I learned about bags of activated charcoal blocks that absorb odors naturally, I knew this was a perfect solution for our home. –In the fridge or freezer to absorb food odors –In your kids’ rooms to absorb urine or smelly teen odor -In your car to absorb stale

Ryan & I lost over 75 pounds with the keto diet, and so many people have asked for our tips and tricks. I’ve finally put together a blog post (link in bio) with everything I wish I knew when I first started keto and low carb! 🙌 While I’m not keto now (in maintenance mode and indulging in moderate carbs these days), Ryan continues to be super low carb, so we do lots of keto recipes every day! 😋 After having two kids, doing the keto diet was much less about how others viewed me, and much more about pursuing health in every way. Keto taught me SO much about moderation and controlling my emotional eating, and it truly changed my life. Check out the blog post (link in bio) and please share with your friends! 💪

The world is especially heavy right now. And I’ve added my own personal heaviness too. There are a million things up in the air for our family, from big decisions for our child with special needs, to still not knowing if everything will come together for us to buy a home this year or not. As a type A enneagram 3 (🤓) I’m so used to striving and working toward goals that I’ve felt absolutely lost and paralyzed by the uncertainties. But I’ve felt God telling me this is a season of preparation. It’s a season to rest, to listen, to learn something… because the pieces will fall together at some point and it will be time to get to work. 💪 I never thought spray paint would be so therapeutic! But bringing new life to these rusty old things was a picture of the internal work I’ve been doing in this season. You better believe I’ll be getting my hands dirty when we do buy a home, but in the meantime, I’m working on contentment and finding beauty in the little things. Now for a less serious question: Have you ever transformed something with spray paint? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 🎨

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