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I help mamas find style, sanity, and sisterhood. As a former professional wedding photographer, graphic designer, and social media manager, I am passionate about creating excellent campaigns with direct results for brand partners. I would love to work with you!

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Happy birthday to my beloved oldest, Banner! 😭😍 He has overcome so much these past 5 years, and continues to work hard in therapies and at preschool. Mama, if you’ve shed countless tears while trying to advocate and research for your child’s delays, please know that you’re not alone. It’s so hard to recognize gradual daily progress when you’re in the trenches, but one day you’ll wake up and realize that all the hard work is making a difference. You are exactly who God wanted to parent your child, and you are doing an amazing job of taking care of their unique needs! 💗 [Swipe to see the finished rocket cake I shared the making of in stories! 🚀]

Easy Cake Decorating Tips & Time-Saving Hacks!

I’m completely self-taught and definitely don’t have lots of extra time, so this blog post is full of time-saving hacks, as well as some amazing tips for making a box mix taste like a bakery cake. Here’s the step by step guide to decorating a cake the easy way: 1. We did a lion cake for Banner’s safari and world travel nursery, and a woodland bear cake for Anchor’s woodland adventure nursery. Once it’s decorated the way you’d like it, stick some toothpicks around the cake, then cover it with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! 🥰 We pray you’ve have a wonderful time making memories together this weekend. This year has taught me a lot about boundaries (hello fellow enneagram 3s), so it actually took a lot for me NOT to post our Christmas card yesterday, and to soak in all the playtime with my boys! It was absolutely wonderful. 💗 Do you have any exciting plans for today? We’re going to hang out at home, and I’m itching to organize the boys’ rooms to make space for their new toys!

5 Healthy Relationship Goals for 2021

As we’re working on our emotional, spiritual, and holistic health goals, working on our relationships is so vital to having a healthy and happy home! Here are 5 healthy relationship goals for 2021 (this would be great to save and discuss with your partner on date night!) Try to have designated work areas in your home, and agree on specific days/times that both of you will put work down and spend time together. As you’re making your goals for 2021, don’t forget to check out my free goal-setting guide!

I wept today because the little girl in me needed to see Kamala Harris become Vice President. 🖤 Why? I remember when a male church worship leader stopped band practice to tell me I needed to dance more sexy while worshipping. I remember when a male church member I volunteered side-by-side with got angry when I corrected his poor behavior - because he “wasn’t used to a woman” speaking to him that way. I remember when my Christian high school club advisors told my male partner that it was ok for him to ignore his duties and dump all the work on me, and then told him he could take all the credit publicly - because “that’s just how boys are.” I remember when my own mother, the product of generations of dysfunction, would continually tell me that I was a worthless failure and would never amount to anything. I also remember being the first person in my family to graduate from college - and graduating number ONE in my class. (You will never know what I had to overcome to make that happen.) And I remember what it’s been like to unpack years of being told I’m “less than” simply because I existed. So hear me when I say, Jesus is glorified when women are uplifted in our society. In a world where religion told women they were utterly worthless, Jesus treated them as fully human. He broke societal rules every single time he interacted with women in the Bible - because He saw them as MORE than everyone around them did. Little girls around the world will never be the same because of what happened today. And honestly, I’ll never be the same either. 💗

The Best Probiotic I’ve Found (& my journey to holistic healing in 2021)

But when Seed reached out to work together, they required me to do an hour-long course all about the health benefits of a *quality* probiotic – The groundbreaking thing about Seed’s Daily Synbiotic is that it’s ALSO a prebiotic- combining 24 select probiotic strains with a non-fermenting prebiotic ingredient concentrated from Indian pomegranate (ok, that’s pretty cool). Seed’s probiotic strains have undergone a crazy amount of research and testing (16 strain-specific, double-blind, placebo-controlled, published clinical studies as well as 13 in vitro/ex vivo mechanistic studies) to make sure that their stuff actually works. As I’ve learned more about folate vs folic acid (several friends have dealt with MTHFR mutations leading to miscarriages), this part is one of the biggest benefits of Seed in my opinion.

We’ve all learned a lot this year. One of the biggest things I learned after George Floyd’s death and the events following is that I have a LOT more to learn… and I know a lot less than I thought I did. 🖤 So many of my friends have different perspectives than me… because their life experiences have been different. And it’s become even more important that I raise godly, empathic boys who are quick to listen and slow to speak. Quick to love like Jesus, and slow to cast judgment on people just because they see things differently. And so on MLK Day, I want to shine a light on accounts that are doing the hard work and educating parents on how to teach their kids about racism and inequality. 💡 Please save this post and check these amazing women out when you have the time! @onlygirl4boyz is one of my favorite IG accounts. She speaks so transparently about raising a Black family in 2021’s America- and how her faith informs her social views. Raising teenage Black boys is an experience I will never have, and I NEED to hear people share the honest truth about their experiences. @natalie.kristeen is a white mom raising three precious little boys: one white and two biracial. She is passionate about being actively anti-racist as she follows Jesus. She shares a lot of truth about honestly speaking with your kids about race and diversity, and she’s also a wealth of knowledge about all things adoption. So grateful for another mama who’s not afraid to talk about the really hard stuff. @loriltharps has a podcast called My American Melting Pot, and there’s an amazing episode called How to Talk to Your Kids About Race. As she says, it isn’t a one-and-done conversation - and this podcast’s panel has some incredible insights from their unique racial and ethnic perspectives. @ohhappydani shares beautiful graphics and illustrations that challenge and encourage us all as we do the hard work and seek to truly understand. I hope you’ll save this post & check out these wonderful women’s accounts! This stuff is heavy… but it’s so important. 💗

The Best New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

Some things might be tasks (gosh, I keep forgetting to make that dental appt), and some things might seem really abstract (save more $$!). Every Day goal, I broke it down into a smaller goal: Work out for 20 minutes every morning. If you decide you need to save $10,000 in 2021, that means you need to save $833/month. If you want to save $10,000 in 2021, you better get started today!

I’m so excited to spend Christmas break with my 3 boys!! 😍 Yes, lots of holiday activities are cancelled this year. But it creates space for us to simply be together, play games, decorate a gingerbread house, and recover from this insane year before jumping into 2021. I’m so excited to unplug and hibernate with my little crew. I’ve got a stack of books on hold at the library & a LOT of tea and coffee on hand! ☕️📚🫖 What are you going to fill your break with?

I bake and decorate each of my boys’ birthday cakes! 😍 It’s become quite the yummy tradition – even though I started with ZERO baking and decorating experience. I’ve figured out the step by step process to making a boxed cake mix taste and LOOK amazing! 🙌 Save this post & check out the full guide at my link in bio! I even talk about making fondant (not nearly as hard as it sounds), and the best (super affordable) tools for cake decorating (including how to get those perfectly level cake tops). Have you decorated a cake before? Comment below with what you decorated! 💗

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