Mochi Mommy

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I am a Chinese-Japanese-American mom living in the Seattle area. My blog is all about how I am passing down our family traditions to my children, which includes our family recipes, holiday traditions, and more. I'm also a pediatric speech-language pathologist. 💌

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When your wife is a part time food blogger, all you want for Father’s Day is… @redrobinburgers. 🤷🏻‍♀️ At least I don’t have to cook! Bonus points if you know Jeremy’s usual Red Robin order! 😂 Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and father figured out there! 📷: @allenwongcreativespace #seattlefamily #seattlefamilyphotography #pnwfamily #familybloggers #asianfamily

How to Make Easy Belgian Waffles from Biscuit Dough

Make quick Belgian waffles from Pillsbury buttermilk biscuit dough in just TWO MINUTES. Place biscuits in Belgian waffle maker (I have a Hamilton Beach one that I love*) Cook times MAY vary slightly, but be very careful not to leave it in too long because the waffles will get very dry and tough if overcooked. If you liked this post, definitely check out my other biscuit dough food hack for making malasadas!

Here’s my mochi donut analysis that nobody asked for! Okay, I know I’m late to the game, but these @dochi.seattle mochi donuts (from International District, Seattle) were GOOD. HOWEVER I feel like I need to add some disclaimers for when you go get some (because you should definitely go get some): 1. These are made with a combo of mochiko and wheat flour so they’re not gluten free. 2. Mochi donuts are not actually popular in Japan (at least to my current knowledge). There ARE donuts in this ring shape in Japan that are very popular from a chain called Mr. Donut, but it is made from tapioca flour and not mochi! 3. The @dochicompany website describes their flavors as “exotic,” which I find problematic. But those notes aside, these were delicious, and we would totally go back for more! No lines and no wait in the middle of the day on a weekday. #mochidonuts #dochi #mochidessert #mochilovers #seattlefoodblogger #seattlefoodieadventure #seattledessert #donutlife #donutlovers #donutsday #donutsofinstagram #seattlefoodies #seattlechinatown #internationaldistrict #japanesefoodblogger #japaneseblogger #pnwfoodie #pnwfood

Authentic Broiled Sushi Bake (Pan Sushi)

Either way, it’s got all the flavors of your favorite Japanese-American/Japanese-Hawaiian sushi roll but without the fuss. While I cannot find any definitive answer for who created sushi bake and where it came from, it most likely came as a result of Japanese immigration to Hawaii, which is no surprise. All three sushi bake (or pan sushi) recipes that I have in my cookbook are similar in that they are made of a bed of rice in casserole dish, some sort of fishy protein, some sort of creamy spread, and furikake seasoning. One has the protein and spread on top of the rice; another has the protein sandwiched in between two layers of rice and wrapped in seaweed, like a spam musubi.

#ad Once I saw a popular food blogger answer a Q&A where someone asked if she ever got tired of cooking and just ate frozen food. She said NEVER. I unfollowed her because I DON’T NEED THAT KIND OF NEGATIVITY IN MY LIFE. I may love cooking from scratch, but I also love having free time. And frozen food can be DELICIOUS. I recently was sent four #ezsummermeals from @healthychoicebrand to review: 1. Healthy Choice Power Bowl Cajun Style Chicken and Sausage 2. Healthy Choice ZERO Carne Asada Bowl (No added sugar, artificial flavors, or preservatives) 3. Healthy Choice ZERO Verde Chicken Bowl 4. Healthy Choice MAX Tex Mex Chicken And guess what? They all tasted really good! Even Jeremy said he’d be happy to bring any of these to work for lunch, you know, when that’s a thing again. So what’s your go-to easy meal? Do you have a favorite frozen dish?

Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day in Japan) Free Lesson Plan

I never did much for Hinamatsuri in the past, but since our daughter has started Japanese immersion daycare, I’ve been trying to do better at celebrating Japanese holidays. This year I bought the girls some new Japanese outfits and made temari sushi for the first time! I feel like Hinamatsuri is a Japanese holiday that didn’t really get picked up by the Japanese American community. This year I made temari sushi for the first time, which is a sushi that is shaped like a ball and decorated with various toppings.

Hawaiian Shave Ice Preschool Mini Lesson Plan (swipe) If you’re looking for a fun themed lesson to do, why not try one based on shave ice?? You can read the Shave Ice in Hawaii book, talk about Hawaiian food or other cold desserts, and then role play buying and selling shave ice with the @keikikaukau Shaka shave ice play set! This works great for a preschool activity, but can be done with kids aged anywhere from 2-6, in my opinion. I’ve included a little sample role play script on the last slide. I’ve seen a lot of conversation scripts used in speech therapy with adults, actually, but I also recently read that it may be helpful in pediatric language intervention as well (Bruinsma et al, 2020). I use conversational scripts a lot with Jemma, who has typical language development, and I find that it helps her engage in play and practice new sentence structures. What do you think? Do you use conversation scripts in your play? #lessonplans #teacherprep #preschoollearning #preschoolactivity #earlychildhoodeducation #earlychildhoodlearning #earlychildhoodeducator #earlyinterventionspeech #pediatricspeechtherapy #schoolslp #preschoolslp #hawaiianshaveice #diversifyyourbookshelf #diversekidlit #diversetoys #toddlereducation #toddlerlearning #toddlerlanguage #toddleractivities #speechtherapyideas #speechtherapyathome #slpsofinstagram #slpmom

Okinawan Sweet Potato Haupia Pie Bars

Purple sweet potato haupia pie is one of my favorite Hawaiian desserts. My recipe uses an 8×8″ square baking tin to make pie bars, but you could easily double the recipe for a 9×13″ dish or even your standard 9″ pie. Bake them at 425 degrees F until they get soft (if you peel and cut them into 1 inch chunks beforehand it’ll only take about 25 minutes) * Peel and cut them into chunks, then boil until soft (20-30 minutes)

Kakigori!!! Finally made it out to Central District to eat kakigori at Kakigori last weekend. Kakigori is Japanese shave ice, but they also sell Korean style bingsoo, drinks, and dessert toasts. There’s a lot of pan-Asian desserting going on and I’m not mad about it. This is the Thai tea kakigori, and it was SO GOOD!!!!! 100% recommend! Seating was limited inside so maybe be prepared and bring a cooler in case you have to take it to go? Not pictured: running into @vncntgchu and @daizlc there too 😂 #kakigori #bingsoo #shaveice #shavesnow #seattledesserts #seattlecafe #seattlesweets #asiandessert #asiansweets #centraldistrict #seattlewa #seattleliving #seattlelife #seattlefoodies #asianfoodie #bestfoodseattle

When your 3 year old wants a mermaid birthday party, you gotta do a mermaid cake, right? Sigh, it’s not my best work, but it’s not terrible. Drips are so hard for me! But still, I enjoyed doing all the colors and sprinkles 😋 Would anyone like to see a video of me decorating the cake? #mermaidcake #dripcakes #dripcakeideas #americanbuttercream #cakedecorations #layercakes #purplecake #bluecake #sprinklecake #birthdaycakeideas #cakemakers #colorfulcake #wiltoncakes #cakesoftheday #cakesdaily #homebakedcake #amateurbaker #americolor #sweetapolita #seattlebaker #bakingblog #bakingmama #diycake #cakeinspirations #surlatable #makemore #abmlifeissweet

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