Brittany Girr

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I love being creative and sharing fun ideas with other moms. I'm always learning a new DIY to talk about. I paint, sew, crochet, garden, raise chickens, teach, sculpt, and currently learning embroidery!

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DIY Popcorn Turkey

I’ve been making paper bag turkeys with kids for years, but when I received a box of popcorn from Princeton Popcorn, I knew I had to figure out a way to incorporate that big, fat popcorn into my craft. Again, use your twine to tie the bag shut, but not all the way. Use tape to attach the turkey legs and the tail to the plastic bag. n’t want to hot glue anything to the bag, since the plastic will melt and ruin the turkey’s body.

Fall DIYs Round-Up

Wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle of the peg to be the arms, and I like to add a little fold at the end of the pipe cleaner. All you need is a blank canvas tote, an apple, some black acrylic paint and some fun trim. Help your little monkeys, ahem, kids, stamp apple prints with half of an apple. A couple of years ago, we made these super cute pumpkin print t-shirts for my daughter and niece.

Unicorn Hobby Horse DIY

I wouldn’t use scissors because you’ll end up with a mangled piece and it really wont look that great. We started off with a nice light pink color, but they added some purple to the mix and we got these pretty lavender unicorns. I use some foil and hot glue to wrap the horns individually. I cut out a couple of strips of carboard about an inch and a half wide and maybe four inches long.

Let’s Talk Mud Kitchens

I’ve been working with kids for 8+ years and the first time someone suggested a mud-kitchen One reason I love them so much is the fact that you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to get hours and hours of happy play time. Honestly, using found items from yard sales, thrift stores, or grandpa’s attic really adds to the charm of a mud kitchen. Sure, their little hands will get dirty and they might not want to wear their Sunday best, but a little dirt never hurt anyone.

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