Brittany Girr

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I love being creative and sharing fun ideas with other moms. I'm always learning a new DIY to talk about. I paint, sew, crochet, garden, raise chickens, teach, sculpt, and currently learning embroidery!

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Walking to school hand-in-hand is how these girls start their day.

Art and crafts and Frank Sinatra

New profile picture

I wanted to show off my new sweatshirt that I made, but my classroom decided to steal the show. #crumbquilt #scrapquilt #scrapfabric #makersofinstagram #teachergram #teachersofinstagram #madewithjoann

It's okay if you think it's weird. I like it. #makersofinstagram #scrapfabric #madewithjoann

Breakfast and Spelling

Maybe my next sewing room should be pink #aiart #pinkpinkpink #sewistsofinstagram

I made a crumb quilt bag as part of a birthday gifts for one of my girl's friends. #crumbquilt #scrapfabric #scrapquilt #makersofinstagram

Inspired by a character @veronica.porlier created. This week, my class was reading the Paddington Bear Books and we made marmalade from scratch. Once I saw all of the oranges scattered around the table, I was reminded of a character made by one of my favorite artists, Veronica. We needed something to paint today, so little orange kids it was! #veronicapolierinspired #preschoolcraft #kindergartencraft

Raise your hand if you love corny Valentine sayings! I definitely do. I spent the last two days making some cute and funny retro Valentine printables for your next Valentine's Day party. Wether that be in the classroom, or at home with friends and family, these retro food friends are ready for the festivities. Find them in my Etsy shop. Link in the bio. #retrovalentines #funnyvalentines #classroomvalentines #valentinebingo #preschoolvalentines #teachersofinstagram #teachergram #preschoolprintables #teacherspayteachers

Every year has its challenges, and 2022 definitely had some battles that I fought in silence. But I'm still here, and so are you.

What did you make in 2022? #makersofinstagram #creativelife

Things have been slowing down here on my teacher account. To be honest, the algorithm on IG is brutal and I'm just not able to reach my "ideal" audience. I dont have time to make reels every day and I feel like I'm fighting for attention in an ocean of amazing creators. I just cant compete. I'll keep this account active for now, I've got so much preschool and kindergarten content on here and I would be really sad to see it all go. I've been putting more work and time into my Etsy listings and simultaneously taking care of myself. Creating art and making things with my hands is my happy place. Working with my hands does wonders for my mental health, and the fact that I've sold a few peices here and there has warmed my heart. I might still post here and there when I feel inspired, but I think I'm going to become more of an observer than a creator for a while. #smallbusinessowner #ragdoll #supportsmallbusiness #workingmom #dollsofinstagram #cowsofinstagram #cowdoll

Little doodles like this are worth more to me than anything you'll find in a professional gallery. #everychildisanartist #doodlesofinstagram #kidsart #fairiesofinstagram

🍂Crush some graham crackers in a ziplock bag and drop into a clear cup, mix a serving of vanilla pudding with a spoonful of pumpkin puree, layer on top of the graham crackers. Lastly, top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon! 🍂Super simple and kid friendly! Tastes so good you'll want a serving for yourself too! #pumpkinspice #fallpreschoolactivities #kidsinthekitchen #preschoolteacher

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