Julie Berninger, Millennial Boss

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Millennial Boss is a personal blog created by Seattle mom Julie Berninger covering lifestyle, travel, and personal finance content for women ages 25-40. It receives over 1M unique readers per year. Julie also hosts a money podcast, Fire Drill, with over 1m downloads and a higher net worth audience.

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I think I’m starting to get restless on maternity leave. I’ve already been planning a home renovation, bought a refurbished iPad Pro so I can start drawing and selling my own clip art on Etsy, looked into buying a cricut maker so I can start crafting, and been researching female carpentry classes and workshops so I can DIY some of the home renovations. I’ve been so busy with the baby that I haven’t had time to get started on any of these things but a girl can have goals!! 💪🏻 Seriously though leave me alone for two minutes and I’ll dream up some new adventure. What happened to chillin? What goals are you guys working towards? Anyone else as all over the place as me?

These 3 Courses in the Genius Bloggers Toolkit Make it Worth It

FB Ads for Affiliate Offers by Beth Anne Schwamberger of Brilliant Business Moms The #1 reason I bought the bundle in the Fall was because I have my own set of blogging and printables courses and getting access to dozens of other bloggers Jessie on a Journey’s course: How To Grow Your Blogging Income Through Facebook Ads Jessie on a Journey is a travel blogger who opens up her entire paid advertising funnel to students of her course How to Grow Your Blogging Income Through Facebook Ads. If you missed the 2019 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Bundle, you can still purchase Jessie’s course directly using the link below. I ended up buying Jessie’s Brand Pitch Bundle which is not part of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

Transparency post. Please read. 👇🏻 A few of you have asked why all the emails this weekend and I'm 100% real talk, so here it goes. ◻️ My podcast, Fire Drill, has existed for two years without ads. ◻️ I personally get distracted when I'm listening to a podcast and they stop to sell me a Peleton bike mid-episode. ◻️ My former co-host, Gwen, and I never wanted to do ads so we haven't, despite the interest from sponsors. ◻️ Our podcast is in the top 1% of downloaded podcasts on iTunes.. ◻️ and the personal finance community is one that sponsors are very, very interested in. ◻️ But we didn't feel that ads fit with the message of financial independence. ◻️ Save more and buy this thing? No. ◻️ As great as this sounds, the podcast has cost between $500 - $1,000 per month to produce for two years. ◻️ I love working on this show and I'm in awe of the community that has formed around it. ◻️ I've put a lot of attention into bringing on diverse guests and trying to have thoughtful discussions that you won't hear on every FI show. ◻️ But it doesn't add up - how can I produce a podcast that costs over $10k per year (that I love)? ◻️ ..without working with sponsors. ◻️ Luckily, I've found the answer. ◻️ Once per year, I can create an offer for the community where I can teach some of the skills I've learned that I think will be valuable to them. ◻️ Last year, it was the mastermind and it rocked! Kevin Jones, who was in the mastermind, has made over $7k on his Etsy shop so far. ◻️ Teaching others how to make money doing the things I love and have found success with... is way, way better than an ad for a Peloton bike mid podcast episode, in my opinion. ◻️ And I only have to do this once per year to fund the podcast! ◻️ For those of you in the side hustle course already, I cannot wait for the next few weeks to see where your side hustles go and to help you make some extra money! 💪🏻Blogging, Etsy, and Freelance can provide you with serious cash flow to speed up your money journey 💰 ◻️ And again, thanks so much for the support of the podcast and everything you have done to help this show grow! ◻️ XO, Julie 💕 PS - Today is the last day to sign up at goldcityventures.com

How to Make Valentine's Day Gnomes with Felt

I recommend choosing a neutral color felt for the hat like gray or oatmeal and then going with a light pink or white beard. You’ll want to cover the part of the toilet paper roll or coffee cup that will be sticking out (if it will stick out at all) with felt and how much you need depends on the length of beard. Also, don’t straight trim the fur in a straight line because it looks like a straight cut and looks weird. You want to cut the fur backing higher up and let the fur kind of hang off it at the bottom to look the best and most like a gnome.

“So my ideas for printables came because I've had a struggle with weight loss and just healthy eating and weight my whole life. So I found something on Pinterest that inspired me. I wanted to focus my printables on something that people had a visual for their weight loss, but also a goal.” This is a printable from one of my students in the Etsy Printables Course. Check out her shop “Color You Confident” on Etsy. If you’d like to join us in the course, you can only sign up through tomorrow at goldcityventures.com (link in bio @millennialboss).

17 Part Time Work From Home Jobs that are Legit

It’s a perfect opportunity for those who want to stay at home with the kids, who want a little more freedom or who simply aren’t ok with a hectic commute every day. How I Make $3,500 Per Month Freelance Writing On the Side Write and edit content for companies from the comfort of your own home! If you’ve got some background in web design, becoming a web designer can be a very lucrative work from home job, as more and more businesses are starting up websites. Online marketplaces such as Toptal have hourly rates of $60-$95 or even more – a great place to get started as a freelance web designer.

Last year we stopped at this Bigfoot themed coffee shop on the highway on the way to Leavenworth for Octoberfest and we were pleasantly surprised with this amazing view! This year, my husband blew by the coffee shop while driving and it’s one of those highways you can’t easily turn around because it’s in the mountains, only two lanes, not many exits, as it winds. I was so mad! I’m like why wouldn’t you want this beautiful view again?🍁 🍂 I can’t even drink ☕️ right now and want to stop! Next time, we’re going to stop! And I’ll tell him in advance since he’s not a mind reader lol 😝

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

It’s the first thing people see and it’s what people are going to remember when they talk about your blog or share posts from your blog. SEO will help you get ranked higher on search engines and that means it’s more likely that people will see and click on links to your posts. You want to include some external links in all of your blog posts, but more than that you want external links to link to your blog posts. You add a Google AdSense ad space to your site and then Google uses its algorithm to decide which ad will fit best on your site.

We hit 1 Million!!! Thanks to all of our wonderful listeners who make producing a podcast fun. 💪🏻😎

Might be the proudest sister right now 😀 My little sister is taking my Etsy Printables course and created these 4 bachelorette party printables this week. So proud! She had never side hustled before and now we’re staying up late working on our Etsy shops together! 💻✨💰 Want to come join us in the course? You can sign up now through Sunday at goldcityventures.com. It’s $197 just through Sunday and then we’re raising the price.