Julie Berninger, Millennial Boss

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Millennial Boss is a personal blog created by Seattle mom Julie Berninger covering lifestyle, travel, and personal finance content for women ages 25-40. It receives over 1M unique readers per year. Julie also hosts a money podcast, Fire Drill, with over 1m downloads and a higher net worth audience.

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Seriously, don’t cast a wide net with your first couple of products. Your generic Valentine’s Day Card won’t sell but your First Valentine’s Day Card for boyfriend might. Go niche!! Then niche down some more ✨✨ DM me if you need more help :)

There are endless ideas out there of things to sell on Etsy! Either people get stuck 1) thinking it’s over saturated so not trying or 2) trying and copying which doesn’t help anyone. Focus on keyword research and/or make something for yourself to get unstuck!

It doesn’t have to be perfect! Get these things right and list that first #digitalproduct on Etsy!

It’s a bit more complicated than it looks but many business owners do well selling Canva templates business to business. Do you sell Canva templates on Etsy?

Love when Canva added that background remover feature! It makes it super easy to create designs (especially on mobile)! This would make a great call to action listing images as your 10th Etsy listing image (maybe offer a discount or email list sign up?) or just thank them for their order to personalize? So many ideas!

Success follows when I push myself out of my comfort zone. Whether that’s been my #etsybusiness #blogging #onlinecourses #techcareer #workathomemom life - all the growth came from pushing forward. I don’t think it’s #confidence, it’s #ambition.

No additional software needed! You can add value to your customers by recording a short presentation or webinar with Canva. Edit slides and change colors in minutes! Record within Canva as you present.

Canva hack for anyone selling designs for t-shirts, wall art, mugs etc - use the Canva free smart mock-ups feature to create a realistic promotional image.

Matching colors makes a huge difference in a Canva design! Pull colors from your fav aesthetic pics from Pinterest to get inspiration! Link in bio for more tips.

Making $1,000 per month on Etsy really comes down to making over $30 per day. DM me if you want more Etsy digital product tips ✨

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