Margaret E Clegg

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Celiac Disease advocate and Gluten Free blogger. Supports #MichiganMade - bleeds Green & White. Dog mom and avid movie quoter.

Location FLINT, MI
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 15, 2020
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Do You Get Your Groceries Delivered?  I’ve had friends try @shipt (ad) and other grocery delivery services, but I never had. Until now. Thanks to my partnership with @thekitchn, I was able to try the service for free.  . I appreciated that the @shipt site had a “call out” for the top 8 allergens on groceries available for delivery. I also appreciated that when my shopper was unable to locate some of the items on my list, she messaged me to ask if i wanted to substitute items. She even sent me photos of possible alternatives. . Speaking of alternatives, there’s a way on their system to highlight that you don’t want substitutions, OR mark specific products and brands that would be a suitable substitution. I wish I would have taken the time to do that. Trying to think of alternatives “in the moment” is definitely not my strong suit.  . Thanks to Shipt, my husband and I enjoyed a nice steak dinner with Brussel sprouts, and a small 6" vanilla cake from the @dessertfortwo website. (I just substituted the wheat flour with the King Arthur Measure for Measure in my Shipt grocery delivery.) The small batch chocolate frosting recipe is from the Land O' Lakes website. And @thekitchn has a great tutorial on roasting sprouts. . While I didn’t have any houseware items in this grocery haul, please know that Shipt deliveries are not limited to groceries, only. You can buy household goods, clothes, and just about anything else that’s available at the stores Shipt does deliveries for. For instance, I've bought many Wilton pans and products at Meijer, where my order came from. . Thanks again to Shipt and @thekitchncabinet for allowing me to try this service.  #myshiptkitchen, #shiptpartner #kitchncabinetshipt #sponsored #glutenfreegrocery #shipt #grocerydelivery #Glutenfreegroceryhaul #groceryhaul #brusselssprouts

Baked Gluten Free Empanadas

These gluten free empanadas, made with masa harina, are naturally gluten free. I choose to use the Maseca brand, because I know it’s produced in a gluten free facility. I love using Stubb’s products, because their sauces are certified gluten free. We like to make and freeze these gluten free empandas for a quick dinner, or to stick in my husband’s lunch.

Want to Save Some Money? I shared in my stories about this great deal on @kingarthurbaking 5 lb bag of flour at @bjswholesale. Only $8.99, which is about half the price of when I buy it at my local Meijer or Kroger store. I've started adding weekly grocery deals in my weekly newsletter, which goes out early on Monday mornings. This week will highlight deals from Kroger, Meijer, Ibotta, and one Amazon deal. Send me a DM if you're not signed up and would like to get it. I also share recipes in my newsletter, and Celiac Disease headlines. And a little weekly encouragement, as well. A #MondayMotivation, if you will. Http:// (direct link if you want to copy and paste it into your browser. I'll add it to the @miglutenfreegal bio link, too. . #newsletter #newslettersignup #savings #discounts #glutenfreegrocery #glutenfreegroceryhaul #glutenfreediscount #weeklynewsletter #glutenfreeflourblend #glutenfreeflour

Gluten Free Apple Crisp for Two (Oat Free)

However, I created this Gluten Free Apple Crisp for Two, using cracker crumbs, and it’s a huge hit. For a better recipe, try this Homemade Salted Caramel recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Other recipes that are good for this season, are my Gluten Free French Apple Cake, my Gluten Free Apple Dumplings, and my Gluten Free Mini Apple Cheesecake. I’m tempted to sub gluten free flour in this Apple Pie Pizza recipe from Dessert for Two.

Sabbath - To Rest From Labor May this Sunday be a time where you find refreshment and renewal. A day where grief is washed away, and stress falls away, like water over the rapids. And allow yourself rest. Exchange hurry and hustle for the stillness. . #SundayThoughts #waterfall #PureMichigan #steppingstonefalls #FlintMichigan #stress #rest #sabbath

Golly Gee Gluten Free: Lansing, Michigan

You can find those, and many more gluten free goodies at the Golly Gee Gluten Free farmer’s market booth. Like so many other gluten free bakers who start a business, Golly Gee Gluten Free home based. One customer told me Golly Gee Gluten Free cinnamon rolls were the best she had tried, during her five years of eating gluten free. Golly Gee Gluten Free Lansing, MI 48910 Products available at the South Lansing Farmer’s Market on Thursdays from 3-7 and the Downtown Owosso Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 9-1.

(Ad) Today's Menu- Refrigerator Clean out Sometimes the best meals are a "little bit of this, a little bit of that." I have this 8" Lodge skillet, that's great for small batch recipes. So I cooked up some sliced mushrooms, a leftover chicken sausage, 2 oz. of gluten free pasta, and combined it all in the skillet with some leftover marinara. Topped it with the (ad) @daiyafoods mozzarella, that i received thru my partnership with @thekitchn, and tossed it in the oven (350 i think?) for 12 minutes. The cheese came out perfectly melted, and I devoured the whole thing while standing over my counter. #nosharing What's the best thing you've ever created, using odds and ends from you refrigerator? #freeproduct #kitchncabinet #kitchncabinetdaiya #enjoytheunexpected #daiya #daiyafoods #dairyfree #dairyfreecheese #skilletmeals #glutenfreeskillet #mealforoneplease #glutenfreepasta @kitchncabinet

MI Gluten Free Gal

The main difference, as fas as I can ascertain, is that a Detroit style coney dog is “wetter” than a Flint Coney Dog. Flint coney dogs include chopped up hot dogs. And no other hot dog will do than Flint-owned gluten free Koegel Hot Dogs! To make my Flint coney dogs gluten free, I used Schar gluten free hot dog rolls.

Sucker For a Pop Tart No matter how old I get, my favorite treat is always a pop tart / toaster pastry. I think it stems for all those years of not being able to have one. What's your "gotta have it" item? This particular GF pastry is from @breesgfree, from a former Pop-Up event of hers. She's having another one next weekend, and the deadline to order is this weekend. Visit the @breesgfree IG account to see the menu, and how to order. (The image is a few rows down.) Word on the street is that there will be Gf cheesecake. (Side note- this baking biz is Bree's side hustle. She's also a nurse at a Detroit area hospital. So ordering from her is a great way to support nurses and first responders!) . #glutenfreemichigan #michiganpopup #glutenfreepopup #glutenfreepoptart #glutenfreetoasterpastry #supportlocal #glutenfreebakedgoods #poptart #glutenfreebaker #glutenfreecupcake #warrenmichigan @tribedetroit

I Love Small Batch Recipes But even more i love friends who "get it." October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and some of my Facebook followers shared some heartbreaking ways they'd been treated poorly by others, because of their gluten free diet. . So today I wanted to to use my platform to encourage us to thank those in our lives who "have our back." From the family member who keeps a separate gluten free shelf for us, to the friend who meticulously checks every single ingredient for us so we can safely eat with them. We wouldn't be who, or where, we are without their support. Feel free to tag a friend and give them some public praise for their compassion and attention to detail! (DM me for the muffin recipe. I'm away from my computer today and can't easily link in my bio.) . #glutenfreepumpkinmuffin #glutenfreepumpkindesserts #muffin #randomactsofkindness #RAOK #gotyourback #publicpraise #thankyou #glutenfreeMichigan #glutenfreebakedgoods

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