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☀️Certified Health Coach & Reiki Practitioner 🎓B.S. Exercise Science, Nutrition, & Wellness 🥊Kickboxing Queen ⬇️70 pounds ✨On a mission to help YOU live your best life and fall in love with yourself

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We live in such a fragile world. So many people are so afraid of shattering. Of breaking. Of falling apart. No one wants to be triggered because triggers make us uncomfortable. They’re scary. They remind us of our demons. They shatter us. So we avoid anything that might trigger us, anything that might make us shatter. And we walk around life on eggshells. And here I sit Hoping that you shatter Praying that you fall apart So that you can break the chains of your old life and rebuild a life that you want to live. A life that is fulfilling. A life full of love, peace, and joy. A life you can finally be yourself in. Your triggers aren’t meant to be avoided. Your triggers are there to point you in the direction of what needs to be healed. Your triggers just want to be seen. They want to be acknowledged. They want to be healed. They want to be loved. Because once you see, acknowledged, heal, and love your triggers- They won’t trigger you anymore. And you never have to feel this way again. And if they do still make you feel just a little bit of discomfort- You will better know how to handle it. Break. Shatter. Fall apart. And then rebuild from love So you can be free ❤️

You are literally SO MEAN to yourself ALL OF THE TIME. Stop that sh*t. Easier said than done, right? Wrong. Not if you have the proper tools. Today I am sharing the message you need to hear in order to stop being a jerk to yourself. We'll even take it one step further and I'll give you the tools you need to be learn how to be NICE to yourself. ALL OF THE TIME. Crazy right? Join me over in my Private Facebook Community as we dive into this topic. This week is part one to next weeks conversation on overcoming fear. How are the two topics related? Guess you have to show up to find out! I'll be LIVE at 4pm EST or catch the replay! Let me know if you need the link to join the conversation ❤

My belly is full of doughnuts. My heart is full of love. A perfect day in Denver ❤️

Hey, Sam? Thanks for marrying me. I super love you ❤️ 📸 @joellechristinephoto

Do you fall in love with someone based on their appearance? Or do you fall in love with people based on who they are on the inside? So why do you claim you don’t love yourself because of the way you look? It’s about what’s on the inside. Stop being a jerk to yourself.

Self care is soul care. It is an essential part of your human experience and the most often misunderstood and ignored. So let’s talk about it. Today on Wellness Wednesday we’re talking about self care, healing, rituals, and anything else that comes up along the way. I feel like I have a lot to say today. See you at 4pm EST in my Facebook Group or catch the replay. Let me know if you want the link to join the conversation ❤️

As you move through this week This month This year This life Remember You are not here to work. You are not here to lose weight. You are not here to acquire more things. You are not here to make more money. You are not here to suffer. You are here to love. You are here to live. That is your only purpose. Don’t forget to live while you’re here.

The United States experienced a collective trauma this week. It effected everyone differently, but it effected everyone in some way. Now you have a choice, you can choose to heal this trauma wound right now while it is fresh or you can choose to stuff it away, bury it, and carry the pain of it for the rest of your life. This is your chance to practice healing. This is your moment to learn how to do it. It is your choice. You can carry the memory and the lessons learned without carrying the hurt, anger, terror, pain, and so many other emotions that came along with it. If you choose to keep scrolling, I keep my hope that one day you’ll hear this message. If you choose to feel it, heal it, and let go of the trauma emotions right now you will move forward in life with a clearer head, a more positive outlook, and you will be in a much better place to create true change from a place of peace and love. This is what you have to do: Step 1: Set up a ritual. A safe space where you have complete privacy and you will not be interrupted. Make it comfortable. Dim the lights, light candles or maybe some incense, whatever you need to feel good. Have tissues and maybe a notebook or journal handy. Step 2: Put on some music with no lyrics or meditation music for healing or letting go. There are thousands of options on YouTube. Step 3: Move your body. I don’t care what you do- do whatever your body wants to do. Dance, do jumping jacks, shadowbox, stretch, wave your arms around, shimmy a little- don’t think, just move. For as long as you want. Step 4: When you’re ready, find stillness. You can stand, sit, lie down- it doesn’t matter just BE STILL and ask yourself: “how did this week make me feel?” Step 5: Let whatever happens, happen. Stop thinking. Tell your mind to be quiet and just feel. When you start feeling vulnerable- let it happen. When you feel like you want to cry- let it happen. Scream. Yell. Write. Sob. Cry some more. Let it consume you. Tell yourself “it’s okay. I’m okay. It’s okay to feel. I am safe.” Let it flow. Let it move. I know it’s scary but I promise it is worth it. Step 6: Feel the peace. You’ll know what I mean when you’re there. ⤵️more below

I said what I said. And I meant it. There is SO much shame around sex, sexuality, intimacy, and pleasure. SO MUCH SHAME. Newsflash: we are human beings and we like things that make us feel good. Sexuality & intimacy have been HUGE parts of my healing journey that I never talk about because of shame, fear, worry, and doubt. Not anymore. Someone’s gotta tell you that you deserve an orgasm and I am thrilled to be that person for you. No matter how much you weigh. No matter what you look like when you’re naked. No matter what you sound like. No, you’re not “too old.” Yes, even if you’re single. Yes, even if you can’t remember the last time you had one. Especially if you never have! Even if you have to take matters into your own hands. Today on Wellness Wednesday in my Facebook Group we’re talking about creating your best year ever. For me, that means leaving shame behind in 2020. So here’s to 2021, talking more openly about things that all humans experience, giving yourself permission to have more orgasms, and not feeling shameful, selfish, wrong, or weird about it! If this makes you uncomfortable, good ❤️ How are you supposed to fall in love with yourself if we can’t have conversations like this? Let me know if you’d like the link to join the conversation today!

“I’m so fat.” “If I could just change this, this, and this.” “My body isn’t good enough.” “I hate myself.” How many times in your life have you said these statements or something like them? You are conditioned to hate your body. It’s a habit you’ve formed for years and years...maybe your whole life. Luckily, habits can be changed. Catch. Replace. Affirm. First you catch yourself having the negative thought. It happens way more often than you think. Then you replace it with a positive one. Say to yourself “I’m sorry, that wasn’t a nice thing to say. I love my body.” Then you affirm the crap out of the fact that you love your body. Say it. Say it again. And then say it a million more times. Yes, it may be weird and uncomfortable at first. You’ve spent YEARS now affirming the exact opposite. That’s why it’s even more important that you do it. I love my body. I love my body. I love my body. Say it with feeling. Say it over and over again until you believe it. If you do this and if you STICK TO IT, I promise that one day you will believe it. Practice. Practice. Practice. When you learn a new language you don’t say something once and it instantly sticks in your brain forever- you need to practice. Imagine what life will be like when you love your body unconditionally.

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