Mercedes Moore

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Mercedes Moore is a certified prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor setting out to help women on their health and fitness journey during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Location Virginia
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Snap! I just found the best meal delivery 😍 #AD This may be an AD, but honestly, I am in love! @snapkitchen chefs prep and cook healthy and mouth-watering meals before delivering them to your door! Reheating is quick and easy. All meals are gluten free, with no added hormones, no antibiotics, and no artificial sweeteners. I had been on the hunt for a while looking for healthy, yummy, and quick meals I could have for lunches during the week because it was time I stopped eating dino nuggets every other day... But being a mom of two who were on different schedules most of the time, I just went into survival mode. With Snap Kitchen, I don't have to think about what I'm going to make, if I even have the time, or any of that. I just take my meal, heat it up, and enjoy! They're so good even Kiara eats it with me, and she is so picky about her food! I get totally customized meals, 6 meals a week, and y'all I can't ever go back. 🤣 If you're a busy mama, struggling to get in a healthy meal (or a meal at all), Snap is for you! If you're postpartum and just brought your bundle of joy home from the hospital and are exhausted, Snap is for you! If you just want some yummy, nutritious meals that don't sacrifice on flavor, Snap is for you! Now, I could go on and on all day, really, but the best way is to try for yourself. Use my code mermaidfit or hit up my link in bio for 15% off your first meal plan order 🎉🎉

Winter Skincare Routine

n’t have the money to go spending $50 on one small thing of moisturizer which is why I appreciate how affordable their products are as well. The Advanced Peptides and Collagen Moisturizer is a double-action peptide cream made to visibly soften and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. My favorite is the Advanced Peptides and Collagen Eye Cream. The double-action eye cream visibly smooths the look of even the deepest wrinkles and crow’s feet for more youthful eyes.

{ #sponsored } I can't believe Christmas is basically here 😍 I know Christmas isn't 𝒶𝓁𝓁 about the gifts, but I cannot wait to see the expression on my daughter's face when she opens hers. We got some pretty awesome toys at @target by @chuckleandroar & @buffalogamesinc. The Red Light Green Light game we got for her cousins and Kiara got a little sneak peak before she helped me wrap it up. She asked me for cars a few days after 😅 But I'm sure her cousins will let her play with them. Swipe to see the rest of the goodies we got that Kiara will get to unwrap christmas day 😍 If you need to do any last minute shopping, I strongly suggest these amazing toys by #chuckleandroar at #target. Or keep them in mind for birthdays! Kieran's is coming up in a month and I'm not sure what to do with myself 😭 Do your kiddos "help" wrap gifts?

305 Fitness Reflection

What’s the harm in asking a few questions to determine definitively if this was going to be a good opportunity for me? I scheduled mine the week after we got back from vacation, leaving little time to go through the material due before day one. Suddenly, I could truly see how I could fit into the 305 culture, and how 305 could fit into my life. So, on my last day, at the cresando of this week long journey of self-discovery, growths, and oh yeah, loads of fun (!), I went all out.

What is the one holiday treat that you have every holiday season? My grandma used to make so many treats for christmas. Spending days in the kitchen getting everything baked, cooked, rolled, whatever. And if I don't still make her treats today 😋 But the big one was her banana bread. And she made sure to make enough that everyone got a loaf. So, it's just not christmas without it. Thanks to @ottonaturals for sending me some of their Cassava Flour, I made my banana bread gluten free (I also made it sugar free). The taste might not be the same exactly, but the texture is still just right, which is hard to do with gluten free baking. For quite a while I'd been an almond flour lover, but I think Cassava just shot up to my favorite GF flour.

#miscarriageawareness Part Two

I had gone through a few jobs and worked weird hours, but I was at the point where I could make fitness a constant part of my routine again, so I did. I was still trying to understand my feelings about the miscarriage, and was biding time until we could try for a baby again. I was tracking my CM, my cervix position, moods, symptoms, timing out when we would Baby Dance. And it told me in the same big way it told me the first time.

Kieran turns one in just a week... Kiara-Talia is 2 1/2 going on 3... They both are learning so much and applying their learned knowledge daily that I struggle to keep up sometimes. Even the seemingly smallest things amaze me. Today Kiara hurt herself and actually articulated to me that she hurt her finger. That blew me away. It's the small thing. All the small things. Like watching her play with her dolls, stuffed animals, farm animals, and seeing the way she applies daily scenarios. Like putting her dolls to bed and singing to them before telling them sweet dreams and closing the door. Or how she hugged her horses the other day because they were hurt and she was reassuring them they were going to be alright. I doubt myself. A lot. All the time. But all these little moments are big reassurances I'm doing something right. Sometimes I just sit back in awe of her. This day I watched her drive her wooden cars and "tractors" around the farm, visiting each animal, naming them and making the sounds. Sometimes Kieran chimes in and mimics her. In moments like this my heart is so full. We have to thank @campcastleplaymats for gifting us the amazing farm play mat and wooden cars and helping make moments like this possible. The play mat is easy to clean or roll up and I honestly use it under Kieran's high chair for meals since it's so easy! What's something your kid(s) did recently that blew your mind?

#miscarriageawareness Part One

We went to my husband’s work Christmas party and got wasted. When we came back home, I didn’t drink myself drunk, but continued to casually drink because, like I said, there was no way I could actually be pregnant. On December 15, 2016, on mine and my husband’s third dating anniversary, in our first year of marriage, I took a pregnancy test. On New Year’s Eve, we went over to a friend’s house for a party.

AD // If you use essential oils, how do you incorporate them in the home? Today, I thought I would share how we use our @planttherapy oils to clean. ✨ All the oils in this photo are part of their kids safe line as well to keep this momma even more worry free! With the germ destroyer, I used about 8 drops in my amber glass bottle, and a little bit of white distilled vinegar to make an all-purpose cleaner. The deodorizer is a box of baking soda and a few drops of essential oil (I actually made that prior to getting our plant therapy oils but I probably would have used the Sugar Plum). I sprinkle this on our couch, rugs, and carpet before vacuuming to get rid of all the nasty scents that accumulate when you have two kids and pets in the home... And our scent booster is a booster is the same recipe as the deodorizer. A box of baking soda and I used Holly Berry oil in this one. I take a small spoon full and toss it into the wash to keep our clothes smelling fresh. I also added a few drops to my wool balls and throw those in with the clothes in the dryer! Those are some easy ways we use oils in our home, cut down on chemical usage, and honestly save money on cleaning products. If you're still on the hunt for some gifts, oils make great stocking stuffers! And/or if making household products isn't your jam, all household products are 20% off at Plant Therapy!

I know it's Friday but I'm living for Seven Sundays 😋 Just don't tell the kids 🤫 #7Spartner I love waking up & starting my day with @sevensundaysmn cereal. Before a workout you want to fuel up with healthy foods with some complex carbs and some protein. I feel like, Seven Sundays cereal is a great, tasty, guilt free option. Made with clean and sustainable, U.S. grown sunflower protein, all three mixes are grain free (and gluten free), and sweetened only with fruit or coconut sugar. It's a healthy, crunchy, yummy option for you and your kiddos. And now they're available at @wholefoods 🎉 So go stock up before I go buy them all 🤭 #7sunwholefoods

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