Mercedes Moore

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Mercedes Moore is a certified prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor setting out to help women on their health and fitness journey during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Location Virginia
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We love Halloween and all things spooky in this house. But the one thing we don't like are spooky ingredients in our favorite treats #sponsor 👻 I recruited Kiara's help making these bats and pumpkins (but she left me to do the pumpkins myself). That's when I learned I'm NOT great at making and doing crafts with kids 😅🤦🏽‍♀️ It's a learning curve, but I know we'll get the hang of it. It was nice to have one less thing to worry about. Treats are made easy with @HuKitchen chocolate 🍫 . Their chocolates are made with NO SPOOKY ingredients 🙅🏾‍♀️, vegan, gluten free, and NO sugar 🙌🏽 What is your favorite flavor?? I loved the vanilla crunch 😋 You can use code MERCEDES for 15% off at (link in bio)

305 Fitness Reflection

What’s the harm in asking a few questions to determine definitively if this was going to be a good opportunity for me? I scheduled mine the week after we got back from vacation, leaving little time to go through the material due before day one. Suddenly, I could truly see how I could fit into the 305 culture, and how 305 could fit into my life. So, on my last day, at the cresando of this week long journey of self-discovery, growths, and oh yeah, loads of fun (!), I went all out.

Ma'am, I'll have a cup of decaf tea. . . double scoops of sugar. Thanks! Another way we've been enjoying our Natural Wooden Ark Rocker from @cassarokids is pretend play! Put it on it's side and it's table for a tea party. Code mermaidfitness815 for 15% off endless fun!! 🎉

#miscarriageawareness Part Two

I had gone through a few jobs and worked weird hours, but I was at the point where I could make fitness a constant part of my routine again, so I did. I was still trying to understand my feelings about the miscarriage, and was biding time until we could try for a baby again. I was tracking my CM, my cervix position, moods, symptoms, timing out when we would Baby Dance. And it told me in the same big way it told me the first time.

I've slowly but surely been prepping to live stream my 305 fitness classes but also I plan on starting to doing one on one coaching soon with prenatal and postnatal mamas - so stay tuned 😉 One of my big goals before doing live classes + sessions was making sure I had reliable wifi connection. As some of you may know, we live with my in-laws in the basement. It's great because we have our own little set up and space. The downside, is being in the basement we're kind of in a wifi deadzone. We've had many issues with constant buffering when trying to stream our shows, getting disconnected when on zoom calls, and just getting disconnected from the internet when trying to do something simple like check my emails. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Thanks to @meshforceofficial for gifting me their M3 wifi mesh system. The M3 plugs into the router and the two dots get set up in rooms we are having issues. It makes a kind of net to eliminate those dead zones. What I especially love is I can control the internet through the app. At first, I tried to put a dot in the living room, but when I checked the app it showed that it wasn't a good spot so I moved it to the hall, it turned green, and it's been smooth sailing since. Since setting up our Meshforce wifi system, I've had little to know issues with the internet which has been such a relief since all my work is on the net 😅 If you have trouble with dead zones in your home, I highly recommend #Meshforce! You can use my code MQT8AVH8 on amazon (link and code in bio) for 10% off your own M3 system.

#miscarriageawareness Part One

We went to my husband’s work Christmas party and got wasted. When we came back home, I didn’t drink myself drunk, but continued to casually drink because, like I said, there was no way I could actually be pregnant. On December 15, 2016, on mine and my husband’s third dating anniversary, in our first year of marriage, I took a pregnancy test. On New Year’s Eve, we went over to a friend’s house for a party.

After dinner, no night is complete without S'mores! // AD The chocolate graham crackers from @scharglutenfree were everything I didn't know I needed in my life! The whole family agreed these were going to have to become a new regular. They're graham crackers with a dark chocolate layer on one side 🤯 No need to buy chocolate or try to layer up your S'mores, just stick it between these two crackers and let your taste buds dance 💃🏽 Honestly, I think all our minds were blown away by how amazing these were! #schar #scharglutenfree #scharpartner


Some people even think that their opinions of how other people look will bully them into making a change, when in fact it could have extremely detrimental effects on a person’s health. It’s not acceptable under any circumstance to negatively comment on a pregnant woman’s size or make her question the health of her baby when you, yourself, are NOT a health professional. If you are pregnant/trying to get pregnant, I recommend trying Glow (while trying to get pregnant) and Nature (for pregnancy). You can use these apps to track your cycle and health and once your pregnant, track your pregnancy and stages of your baby’s growth.

Now more than ever it's important to teach our kids how to properly wash their hands. October 15th is #GlobalHandwashingDay and I am teaming up with @LifebuoyUSA to help spread the message. Tip: Ask your little ones to create as many bubbles as possible. It's fun for them AND creating bubbles with their hands helps wash away all those icky germs. Plus, get money back on your handwashing needs. Earn $1 on Lifebuoy Total 10 Handwash @walmart with the @Ibottaapp. Learn more at #linkinbio #LifebuoyPartner #LifebuoyUS #HForHandwashing

Hit up @Target just the kids and myself to get some essentials like my @sevensundays Muesli yesterday 😋 #7Spartner I think this was the first time I took both kids out by myself, aside from doctors appointments. I strapped Kieran on my chest and put Kiara on the stroller and was amazed by how not difficult it was. I still couldn't imagine having done this by myself a couple months ago, but I like knowing I'm mentally in a place where I could handle this. Now, excuse me while I go prep a bowl of my muesli to fuel up for more adventures 🎉 my favorite is the Blueberry Chai Buckwheat. Lightly sweetened with honey, no refined sugar, and gluten free; it's the perfect breakfast or snack 🙌🏽 Have you tried Seven Sundays muesli? Are you team hot or cold? I prefer it warm 🥰 Don't forget to stock up at your local Target! #7SunTarget

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