Mercedes Moore

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Mercedes Moore is a certified prenatal and postnatal fitness instructor setting out to help women on their health and fitness journey during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Location Virginia
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Have you struggled with postpartum hair loss? Or hair loss from stress, anxiety, depression, etc.? Yeah me too and it sucks! {#ad} After I had my daughter, I had such bad hair loss I convinced myself I was going to go bald and I was so depressed about it. I had really low self esteem and hated the way it looked if I put my hair up. Being postpartum with Kieran, I haven't had the same experience, and a good part of that is thanks to @livingproof Scalp Care Revitalizing Treatment. I have been able to feel really confident about my hair and don't have to be afraid to put it up. I've been using this Scalp Care Revitalizing Treatment for 3 months now. It's easy to apply and goes right on the scalp, using the special massaging brush to massage the treatment into the scalp and stimulate hair growth (check out my stories for how I applied it!) Each month I noticed some new growth and thin spots filling back in. But the change was so apparent that my mom was commenting on how even areas that had long been thin were thriving. It's easy and quick to apply and most of all, it works! Watch my stories to see the full journey 💓

Winter Skincare Routine

n’t have the money to go spending $50 on one small thing of moisturizer which is why I appreciate how affordable their products are as well. The Advanced Peptides and Collagen Moisturizer is a double-action peptide cream made to visibly soften and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. My favorite is the Advanced Peptides and Collagen Eye Cream. The double-action eye cream visibly smooths the look of even the deepest wrinkles and crow’s feet for more youthful eyes.

There is nothing like having a nutritious snack while sitting on the deck looking out at the lake 🦢 With so many food allergies and intolerances in my immediate family and extended family, I've been looking for safe ways to introduce foods associated with food allergies to Kiara & Kieran. It's been a fairly big concern of both Kyle and mine knowing my family history. We were thankful for @SpoonfulONE products designed by a pediatric allergiest and backed by multiple research studies. Each serving of SpoonfulONE includes the 16 foods associated with over 90% of food allergies to help train my babies’ immune systems. This includes some of the foods I am either intolerant or allergic to like wheat, milk, and sesame - three foods I am in fear of them being allergic to. Consistency is key, though to helping their #ThrivingTummies learn and grow accustomed to these foods. Which is why the kids get to pick one of the snack bags a day. The favorite so far are the Cocoa Chip Oat Crackers. Check out our stories or hit up that link in bio with code Mercedes35 to try SpoonfulOne with your littles 💖 Do you have any food intolerances or allergies? #SpoonfulONEPartner

305 Fitness Reflection

What’s the harm in asking a few questions to determine definitively if this was going to be a good opportunity for me? I scheduled mine the week after we got back from vacation, leaving little time to go through the material due before day one. Suddenly, I could truly see how I could fit into the 305 culture, and how 305 could fit into my life. So, on my last day, at the cresando of this week long journey of self-discovery, growths, and oh yeah, loads of fun (!), I went all out.

Am I ✨ GLO-ing ✨ yet??? { #ad } I have been on the lookout for a good teeth whitening kit for a while now. This girl loves her wine and coffee and unfortunately they love to stain my teeth. More recently I've had discoloration on the bottom between my front teeth that are a bit close together. When I was given the opportunity to try @glosciencenyc, available at @sephora, I was so excited! #glolit is the only dentist invented and approved teeth whitening technology with heat and light acceleration for fast results. And I mean fast! After one use I noticed a subtle difference. Every time I do a session I flash my teeth at my husband going, "Do you see? Don't they look whiter?!?" And I mean I get right up in his face. Haha. What I love about GLO, on top of the wonderfully fast results, is that the applicator has a little brush to help get the gel in those pesky places- like between your teeth 🙌🏾 Swipe to see my results after two weeks. Then #getgloing with me 🤗

#miscarriageawareness Part Two

I had gone through a few jobs and worked weird hours, but I was at the point where I could make fitness a constant part of my routine again, so I did. I was still trying to understand my feelings about the miscarriage, and was biding time until we could try for a baby again. I was tracking my CM, my cervix position, moods, symptoms, timing out when we would Baby Dance. And it told me in the same big way it told me the first time.

AD: URBLicious definition superfood decoction 🎶 I take a shot for renewal and healthy liver with nootropics🎵 OK - I'll stop with the song 🤭 But I just started taking these @urblicious shots daily to support my health journey and I'm pretty excited about them. URBL is the first and only functional beverage to be licensed as Natural Health Product (NHP) with verifiable label claims. The shots are fueled with 24 varying superfoods that range from adaptogens like ashwagandha, nootropics like brahmi, hepatoprotectants like milk thistle, collagen boosters like amalaki and turmeric, and so much more! They are 100% natural & Non-GMO: no caffeine, preservative, or additives. I've been taking these shots each morning for about a week and have felt a difference in just a few days. Before the shots I had been extremely tired and fatigued, barely having energy to get through the day. A few days taking URBL shots and I have so much more energy and concentration. Stay tuned because I'll be posting updates with my URBL journey and I have my initial taste test video coming your way soon! Feel free to check them out (in bio) #adaptogens #urblicious #whatsyouradventure #nootropics #hepatoprotection #collagen

#miscarriageawareness Part One

We went to my husband’s work Christmas party and got wasted. When we came back home, I didn’t drink myself drunk, but continued to casually drink because, like I said, there was no way I could actually be pregnant. On December 15, 2016, on mine and my husband’s third dating anniversary, in our first year of marriage, I took a pregnancy test. On New Year’s Eve, we went over to a friend’s house for a party.

{ #ad } Get yourself a partner who will eat cold pizza in bed with you 🍕❤ A little tip to make your cold pizza hot - Mikes Hot Honey 🔥🤤 @mikeshothoney infused with chili peppers is sweet, spicy, and the perfect companion for our giant pepperoni pizza slices from one of our favorite local pizzerias @bennyvitalis. Now listen, this is not like a pineapple on pizza debate, this hot honey adds a lil' somethin' somethin' you didn't even know your pizza needed. Sweet with heat, it truly elevated our pizza experience which I didn't know was possible. So get yourself some Mike's Hot Honey, order in your favorite local pizzeria, and get your binging watching on. Currently, Kyle and I are eating up all of Modern Family now that it's finally streaming. What are you binge-watching right now? #SupportLocalPizza #MikesHotHoney #MikesHotHoney🍕Night

Reeling from two miscarriages before getting pregnant with my daughter, my only thoughts revolved around staying positive and planning for the day I'd bring my rainbow baby home. In all the planning, one thing that never crossed my mind to plan for was maternal mortality. #carolsdaughterpartner That's because no one should have to plan for it. However, Maternal mortality in the United States is at an all-time high, with Black people being disproportionately affected. Black mothers/birthing people are 3-4x more likely to die due to childbirth or childbirth related with 60% of these deaths classified as preventable. While we are currently honoring Black Maternal Health Week from April 11-17; I keep thinking, what if something happened when giving birth to Kiara or Kieran and I didn't make it. What if I didn't get the chance to help guide them through life. To watch them grow up. To hug and sing to Kiara each night before bed. If we were robbed of the chance to be together... And so my heart aches for those children, those families, that have to go on knowing that their loss could have been prevented. #lovedelivered and Carol's Daughter are committed to Black Maternal Health with long term brand commitment, and partnership with Mama Glow. Together, Love Delivered will work over the next 3 years to positively impact the lives of Black birthing people and babies by raising awareness about Black Maternal Health amongst 100 Million people and directly engaging 10,000 people to be advocates. Join in the fight with us. What can you do to help? ✊🏾 head to to become an advocate. ✊🏾Follow @CarolsDaughter and @MamaGlow for program announcements & information. ✊🏾View the PSA video at ✊🏾Help spread the message any way you can. It takes all of us standing together to make a change.

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