Payton Cavin

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👋🏼 Payton is the name, yellow is the game
🌼 Life | Fashion | Photography | Travel | Puppies 📸 💌

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It’s not the places you go it’s the people you go with. 🫶🏼 Send this reel to your #rideordie. 💛 #traveltheworld #borntotravel #travelbucketlist #travelcouple #travelinspiration #wanderlust #sheisnotlost #traveladdict #travelnow #creativetravelcouples #travelcouplegoals #travelcouplelife

Champagne 🥂 breakfast for two! Don’t mind if we do. 👏🏼 📍@lemeridiensf #lemeridiensanfrancisco @evolusencom #evolusenpartner #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscobay #thebayarea #califonia #calihotels

Every business begins with a dream. Why can’t it be yours? 👇🏼 We are taught all our lives to believe that there’s only ONE way to “make it” but we never stop to think about how strange the world would be if there wasn’t people who took risks to go after what they REALLY want. Those negative comments most of the time don’t even have validity! “But you don’t have a steady income.” You could get fired from your 9-5 too? “What if it doesn’t work out?” Great entrepreneurs MAKE it work out. Each day presents a new challenge but figuring it out is just part of the fun. No one. And I mean NO ONE has all the answers. If I could leave you with one thing in this life it’s to do the things that scare you and ALWAYS follow your dreams. ☀️ #clichebuttrue #creativeentrepreneurs #creativeentrepreneur #travelblogger #livinglifetothefullest #followyourdreams #travelersnotebook #travelmore #inspireothers #entrepreneurship

Dreaming of warmer weather and flights that aren’t cancelled. 🫶🏼 Thank goodness we had a wonderful weekend in #sanfrancisco before all this mess! Highly recommend @hotelzephyrsf, the “ship-yard chic” themed right in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf. Friendly staff, colorful decor and amazing space for hanging out on the first floor. They even give you s’mores tickets for sitting around the fire! 🔥 Stay warm + save this post for your next trip to the golden state! ☀️ #hotelzephyr #california #cali #californiahotels #visitcalifornia #onlyinsf #westcoast #sf #californialove #bayarea #uniquehotels #uniquetravelexperiences #uniquetravel #mellowyellowpay

It’s the couple strolling with their pup for me. 🥹 📍View is from the 23rd floor (2311) of @lemeridiensf #lemeridiensanfrancisco Can any of y’all guess the bridge in the video? 👇🏼 @evolusencom #evolusenpartner #sanfrancisco #sanfran #traveltips #travelblogger #travelbloggerlife #hotelviews #thebayarea #travelersnotebook

YOUR @visitokc MINI GUIDE: FUN THINGS TO DO/SEE: 🎨 @okcmoa has some of the most colorful works of art including @chihulystudio and an amazing gift shop with cocktails and pastries! 💫 @factoryobscura is one of the coolest interactive art exhibits I have been to made entirely by local artists. 🌿 Walk the incredible @myriadgardens 💆🏼‍♀️ Get a fresh blowout @drybarshops_okc 🧔🏻‍♂️ Take your man to get a beard trim @firstnationalbarbershopokc 🌈 Explore the @plazadistrict and be sure to stop by @locallather to see the resident pup Beau !!! (Pictured with James 🐶) 🖼️ Walk through the @plazawalls to see some unique and colorful murals 🏠 Check out the @wheelerdistrict, OKC’s first walkable neighborhood and ride the @wheelerwheelokc 🖌️ Explore the @paseoartsdistrict 🐱 Visit the first OKC cat cafe (soon to open) @dontstressmeowt_catcafe WHERE TO SHOP: 🥾 Shop for beautiful and timeless boots @lucchese inside @firstnationalokc ☠️ Go antiquing inside the unique @deadpeoplesstuffokc 🛍️ @plentymercantile is the cutest store with sustainable gifts WHERE TO EAT: ☕️ Iced toasted cinnamon latte from @stellanovacoffee 🥃 @stockandbondokc for high plains steak and whiskey (this place is on my all time top 10 list ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) 🍝 @tellers_okc Italian wood fired grill for the Diavolo hot honey pizza 🐓 @nashbirdchicken for delicious hot! fried chicken 🌸 @bradfordhouseokc for a perfect girly and instagrammable brunch 🥞 @thegildedacornokc for mimosas and delicious pastries 🍰 Grab a sweet treat @katiebugsokc PLACES TO DRINK: 🥂 @libraryofdistilledspirits inside the original bank vaults of @firstnationalokc 🍻 @ednasokc for a lunchbox! They are too good. WHERE TO STAY: 🏨 @thenationalokc is your luxurious one stop shop for comfort, art deco design and multiple dining and shopping options on site (be sure to check out my full reel dedicated to this unique hotel) 🌸 @bradfordhouseokc is a girly boutique hotel with lots of history behind it SAVE this post for your next trip to #seeokc! 👏🏼

Still not over our luxurious hosted stay @thenationalokc this past weekend! Thank you for having us. 🫶🏼 [sponsored] This beautiful hotel is within the @firstnationalokc built in 1931 that was restored while preserving murals, decorative painted ceilings, original stone columns, cast stone, metal finishes, and even the original safe doors. You can spend hours exploring the intricate art deco details allover the property or dining and shopping at the 5 restaurant/bars and soon to be six retailers! It was truly an all in one spot stay. 👇🏼 🥐 Eatery and Patisserie @thegildedacornokc 🥞 Breakfast and dinner @tellers_okc Italian Wood Fired Grill 🥩 High Plains Steak and American Whiskey @stockandbondokc (the Mac and cheese almost had me in tears 😭) 🍸 Unique cocktails in the original bank vaults @libraryofdistilledspirits 💈 @droneguyjames getting a fresh beard trim @firstnationalbarbershopokc 💆🏼‍♀️ A fresh blowout RIGHT downstairs @drybarshops_okc 🥾 Custom boot fitting @lucchese 🛍️ Fabulous sustainable and unique finds @plentymercantile We already can’t wait to head back to @visitokc to stay @thenationalokc again! Be sure to SAVE this post to refer back to. 💛 #okc #thingstodoinokc #oklahomacity #dallasroadtrip #dfwroadtrip #thenationalokc #seeokc #oklahomacityhotels #texastravelblogger

NEWS FLASH! Brands aren’t just running around sprinkling out money like it’s candy. If you want to make money in this industry you will have to ask for it and more importantly, know HOW to ask for it in a way that won’t make them delete your email altogether. 🫢 When replying to a gifted/hosted offer here’s what to include in your reply: ‼️ SAVE this post to refer back to! ‼️ ✨ Say hello as you would when meeting someone in person. You are talking to a living breathing human! Act like it. “Hi, X. How are you? Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I’m thrilled to learn about this opportunity.” ✨ Explain why their brand aligns with yours and will resonate well with your community. ‼️ If you can’t find a connection, have never used their product or simply don’t see it as a good fit, don’t try to force a partnership just for the sake of money. This will only hurt you in the long run. ✨ BRIEFLY explain any creative content ideas that align with the campaign details they sent you. “I have had the X hotel on my list of unique stays because of X for a while now and would love to highlight the specials you mentioned during a stay in a vlog style video post.” (You can also link an example of content you have created in this capacity) ✨ Talk money! There’s not a one size fits all way to bring it up. But typically thanking them for the exchange offer but then asking for their budget breaks the ice. “While I appreciate the two tickets to the show I typically charge for content creation and social media promotion. Can you please let me know the budget in place for this partnership?” ‼️ I don’t recommend throwing out a rate until they explicitly have offered one or asked for yours. There’s an art to negotiation that takes time and a NO simply leaves time and energy open for a huge YES. 😉 If you found this post helpful share it with a friend and follow for more creative entrepreneur tips! 🫶🏼 #creativeentrepreneur #travelblogger #travelbloggertips #travelgram #entrepreneurship #getpaidtotravel

Did you know there’s a rooftop winery in the Brooklyn Navy Yard? 🍷 (that not many people know about yet?) @rooftopreds was hands down the coolest place we visited during our last trip to NYC and we practically had the place to ourselves. DURING SUNSET. 🫢 Which was so magical! AND you can order pizza from a neighboring spot to be brought to you. And while I wish I had more photos + videos to share…you may remember how my phone completely crashed causing me to lose 12 days of content that hadn’t backed up yet during our trip. It hurt like hell, I’m ngl. But when I found this photo on my camera I thought, maybe this moment wasn’t meant to be documented for the gram. Maybe it was meant to be just a memory of me swinging on a rooftop hammock overlooking the city with my best friend in our 20’s drinking wine, eating pizza without a care in the world. 🫶🏼 Be sure to check out @rooftopreds when in NYC and remember that your existence isn’t just a digital scrapbook, it’s your life. Your memories. The moments you will look back on when you’re old. 💛 #travelbloggerdiaries #traveldiaries #travelgram #rooftopreds #nyc #brooklynnavyyard #brooklyn

✨ TWO WINNERS: PRIVATE CHEF EXPERIENCE $500 VALUE FOR UP TO 10 PEOPLE + $250 DISCOUNT 2ND PLACE ✨ @letshibachi provides the chef, food, grill, and entertainment you just have to be ready to eat and DRINK SAKKKKKE…lots of sake!!! 🥳 We had the BEST time and the food was of course DELICIOUS! 😫 TO ENTER: ✨ Follow @mellowyellowpay + @letshibachi ✨ Tag who you want to eat hibachi with! (one entry = one tag and there’s room for 9 of your closest friends) ✨ BONUS entries if you share this to your story! (be sure to tag so I can see it) Winner will be announced 2/1 on stories! Goodluck! 🫶🏼 #letshibachi #hibachiathome #sake #hibachichef #thingstodoindfw #travelinghibachi #texashibachi #thingstodointexas #texasbucketlist

Did you know time outside in nature actually significantly reduces your cortisol, the stress hormone? Next time you ask for time off let your boss know it’s for your health. 😉 📍Weller Lake Trail, CO #thisishowirecharge #travelgram #explore #colorado #rechargeyoursoul #travelheals #travelcolorado

🍷11 wineries in Texas Wine Country to visit in 2023 📍@adega_vinho to drink 100% Texas wine 📍@hyemeadow_winery for 100% Texas wine and to feed the donkeys 📍@untamedwines for amazing pizza and wine 📍@slatetheorywinery for a unique wine tasting in a cave 📍@meierstonevineyards stop by the tasting room in a fifth-generation working farm 📍@augustavinwinery for some beautiful views 📍@grapecreekvineyards for a great tour and wine tasting 📍@southold_farm_and_cellar for some of the most unique views 📍@therhinory drink wine and meet Blake the rhino all while contributing to rhino conservation 📍@sixtwistssparkling for bubbles and friendly owners 📍@daspeachhaus for incredible views and peach wine 🔜Tag your wine drinking friend and save this post for your next trip to Texas Wine Country! #texasbucketlist #visittexas #texastodo #texasblogger #traveltexas #texastravel #instatexas #txtravel #hillcountry #texaswine #txhillcountry #texashillcountry #texasbloggers #texastravelblogger #texaswinecountry #texasmonthly #winery #texaswinery #texas #tx #fredericksburgtx #texashillcountrywineries

Went in skeptical, came out happily bloated. 😂 @pinkmamma_paris absolutely lives up to the hype. Hands down one of the prettiest spaces I’ve ever ate in, and the food was SO delicious. 😫 Reservations are highly encouraged. I’d book your reservation as early as when you book your flight. We ended up incredibly lucky day of after trying for a month to get one. Would you like to eat here? ☺️ #pinkmamma #pinkmammaparis #parisexplore #parisfrance #uniquetravelexperiences #uniquetravel #instagrammableplaces #instagrammableparis

Unique Places for Guided Horseback Riding in the United States

At the INCREDIBLY affordable price point of only $60 for a one hour ride, $70 for an hour and a half, and only $55 for the early bird ride you will 120% get what you paid for and more. The Grand Canyon’s South Rim and North Rim both have opportunities for unique horseback riding here in the United States. I personally love all animals and wouldn’t mind riding a mule, but if you are dead set on riding a horse only, take note. They claim to be the only ride actually IN the National Parks; Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the North Rim Grand Canyon.

Amazon Items that Changed my Life: Content Creator Edition

Thank god for Amazon Prime, and thank god for these incredible items that have made my life easier, helped me work on my creative business and are AFFORDABLE. 🏼 Time lapsing a sunset with your GoPro while still being able to use your DSLR to get incredible shots at the same time at the same spot. On top of having the ability to charge 2 wall plugs at once, this powerful device can also make traveling in large groups BETTER, by giving up to four people the ability to charge their own devices through USB. Connect the Pivo to your tripod and use the app to create photos and videos, try out their 12+ create modes, or use hands-free auto tracking for face, body and even action.

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