Melissa Birss

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Wont update my Instagramaccount I'm Melissa an influencer focusing on Health,Beauty ,Lifestyle, Fitness, and Wellness. I'm very creative and able to attract people and trust by creating cool, and interesting posts.

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my engagement is updating for my social media sites

Location Holiday, FL Florida
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 23, 2019
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When you think @builtbar has Thought of every flavor they now Puff are back and meet the new built balls I know my order has gone in. use code Melissa for 10% off Grab these while you can, before it's too late! Code Melissa for 10% off #kickingitwithgrasshopperbars #imbuilt #builtbar#imbuilt #builtbar #melissa #brandambassador #melissastake #melissa #brandambassador #imbuilt #builtbar #melissa #brandambassador #melissastake #melissa #brandambassador

Remember you are Enough. Positive vibes only and be kind to your mind This company and these sayings have got me through a lot through my recent separation and being sick. I know it's hard but sometimes hard to remember but we need to remember that we are enough.I feel strongly about with topics such as mental health, self-care and strong women that's why I love @ferrisbuilt Sometimes they wear all 3 pins together other times just one at a time and I do have a lot of people that stop and just love it and it makes them thinking smile. Use code Melissa for 10% off #selflove #youareenough #bekindtoyourmind

Sorry I've been a little MIA but needed so me time to re-energize myself. I have lots going on. One of my favorite places to Connect with yourself is in the Smokey Mountains. This time I was able to do it with my family. I was very lucky to have my son, parents, aunts, and uncles around #mountain #northcarolina #tennessee #gatlinburg #sylva #smokymountains #floridainfluencer #findyourself #Reconnect #renergize #family #vacation #familytime #familyvacation #family #memories

Remember you are Enough. Everything I have going on in my life right now is sometimes hard to remember but we need to remember that we are enough.I feel strongly about with topics such as mental health, self-care and strong women that's why I love @ferrisbuilt Use code Melissa for 10% off #selflove #selfcare #youareenough #smart #bold #strong #brave #capable #kind #tough #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

OMG I received my @baretrapsshoes the other day. Let me tell you that they are simply too comfortable to take off. I've been wearing all the time. I've be wearing them ro walk the beach, run errands and walk around the house. They have adjustable Velcro if they need to be tighter or looser on your foot but I feel that they were made and molded to my feet just for me Not only are they super comfortable they're very stylish and received many compliments on them. Very impressed with the superior materials and craftsmanship. Baretraps has been making customers nationwide happy for over 30 years. #baretraps #baretrapsshoes #floridalife #floridafun #floridainfluencer #supercomfy #everydayshoes #qualityandstyle

So I Did a thing? I signed up at Advanced Running. Come join me it's 8 weeks. Link above! Starts July 18 Built for Beginners They carefully broken down every step of the training process to develop a program that’s easy to understand and put into action. No endless articles, long videos jam-packed with jargon, or apps that throw you into the deep end with no support. Starts July 18 Instant access to your training program. 8 Week Program Only 2 hours / week for 8 weeks. Made for Beginners No prior running experience required. #8weeks #floridainfluencer #floridalife #floridafun #stayhealthy #startrunning #forbeginners #8weekprogram #advancerunning #lossweight

When you think @imbuilt has Thought of every flavor they now have Grasshopper Cookies I know my order has gone in. use code Melissa for 10% off So, where did the idea for a grasshopper Built Bar come from, you might ask? Well, you've heard of grasshopper cookies, grasshopper shakes, and even grasshopper pie. Isn't it about time there was a healthier mint cookie ‘n cream option? We thought so! Hence the Grasshopper Cookie Built Bar. How does this bar differ from our mint brownie bar? For starters, the bar is made from our cookies ‘n cream base instead of our chocolate base. And, to make it even better, we fold in pieces of real grasshopper cookies, delivering a totally new mint and chocolate flavor experience. Grab these while you can, before it's too late! Code Melissa for 10% off #kickingitwithgrasshopperbars #imbuilt #builtbar#imbuilt #builtbar #melissa #brandambassador #melissastake #melissa #brandambassador

WOW! The PepperBall COMPACT even fits in my handbag! Amazing. #PepperBall #COMPACTcampaign

I just received this amazing ring light from Edeuoey Team. That's absolutely amazing ring light with varietied features. Easy to hold. Perfect size (Adjustable). Properly Functioning. Really convenient to use. Most importantly it's a high quality product. Must visit their amazon brand with this link: You can check the details of ring light by clicking this link: Product link: US: UK: Product name: Cliusnra LED Selfie Ring Light Thanks to I just received for this high quality XX. Offical website: #edeuoey #selfiering #ringlight #floridainfluencer #photolife

I received this product for free from Influenster and Splat in exchanged for my honest review. This is the plum Is siren (cool red) Swipe right to see results It was very easy to apply processing time was only 45 minutes. The end result color is definitely very vibrant but more of a red than a plum that I would have expected... I did receive many compliments and people could not believe that it came out of a Box. Overall I would say 4.5% out of 5 just because the color is more of a Is bright violent red not plum #splatsquad #DoubLiftOneStep #influenster#SplatSquad #DoubleLiftOneStep #contest #complimentary @splathairdye @influenster

I just wanted to show you about the product I was talking about the other day. Compact by @pepperballofficial Go ahead and watch the video to see some of its great features and why I love it more than pepper spray #PepperBall #COMPACTcampaign #selfdefense #realpeoplerealpepperball

Thanks to @pepperballofficial I got this amazing product called the COMPACT. It’s a non-lethal self-defense tool that can fire its pre-loaded pepper powder projectile 30ft! It’s so slim that it fits anywhere. Definitely time to ditch my pepper spray. Check them out at #pepperball #COMPACTcampaign #selfdefense #realpeoplerealpepperball

I love my lavender essential oil that I received from @naturesfusions Lately I've been having trouble sleeping and I've been adding it in my diffuser and it helps relax me to fall asleep easier. It is definitely a great addition to any essential oil collection Lavender is primarily sold for its relaxing abilities, but it is excellent for skin care as well. Diffuse, add a drop to a warm bath, or apply topically at 2-10% dilution. Fun Fact Barrême is well known for its lavender distilleries, and this region’s lavender is called lavande fine de Barrême. The true lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) that thrives in the chalky soils and hot, dry climate of higher altitudes of the Provence was picked systematically at the end of the 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, fields of lavender were first planted, at altitudes above 700 m to produce the finest quality lavender. Head over to @naturesfusions now and use code Melissastake for 15% off. While you're there check out the rest of their collection #essentialoils #lavender #lavenderfields #lavenderessentialoil #naturesfusionsrep #Naturesfusion #melissastake #floridainfluencer #relaxation #oildiffuser #15off

I was lucky enough to try the Amrita Aromatherapy organic collection. I picked rose. Roses good for uplifting of the skin psyche balance out oily and dry skin helps tighten pores in fights wrinkles. Never mind that it also feels amazing and refreshing on my face as I spray. I use it a few times A-day as a quick little pick me up and it is amazing. I would highly recommend this product to anybody. Thanks you @amrita.aromatherapy for making great product check it out website: #naturallythepurest and #amritaaromatherapy #aromatherapy #floridainfluencer #floridalife #rose

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