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I am a budding influencer looking to work with companies that are all natural, cruelty free and or environmentally friendly. Seeking companies who want their brand to reach a diverse group of very dedicated & organically grown followers.

Location Cape May Court House, NJ USA - Northeast
Country United States of America
Member Since MARCH 24, 2020
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Submitted by #FriendOfStBabs Mr. Robert "Budd" Springer:)🌈🙌

Today’s #sundaysermon is inspired by #MothersDay and the Word of the Bible regarding a #GodlyMother: “Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of a family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. Celebrated in various parts of the world, Mother’s Day is an occasion to express respect, honor, and love towards our mothers. Mothers in the Bible are depicted as honorable beings worthy of the love & respect of their children and the entire community. There are countless stories about Mothers praying that reveal when the love of a mother for her child is connected with God's power through prayer, an irresistible force is released that changes kids, situations, families, schools and entire communities! Scripture teaches mothers to point children toward God by praying for them, modeling faith and character, and training them in wisdom; that Motherhood is sanctifying, and it is also sweet. God calls on a wife and mother to be a woman of strength, courage and wisdom; that She should rely on God through thick and thin, and lead her children to a knowledge of the Divine’s saving Grace. A Mother is clothed with strength and dignity; She can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Biblical scripture says many women do noble things, but a Mother surpasses them all. The world’s scriptures say a Mother is a diligent woman who seems to do it all. As a virtuous woman, a Mother is constantly busy doing tasks and loving her family and others well. Basically, she's a superwoman who juggles all things and seems to do it all with grace and poise. A good Mother is selfless but yet recognizes that she does need ‘me time’ to take care of her family. Good Moms teach their children right from wrong even when it is hard. They are there for their kids when they need them most, but then let them soar on their own when they are ready...

Guess what I did? Got my SECOND booster! #ad I had my first booster back in early September and now it was time to re-up like I do my flu shot. If you haven't been boosted yet then catch up :) Let's #GetNJBoosted Thank you @NJHospitals for spreading the word with me! #ImABigShot

"Loyalty is the first law of God."

Yesterday’s #sundaysermon is inspired by May’s #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth: “One in five of us are living with & suffering from mental health issues. One in six youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year. Five in five people face challenges that impact our mental health. Everyone has mental health symptoms, it’s just a matter of degree. Some days people feel too much, other days feeling nothing at all. Mental health is a sensitive subject amongst alot of us, but it doesn’t need to be. We need to talk about it more and get rid of the stigma. The scars and traumas that we don’t see, need the same kind of ‘care’ as the ones we do see. Having a mental health illness or disorder is not easy, and it’s even harder when people assume we can just ‘get over it’. People with mental illness deserve our support & compassion, not shame & stigma. Depression is more than being sad, anxiety is more than worrying, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is more than being tidy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is more than just flashbacks, bipolar is more than mood swings, schizophrenia is more than seeing & hearing things, Eating Disorders (EDs) are more than being underweight, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is more than instability, and addiction is not a ‘choice’. People with mental illness are not a burden. They are still worthy; even when depression makes it hard to move, even when anxiety has us overwhelmed, even when BPD triggers feelings of abandonment, even when PTSD makes us feel like we’ll never be safe, even when Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) makes us struggle with executive dysfunction, even when OCD fills our head with intrusive thoughts – Our mental illnesses *do not decrease our value*. Allow ourselves to acknowledge all unpleasant emotions, and not judge them as good or bad, but as a human experience. We can & will do great things despite our mental health issues. Make time for mental health. Mental clarity is not having an empty mind...

Being someone with pre-existing conditions, #ad I was elated to get a booster for my own health and for those around me that I care about like my daughter Awen. I am honored to partner with @NJHospitals to #GetNJBoosted in an effort to move forward from this pandemic. Click the link in my bio for more information and swipe for more information on the next picture. #ImABigShot

Tonite's #sundaysermon is inspired by true #sacrifice: “‘Sadness may endure all Good Friday night, and Joy can always awaken Sunday mourning…’ During a final three Holy days, He borrowed a donkey for a grande entrance to a place sealing his fate, knowing He’d be forced to die painfully on a cross. So He washed dirty feet of the diseased, homeless & hopeless children of God, shared a meal with misfits, felt abandoned, forgave all enemies, and willingly suffered fatal torture – all to experience an Amazing Grace only begotten through loving the God within all human beings. From death to Life. From expired to Rebirth. From used to Renewed. From unborn to Reborn... By the end, His sacred Soul was conscious during Its exit from the body. He was not His hair, not His skin. He was/is the Soul living Within. The proof there is no death is that consciousness is all there is. ‘My Lord God, have Thee forsaken Me’? It is finished.”

Mucho respect & huge THXOs to #FriendsOfStBabs Ed Bixby and his divine daughters Ava & Mina of @DestinationDestiny_ for their amazing first cut of the season at our historic cemetery:)🙏🙌 Never looked better! And just in time for #EasterSunday:) 😇🐰🗿✝️

My sweet girl is getting so big & time is flying by, but every moment I cherish. She is already chatting and having a blast with life. I wanted to post a few of her fun things that happened recently: Her fav song to dance along: Blinding lights by the weeknd Her fav foods: mango, Avocado with breadcrumb, tahini toast Obsessions: swaying, drinking water, rocking on hands and knees, talking to Alexa, listening to the news, standing up Her words so far: hey, hi, yeah, blue, mama, abha, and so far she blows raspberries for kitty kats 😂


Today’s #sundaysermon is inspired by the ancient origins of #Easter: “Emerging from what has felt like a year of shadow life, out of something dark comes something uplifting and wonderful. This is a time to spring into action and sow the seeds for the rewards of the months to come; to step forward into rebirth and a reinvention of what was, is to be #BornAgain. A balance comes in stepping forward this season with compassion, kindness, and bringing forth all of the other aspects of consciousness that give us strength & bring us closer together. There is much we can do to share in sending out positive energy into the world by solitary activities like prayer, meditation and springtime planting, or celebrating in larger groups which carry extra power during this transformation of cyclical rebirth. It is from the natural energy of the cosmos — the moon and sun, the elements — that we can draw power and spiritual nourishment found through honoring the rites of this spring and having a deep reverence for #MotherNature, bringing harmony, prosperity & abundance into this place Earth we call home. And so it is, sending compassion & balance into our universe is for the good of all – the great work begun by our ancestors of blood & spirit to create and nurture life and love.” #Easter #Eos #Eostre #Ostara #Easturmonath #Pesach

Today’s #sundaysermon is inspired by #StPatricksDay #CelticWisdom & the Jewish celebration of #Purim: "Celebrations exist to remind people to rekindle a forgotten flame of light within us. Every red-blooded human has a special spirituality -- a flame ingrained within that burns deep down inside our souls, connecting us to the deep spirituality within all beings, regardless of race & religion. Deeply rooted in our natural world, hidden patterns reveal opportunities in life situations, making it easy to place our soul wisdom into our lives. God is not the puppet master behind the scenes controlling the actions of people, but neither is God totally absent. Since we are created in God’s image, we are partners with God in controlling our own fate. While there are some things that ultimately are out of our control, we play a role in determining the direction of our lives as individuals and as a community. With this comes a responsibility to be active voices in our families and our community and advocate for the values that God holds dear. We should not wait for God to perform supernatural miracles but we as human beings are the ones who control our own destiny. If we hold back our help to people in their time of need, relief and deliverance may come from the Other World, while our own houses will ultimately perish. God will no longer intervene for us and save us, at least not obviously and supernaturally. God remains hidden but is not distant, God may be silent but is not inactive. God will work through us in our daily lives. And any one of us, every one of us, can become an instrument of God, for good and not for evil, for life and not for death. Just as there are spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms, humanity’s spiritual warfare is a global battle against cosmic powers over our present darkness. All things have soul that is connected to Spirit and always is, with, before, in, beneath & above us. Every human has a Guardian Angel sent to celebrate with us as a reminder of the joining together of ancient spirituality with our modern world...

PREMIERE! THIS SUN.3pmEST-->The radio broadcast & streaming debut of MAD WORLD 2022 -- For the first time since 1937 "Mad World" a haunting tale of #fascism will be broadcast on radio waves THXO to WCFA 101.5 FM & streamed worldwide on @CapeMayRadio "Originally written for the @NBC radio series #LightsOut by Arch Obler, #MadWorld2022 is now adapted & directed by @Kirkwulf for the 3rd episode of the #MidnightApocrypha podcast starring the vocal talents of @WillKeenan @Jrad_Zimmerman @loreleivudonos @Jared_Bernatowicz & @LJAguilar95. (*Midnight Apocrypha is a podcast dedicated to the revival of classic radio through the @ForgottenLoreTheatre & #LoneBrickTheatre companies. #MadWorld2022 has been made possible through @StBabs funded in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts New Jersey Department of State the National Endowment for the Arts, and The Cape May County Board of County Commissioners through the Division of Culture and Heritage/)"🙏Show flyer design by Abi Mejia 🙌🇺🇦


@KenHessPhotography stopped by ona whim & took some photos of our historic church estate:) Ken & his wife just bought a house around the corner here in Goshen -- Welcome to the neighborhood!!🙏

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