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I am a budding influencer looking to work with companies that are all natural, cruelty free and or environmentally friendly. Seeking companies who want their brand to reach a diverse group of very dedicated & organically grown followers.

Location Cape May Court House, NJ USA - Northeast
Country United States of America
Member Since MARCH 24, 2020
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Today’s #sundaysermon is inspired by holidays of the Feast of the Holy Family, St. John the Apostle & Kwanzaa: “What is the news? ...To celebrate the human family as holy, as a model for all families and for domestic life in general. Our family life becomes sanctified when we live the life of spirit within our homes (a ‘domestic church’). Making each home a ‘family church’ sanctifies the family unit; reading scripture regularly, praying daily, attending spiritual services (Zoom!) on weekends & Holy Days, and imitating the actions of The Holy Family with truthful self-reflection by acting holy & beloved, with compassion, kindness & patience, forgiveness (and especially) Love for the family & ourselves will bring us in perfect harmony (if all done together as a family unit). During this feast, let us reflect on the value & sanctity of our family unit, and to evaluate our own family life--What ways may it be improved? Now is the time--We can reflect on our basic principles, share & enjoy the fruits of our labor, and recommit ourselves to the collective achievement of a better life for our family, our community, and for our people of the community/town/city/state/nation/world and come together, celebrate and give thanks for any good fortunes the Divine provides even in troublesome times. May we light candles in ceremony when all members of our family are present, and encourage children to take an active role in all our sacred activities. Fasting or abstaining from food is often done during this sacred time as a means of cleansing our mind, soul & spirit. May we be thankful, seek wisdom for ourselves & others, sing spiritual songs with thankfulness in our hearts to God, and pray for our human and spiritual families & praise in homage to our personal and collective ancestors. We now honor our dearly departed family members for their inspiration & values they left with us (their descendants). Let us also remember true friends, and let us be apostles of charity, saints of love, loyalty, friendship & creativity...

Special thanks to @StBabs Guest-Preacher @BernieSanders!

Yesterday’s #sundaysermon was inspired by the Conversion of St. Paul & the birthday of Sikh Guru Govind Singh: “Throughout history, lives were given to protect religious freedom. With dedication to God, fearless saint-soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice to stand against injustice in their desire to protect people from being oppressed. With courage & devotion, through our moral code & spiritual discipline, good people rose against persecution and welcomed all races, creeds & classes to the Divine. Many of history’s greatest freedom fighters were at first once the persecutors & aided in the ungodly efforts of oppression, then had the miraculous experience of conversion, supernatural & revelatory in nature. This gospel is not of human origin, but a call to grace, oftentimes as an interruption of a blinding light & direct communication with a divine voice, a flashing light from heaven. Filled with a holy spirit, one who has a true conversion obeys the sacred command received through divine revelation. God’s power will use everything, even a hostile persecutor, to achieve a divine purpose. No human failure is so deep that grace cannot descend to it, and no height is so lofty that grace cannot lift the evildoer up to it. If we rethink from the ground up everything we have ever believed in, from our own identity comes an understanding of who God really is.”

"Learn to behave."

#NativityScene almost there! 😊🙏😇😷🎄💒☦

All the festivities of Christmas and New Years are over and soon to follow we have Valentine's day. This time is dire with cases skyrocketing from the Holidays. Stay in, social distance and please #MaskUpNJ because we need it now more than ever!! @ChooseNewJersey #SlowTheSpread for updates and more info download the Covid Alert NJ App! Available for Apple and Android.

Tonite’s #sundaysermon is short & sweet, inspired by the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth (Jesus Christ/Jesu Christu) which Biblical scholar Dr. @OberyHendricks reveals are the Christian Savior’s “political” strategies: “Treat the people's needs as Holy. Give a voice to the voiceless. Expose the workings of oppression." (Act accordingly:)

We Pray you Rest in Peace & Power, the Mr. John Pevny, great #FriendofStBabs...

Absolutely obsessed with Tom Ford's new scent #RosePrick !! It is light and notes of natural Tumeric & Roses creating a perfect aroma. 🥰😍 AVAILABLE @Sephora I received this complimentary to review :) #TOMFORDXINFLUENSTER #contest #complimentary @TomFordBeauty @Influenster @Sephora


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