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Tit bits of my life. Writing, expressing & reflecting - some poetry, some prose. (Posts in Urdu & English)

Location Mississauga, ONT
Country Canada
Member Since NOVEMBER 14, 2018
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. When everything is still, and there is a monotony, waiting to be killed; when there is no music around, I create my own rhythm, just like a waterfall, hitting the ground. —— Happy Monday you guys. Hope you had a great start to the week. #mondaymotivation #mondayvibes #mondaymood #nomondaybluesallowed #lifestylebloggersofinstagram #iwriteinverse #marysmelodies🎵 #pakistanicanadianblogger #bloggerwriter #writerblogger #blogaboutpoetry

Your life is yours and you should be in charge of it. This is what my poem today is about. Swipe to see the video 👉 Please do share your thought. ——- Ye kahani jo shaid meri hei Wakt ke hera pheri hei Kuch aur nahi bus saraab hei Jugti aankho sey dekha khawab hei Terey saath ka jo khayal tha Logo ka buna ek jaal tha Mei khud k liye hun kaafi ab Dunya sey chahti hun maafi ab Logo ke agar magar sey Iss dunya ke banayi dagar sey Juri zanjeer ko aakhir torr ker Andeshon ko peechay chor ker Mei naye safar pei nikli hun Mei apni kitaab k pano per Apni kahani khud likhti hun یہ کہانی جو شاید میری ہے وقت کی ہیرا پھیری ہے کچھ اور نہیں بس سراب ہے جگتی آنکھوں سے دیکھا خواب ہے تیرے ساتھ کا جو خیال تھا لوگوں کا بُنا اک جال تھا میں خود کے لئیے ہوں کافی اب دنیا سے چاہتی ہوں معافی اب لوگوں کی اگر مگر سے اس دنیا کی بنائ ڈگر سے جُڑی زنجیر کو آخر توڑ کر اندیشوں کو پیچھے چھوڑ کر میں نئے سفر پر نکلی ہوں میں اپنی کتاب کے پنوں پر اپنی کہانی خود لکھتی ہوں —— #urdupostoftheday #urdupoetryvideo #merishayiri✍ #merishairi #iwriteinverse #urdubloggers #urdubloggersoninsta #urdumerizabaan #urdupoetsofinsta #اُردوشاعری

. Humming birds and honey bees Budding flowers and blooming trees Butterflies and rainbows Daffodil and primrose Sunshine and long walks Picnic baskets in the parks Soft winds, gently whispering It’s time to welcome SPRING Love the weather. Doesn’t it feel great to step out without a jacket? ———- #spring2021 #welcomespringtime #springisblooming #saturdayvibesbelike #weekendfeels #canadianbloggersquad #pakistanicanadianbloggers #iwriteinverse

. In my quest to forego Some dark shadows I am hitchhiking to a place where unicorns fly Over lush green prairies Where ombre’ skies await me To claim my sanctuary ——- This is my entry for the Monday write-athon picture prompt hosted by @raw_writings_ Swipe to see the picture i chose for my writing. I was supposed to write a piece with 30 words max. Hope you like it. #raw_writings #raw_writeathon ——- #rawwritings #poetsofinstagram #iwriteinverse #poetryismyexpression #marysmelodies🎵 #picturepromptpoetry #pictureprompts

. When you lose a person, it’s not just that one person you lose. A part of you goes with that person. A part of you that was only known to that person and you. The time you had spent together, the secrets you shared, the conversations you had and even if there were any quarrels involved; they were all shared between you and that person and when that person is gone, you are left with a void that no one else can fill because no one else knows the relationship you shared, the bond you cherished, or even the disappointments you faced. When you lose a person, you lose a part of you and while initially you might just be mourning the loss of that person but eventually you start mourning that part of yourself as well; because in a way that shared part of you also gets lost. ——— #losingsomeone #lossofalovedone #mygriefjourney #losingyourself #mindfulblogger #mindfulblogging #thoughtsandreflections #lossjourney #knowyourself

As a housewife and a mother of 3, I am always looking for ways that will make my chores a little easier to manage; which is why i was very excited when i received this complimentary compact steamer by @influenster for testing purposes. This steamer is really powerful and can easily take the wrinkles out, giving your clothes a smooth and ironed look. I especially like to use it on items which are hard to iron on the ironing board. It’s amazing for bedsheets, quilts, curtains and winter coats. It’s compact design makes it easier to carry and work with. Storing this product is also very convenient as it comes with a pouch. You can fold it and put it in a pouch and keep it anywhere you like. I would have preferred it more if it was wireless, but i guess given the efficiency of the product, it is a small compromise. Thank you @influenster for sending me this product. I love it. ——- #contest #complimentary #MyRowenta #InnovateAndCreate @Influenster

. I waited for you, just as I promised I would; but in doing so, I withered away, just like the flowers, you once brought me. ——- #springvibeschallenge #iwritewhatilike #writersofınstagram #writersblogs #bloggerwriters #bloggerwriter #marysmelodies🎵 #writerofinstagram #thoughtofthday

. I woke up one day And heard a voice Telling me, my body Wasn’t my choice Suddenly it all made sense The groping was okay The harassment was fine The slap on my face Was a reminder not to cross that line Use my body as you please Eye me like an object Shun me with ease My body’s not mine So rape me, beat me, Kill me for your honour Lock me up in the house forever Your body is your choice So use your strength to shut me up Demean my cause And then take a bow to that patriarchal applause But hey i will not stop I will still raise my voice Coz you are wrong My body was given to me So it is my choice! ——— #auratmarch2021 #womensday2021 #patriarchymustfall #womenrightsarehumanrights #feminismisforeverybody #womenbloggersofinstagram #womenempowerment #speakupagainstinjustice

Ready for some snacking with #wandavision Today is the last episode. Anyone else watching it? —— #charcuterieboard #cheeseandcharcuterie #marvelfanscommunity #munchingideas #foodiesofinstagram

Hello everyone, it’s time for me to update you about my 10 day diet plan that i was on in collaboration with Nazish - @wellness_dietitian I followed the diet plan along with the workout she told me to do and i am glad to announce that i not only lost weight but was also able to push myself out of my comfort zone by doing the exercises, which helped me built some stamina (still a long way to go though). The first 3 days were hard as i experienced body ache and sore muscles but by day 4 it got better. I pushed myself because i knew i would have to answer to Nazish; accountability really is quite a motivator. True to her word Nazish helped me develop better eating habits which i hope to continue inshaAllah. Nazish was kind enough to not only make the diet plan for me but answered all my queries patiently and was constantly in touch with me through out the process. The fact that i could reach her whenever i wanted was very reassuring. Overall my experience with her was great and i would highly recommend @wellness_dietitian to anyone who wants to start a healthier lifestyle but is not sure where to start. Nazish @wellness_dietitian is a dietician and nutritionist who helps people develop a better relationship with food. She encourages her clients to make a lifestyle change by guiding them to better eating habits and an active everyday life. Thank you so much Nazish for giving me this opportunity. It was a pleasure to work with you. You were the push i needed. ——- #collab #myftinessjourney #healthierlifestyle #selfcare #lifestylebloggersofinstagram #eatclean #eatcleanandhealthy #lifestylechange

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