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I’m a UGC Content Creator specializing in Lifestyle, Beauty and more! I’ve been creating online content for over 13 years and I absolutely love it! I’m very passionate about creating engaging and enjoyable content that can also be of service for brands. I strongly believe that brands can benefit from working with UGC Content Creators to get their message across in the most effective way possible. If you’re looking for someone to create high-quality, engaging content for your brand, then I’d love to work with you. Together, we can create content that will help you reach your target audience and achieve your brand goals.

Location Hampton , VA
Country United States of America
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Hey there! If you’re new here, welcome! Last week, I accidentally ruined my signed book by @iamtabithabrown with some body wash I left in a bag while I was out of town. Totally my fault, 🙃 I shared it on my stories and tagged her, and she responded by asking for my address 🥹 It was already heartwarming, but I wasn’t expecting more than the book. To my surprise, she filled a box with the book and some extra love 😭 It’s been a challenging few years, and I rarely ask for anything, so seeing my book ruined really upset my spirit lol. But receiving this box truly made my entire year! Her content was introduced to me by my husband when I needed it the most, and I’ve been a devoted fan ever since. Thank you so much, Auntie Tab, for filling my heart and making my day. I’m immensely grateful for you! And Oooh God, we thank you for giving us Auntie Tab! #tabithabrown

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