Martina Bohnslav

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Catholic † Wife and Mama to 4 Wannabe minimalist, with a hotmess life. 🇮🇹FI🇺🇸VA Owner of @lillianjudedesigns

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First full ice cream cone and the girl enjoyed it! Living her best life!

Never would’ve thought an impromptu road trip - tagging along while EM had a meeting in Georgia - would turn into such incredible memories! The celebratory ice cream after Theo and Evelyn faced their fears!

10 years today! 10 years of loving the most incredible man. 10 years of being by his side during the high and lows. 10 years of calling my best friend my husband. Thankful every day for the gift of marriage and this wonderful human! @edmbohnslav love you big, heavy, huge!

The last one 😂 girl has places to go and watch out if you stop her! Also does anyone else unintentionally have their kids in matching clothes and not realize it until someone else points it out? Just me?!

The gift of time - if only we could see the magic of each moment IN the moment! Imagine the joy we would find! An impromptu family road trip was exactly what we needed. Our kids may never want to see the inside of our car, and the in car verbal gladiator battles may have been many, but the smiles, the laughs, and the joy brought about during this adventure was worth every in car meltdown. Now to plan for our next adventure! Our goal is to get the kids to as many states as possible before they’re 18. Suggestions?! Tips? Tricks? Favorite places to go!

So proud of our tiny dancer! 🩰

So thankful for these beautiful little creatures that call me mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all my mama friends! Xo

Happy First Communion to my second sweet boy!

I cannot believe this time last year Bastian made his First Communion, and now Theo made his First Confession yesterday and makes his First Communion next week. So proud of him! After he went I asked him how it was and he goes “I told him a lot!” 😂 🤍 side note: the jeans were a surprise to me when already in the car. At least he had a sweater over the Pokémon shirt he informed me was hiding underneath 🤦🏻‍♀️ this kid!

The love between these sisters is just 😍🤍😍

Completely obsessed with these little ones!

Never thought I’d be the mom to wear mommy and me dresses - yet here I am and I’m not hating it!

He is Risen! Happy Easter friends! Hope you all have a lovely day celebrating with family and friends! 🤍🌷

There are very few things or people that can render me speechless, but this man and the love I have for him is something I could never fully put into words. A man that will comfort a sick child all night so I can sleep, even when he has meetings all day. A man that never ceases to amaze me with his generosity, his kindness, and his love - for me and our children. It’s been 10 years since our first Valentine’s Day together and I am so incredibly thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life saying I love you to you @edmbohnslav! Being loved by you is the greatest gift there is.

Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner

I remove the tough bottom part of the stem, then place them on a baking sheet, drizzle olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and the juice of half of a fresh lemon. In a shallow dish combine bread crumbs, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and grated parmesan cheese. Due to the size of our family and amount of food needed, I used a second baking sheet and placed it on the rack below. If you use a harder veg, like the carrot, add your veggies earlier on, after 15 minutes of baking, to allow for them to finish at the same time as your chicken, while you will want to wait until 30 minutes in to add your asparagus.

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