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Mama of two, living life wrangling my kids between mommy and me groups, activities and finding time for good food, good wine and everything in between.

I’m a content creator on Instagram and love finding products that make moms life a little bit easier and a little bit more beautiful.

Recently have worked with Aquaphor, Lily Jade, Ruggable, Once Upon a Farm, Ava Women and La Colombe to name a few. Love taking pretty pictures and incorporating product into my every day life.

Location Ladera Ranch, CA Orange County
Country United States of America
Member Since MARCH 07, 2020
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Okay but ✨l i m i t e d c a p a c i t y✨ Disneyland is the best. Five minute lines, getting to ride your favorites over and over, social distanced lines so you aren’t on top of one another. I have no complaints. SoCal mamas have you been back yet? 🏰 . . . . . . . . . . #disneyland #disney #disneyworld #disneylife #disneygram #disneyparks #californiamom #california #travel #mickeymouse #instadisney #disneymagic #disneylove #magickingdom #waltdisney #ocblogger #disneyig #disneyfan #losangeles #orlando #disneystyle #californiaadventure #instagood #happiestplaceonearth #disneyside #love #ocmoms #disneyphoto #photography #californiablogger

(AD) Ah, Pookie! My little one. My funny one. My child. Sometimes you are quiet. Sometimes you are wild. Sometimes you're the silliest piglet I know. And I just want to tell you that I love you so. Watching my little girl grow up through a screen, as I'm bed ridden lately, has been hard, but I'm so grateful for the time she gets with her dad and big brother. I so cherish those brief moments together even more. Making dads life a little easier this year are @regalobaby and their Portable My Chair™ with Tray. Perfect for beach days, picnics and giving Logan her own clean space on the go. Coming in at less than 40$ (use code MAMATOAFOX10 to save) this is a summer baby MUST HAVE for 2021.

thank goodness for you 🤍

❌❌❌CLOSED❌❌❌ Okay, so I've never been a DIY mama before but I think I get it now. #ad Cricut Joy is the perfect companion to quickly and easily personalize anything with one cut and one color, in 15 minutes or less. It is fun, functional, and simple to use. Practical, everyday projects have never been more accessible or easier! So I've partnered with Cricut Joy to gift one to one of you. 1. LIKE this post 2. FOLLOW @officialcricut and @mamatoafox 3. TAG friends in the comments below, the more you tag, the more chances you have to w i n ✨ That's it! Winner will be announced one week from today! #CricutMade #Cricutjoy

i love you whoever you are, whoever you’ll be but i forget laying here on the bathroom floor hooked to ivs in bed trying not to move i forget that you’re there growing the fingers that’ll hold mine the forehead i’ll kiss the lips that will find me even in the dark disconnected from you from myself know how wanted loved excited i am how know happy i’ll be when you’re in my arms when i’m not just surviving i love you i hope you know that . . . . . . #hyperemesis #hyperemesisgravidarum #pregnancy #hg #pregnancysickness #morningsickness #pregnant #hyperemesisgravidarumawareness #hgsurvivor #hgmoms #womenshealth #motherhood #weekspregnant #love #hyperemesisawareness #maternalhealth #baby #schwanger #hyperemesissurvivor #mom #family #globalhealth #hyperemesisgravidarumsurvivor #pregnancydiary #momblog #maternalmentalhealth #miscarriage #mentalhealth

“He’s such a boy” “Boys will be boys” #boymom #boymomlife If you’ve used these phrases, think about the context in which you’ve adhered a label of what it means to be a boy. When your son snuggles into your arms and tells you he loves you, or helps you take care of their sibling, or offers you a bite of their favorite snack; are they “just being a boy?” Or are you only marking those destructive moments, those messy moments, the loud moments, as boy behaviors. Boys are not born “naughty” or “wild”, they do not come into this world destructive and angry and covered in dirt. Boys are magic. Boys are capable. Don’t give up on them. Don’t box them into societies skewed expectations of them. Don’t teach them that we expect so little of them that they grow up thinking they can get away with anything, because they’re boys. Let your boys dance sing play with dolls dress up paint their nails race cars jump on the bed catch frogs in the rain burp their abc’s Let your boys make messes learn from their mistakes climb trees get lost in a book do your hair help cook dinner Boys will be exactly who they’re meant to be, if we let them, if we nurture their creativity, their imagination, their compassion just as much as we encourage their physicality. They’re not just boys. They’re the future. They’re humans. Humans who cry and feel and love. Maybe a future father, uncle, best friend, co worker. Boys are SO MUCH MORE. Let’s revolutionize that.

I wonder what it’s like to love your pregnancy. To feel connected to the life inside of you. To not spend your days afraid to move, unable to eat or drink, unable to hold your children or hug your husband without getting sick. Without it sending you running to the bathroom while you try not to choke on your own vomit and cry. I wonder what it’s like to not have to weigh yourself daily, and watch the numbers drop off, counting your ribs in the mirror as you get dressed. To be able to shower without throwing up from the touch of each droplet on your skin. I miss my babies, the ones that are yearning for me to play and read and MOM, and our normal. Our routine. I wonder what it’s like to not have to miss that. To be able to cook and clean and move without losing consciousness or ending up glued to the bathroom floor. I wonder. . . . . . . . #hyperemesis #hyperemesisgravidarum #pregnancy #hg #pregnancysickness #morningsickness #pregnant #hyperemesisgravidarumawareness #hgsurvivor #hgmoms #womenshealth #motherhood #weekspregnant #love #hyperemesisawareness #maternalhealth #baby #hyperemesissurvivor #mom #family #globalhealth #hyperemesisgravidarumsurvivor #pregnancydiary #momblog #maternalmentalhealth #mentalhealth

2021 has only just begun and already my heart feels like it’s been through the wringer. AD That’s why it was so nice to sit down on a call with a psychic advisor from @CaliforniaPsychics and have her offer some guidance and advice. Everyone needs to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it was nice, having a friendly voice to reassure me that everything that’s happened was for a reason and that there is better to come. Sometimes, you just need to hear it. Sometimes you just need an extra dose of hope. California Psychics exists to help you unleash your full potential and live an inspired life. Visit the California Psychics website or app to book your reading today and use promo code mamafox5 to get $5 added to your account when you purchase your first reading. #CaliforniaPsychics #CPMakeTheConnection #Psychics #PsychicAdvisor #PsychicAdvice #GetAReading #Answers #selfcare #selfimprovement #livingyourbestlife #energycleansing #mindset

I haven’t eaten in days. Days. I can’t keep down fluids. This is my pregnancy. It’s all my pregnancies. My hyperemisis is not morning sickness. It won’t get better after the first trimester. It doesn’t ease up if I eat small frequent meals, suck on ginger candy, wear sea bands. It doesn’t respond to oral medications, doesn’t let me take my prenatal, doesn’t ease up. My hyperemisis is debilitating. I’m either laying on the floor hugging the toilet and crying as the vomit burns my nose and throat, or laying on the couch afraid to move or talk because any sudden movement can make the nausea worse or trigger vomiting. My hyperemisis doesn’t care that I’m still nursing both kids. It doesn’t care that I want to play with them, read them stories, go for a walk. That I have to watch them eat dinner as a family from the couch, instead of joining. It doesn’t care that I lose so much weight you can’t tell I’m pregnant until my final trimester. My hyperemisis will most likely last well into labor, like it did with my previous pregnancies. I will survive off of IV fluids, slowly watching myself deteriorate in the mirror, SO GRATEFUL for this pregnancy that we fought for. That we wanted. That is so hard to bond with in between the tears and vomit and full body aches and chills. I love this baby. I am so lucky to be carrying and creating life again. But I am tired. I am heartbroken that this is how I’ll remember my pregnancies. . . . . . #hyperemesis #hyperemesisgravidarum #pregnancy #hg #pregnancysickness #morningsickness #pregnant #hyperemesisgravidarumawareness #hgsurvivor #hgmoms #womenshealth #motherhood #weekspregnant #love #hyperemesisawareness #maternalhealth #baby #hyperemesissurvivor #mom #family #globalhealth #hyperemesisgravidarumsurvivor #pregnancydiary #momblog #maternalmentalhealth

no appetite, forcing myself to eat and trying to keep anything down, tandem nursing is very taxing on sick and pregnant me, not posting on here consistently is bad for business; seems like everything i do lately is wrong. mama is tired. mama is sad.

first trimester fatigue has hit like w o a h spending this lazy monday meal prepping, napping whenever i can sneak it in and soaking up this warmer weather cause my mood is instantly better as soon as my skin feels some sun belly out, picnic season, is here and i am here for it ✨

bedsharing a choice we made before oliver fox was even born, because i couldn’t image being away from my baby after being attached to him for 9 months a journey that isn’t always the easiest but one i wouldn’t trade for anything love those middle of the night cuddles when he tells me he loves me sings to logan if i don’t give her boob fast enough waking up right next to my babies every day it’s why we love our family bed ***eta: can’t believe we get to add another babe to our bed 🥺 • • • • • #cosleeping #bedsharing #momlife #motherhood #familybed #attachmentparenting #cameramama #breastfeeding #toddlerprobs #projectnursery #myhonestmotherhood #toddlerproblems #momprobs #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momproblems #momswithcameras #cosleeper #consciousparenting #2yearsold #babiesofinstagram #blessedmom #sleepsharing #toddler #firsttooth #adventuremamas #saturdaymorningvibes #thisisone

Supporting my little's health is this mama's top priority. #ad No matter what's around the corner, mama and babe can rest easy knowing our drawer is stocked with @Zarbees Baby product. The chest rub is a favorite, but we love having their cough syrup and nasal mist on hand. Staying prepared so I can spend more time in the moment, and less time worrying about everything else. #ZarbeesNaturals available at Walmart, your local drugstore or Amazon. Link in bio to learn more!

I don’t know who’s happier, me and hubby or Oliver Fox. (Note: Logan, still undecided, but very into kissing my belly) Due around Halloween 🎃 👻 This baby is already so loved. — If you watched my stories last week you know that this sweet babe gave us quite a scare and we thought we might have to say goodbye almost as quickly as we said hello. But after so much blood work, and peeing on 30 sticks (sadly not an exaggeration) the happy is taking place of the fear again. Hello laziest pregnancy ever ✌🏻 . . . . . . #cantwaittomeetyou #werepregnant #bumpahead #babyontheway #babyannouncement #familyof5 #fallbaby #healthypregnancy #myjourney #babynumber3 #dueinoctober

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