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Just a determined girl in a mission to bring happiness and awareness to the world!

Location Ormond Beach, FL Volusia County
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 10, 2020
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Happy Earth, Wind, & Fire Day, everybody!!! 🌎💨🔥 “Do you remember the twenty-first day of September?!” I do!!! And since we’re creeping up on spooky season so quickly anyway, I figured I’d post one of my most iconic Halloween outfits ever… ❣️⚠️❣️ Mother Earth!!! ✌️🌎🙏

Engine Gin! Perfect for race weekend!!! 🏁 #coke400#CokeZeroSugar400#brandambassador#engine

Been off at home on bed rest for since August 6th... Three bouts of covid in less than three months nearly killed me, but I came back stronger for it. Was in the hospital in critical condition and this was my big debut back on the job. And ya know what? I killed it!!! Love my job! 🍹

Busch Light Apple for race weekend! If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!!! 🍎 #buschlightapple #buschlight #raceweekend #nascar #brandambassador #promomodel #beerdrinkers #seasonalbeer #coke400

Well, it’s time my big reveal... Annnd I’m back. Less “work” and more play, because is it really work if you love what you do?! Putting my die-hard dedication to my usual work for other companies aside to join a creative team of colleges and friends, along with cutting myself a moment of slack to focus on ME and what I need. And the new me is fierce! Say hello to your new Director of Marketing and Events for Publica International Magazine! It’s time to love myself and my life again, this is the new start that I need. I’m ready. ❤️ (And I’m finally working in the field of my degree!) #englishmajor #womeninbusiness #newbeginnings #selflove #thisisthelife #publicainternationalmagazine

Throwback to my very first publication, circa 2007. I guess I’ve got something to work back towards now, lol. Man, I was such a little bitty thing! But I always had an ass, 😆🍑✌️. (((((⬅️ swipe left ⬅️))))) (PS - So glad I have expressions now! 😅🤣😝😆😂😁) #lingeriemodel #957therock #formerrockgirl #calendargirl #throwback #wisconsinmodel #floridamodel #comeback

When one of your favorite photographer friends comes at you with “Why’d you ghost a man?!” And your response is “I’m just getting out of the hospital after having covid for the third time in three months” . . . So he hits you back with “Your feature made this months issue, here it is hope u like it Oh I forgot, the magazine made Barnes and Nobles yayyyyyyy check it out”. Don’t mind if I do! 🥂 (Ironically, this location was chosen by me about a year and a half ago, for my last shoot... The same locale that I spent my time at last night when I couldn’t sleep, thanks to stress and nonsense.) See the online version: #guesswhosback #heretostay #flmodel #publishedmodel #entrepreneur #publicamagazine

Viva Las Vegas! 🎲 What do you do on a nine hour layover? Why, play at the airport, of course!!! 😈🥃♥️ #fabulouslasvegas #harryreidinternational #layiver #playoverstayover #whathappensinvegasstaysinvegas

Absolutely love me a night flight... And I’m off! Vegas bound, then on to San Fran... We chased the sunset and it was worth every penny for this window seat (and the minimal cost to connect to the wifi and post it! haha) ✈️ #andimoff #vegasbound #whathappensinvegas #karmictraveler #windowseat #adventurer #wanderlust #wanderlustnfaeriedust #thechronicbrightside #freespirit

Tried the whole research to get a good deal thing for my work trip to San Fran. Covid really f***ed me and I still feel like absolute garbage... So ya know what? I’m gonna wing it! Make my best plans, book the best EASY deals for what I WANT to do/see, and live my best life... I’ll be flying into NV, then 🤷‍♀️?! Not gonna stress one bit! I’ve been out to Cali exactly twice, once on a touchdown headed for Portland and once driving south into Death Valley and then driving in to see Tahoe Hard Rock Cafe. I’m so over checking rates and itineraries, I’m just going to GOOOO... And I’m going to love it! “Life is short, take the trip.” I haven’t been well and I deserve it, who cares what it costs? It’s paid for one way or another. I got this. I got it, I got it, I got it. So wish me luck, wish me fun, wish me a break from illness, depression, anxiety, and daily stress. Lemme repeat, I GOT THIS. ✌️ Pics from my last trip out west... #rhyolytenv #freespirit #karmictraveler #bestlife #steongerthanmyillness

When you’ve got nothing left... You’ve got nothing to lose! To say my body hates me would be a lie. To say “I’m fine” would be a joke. To say that the medical system has failed me would be a vast understatement! I’ve got so many unfulfilled health referrals from my primary physician, but none can be filled due to offices not taking new patients, too many patients to be seen, and issues with getting my insurance into place. So many hoops and so little staff to accommodate... So here I am in all my unhealthy glory! I’ve switched it up to fancy medspas, newfangled treatments, and out of pocket pay. After all, I’ve got nothing to lose... #alpha1antitrypsindeficiency #hemachromatosis #covidlonghauler #raynaudssyndrome #karmictraveler #thechronicbrightside #fightothedeath #butyoudontlooksick #nothingtolose #myownadvocate

I’ve been so sick over the past six months, this trip was a blessing in disguise. I’m finally starting to to be able to eat “real food” again and my body has been working with me a little bit! What a pleasant day (exhausting as it was... I’m trying!). lol (((Swipe left for the fun pics! ⬅️⬅️⬅️)))

Blue? Perhaps I’ve been struggling a bit since the end of last year, complicated by emergency surgery on 1/1... I’ve since gotten five new diagnoses from subsequent medications, plus two other potential issues. I’ve been through the ringer. This is my first time to the gym in months, figured I might try out tanning too! #blueface #planetfitness #tiktoktights #alpha1 #imbluedabadeedabadie #thechronicbrightside

Good morning! I’ve been a little distant lately, haven’t been able to keep up much... If you’ve been following my journey, you probably know I’m autoimmune, suffer from chronic pain, and have some pretty weird stuff that goes on with me. Recently, I’ve acquired a slew of new conditions and diagnoses and, let me tell you, it has been a rollercoaster! I was diagnosed with hemochromatosis almost eleven years ago, as an Alpha1 mz about eight years ago, fibromyalgia a little over six months ago, and I’ve since added a histamine intolerance, rosacea, raynauds, thrush, and anxiety to that list. (Since my emergency surgery on 1/1/22) It’s incredibly difficult to try to stay on top of everything when you really don’t even know what half of it is, much less what’s going on with yourself! Ended up overdoing it yesterday (yard work 🙄) and ended up with a case of heatstroke, a sunburn that set my newfound rosacea on fire, and found myself throwing up and dehydrated. Y’all! I’m also pretty sure that my MRSA infection is reemerging where my cat scratched me (did you know cats don’t like baths?! 😂😂😂), as it just won’t heal and it’s looking easily similar to the last two rounds I had with it... Not okay! I’m very excited to be off to see a new doctor this Thursday though and maybe *JUST MAYBE* I’ll get someone intelligent and who cares about my betterment and wellbeing. I’m trying so hard to look on the brightside, but being “chronic” sure makes it tough. I’m sick of pokes and prods, I’m sick of pills and poisons, I’m sick of being a human pincushion... I’m sick of struggling to be alive, only to be dismissed by hospital staff after being given labels that I don’t even really understand. I’m just so tired. But ya know what? I will persist, I will push on! I’ve got this and I’ll do my best to be the best me that I can. It’s a new day and I’m a fighter through and through. Here’s to hope for finding answers! #IGOTTHIS #chroniclife #autoimmune #alpha1 #alpha1antitrypsindeficiency #hemachromatosis #fibromyalgia #raynauds #rosaceasucks #doingmybest #mentalhealthawareness #morethanmydiagnoses #iwillpersist #thechronicbrightside

Hallelujah! If I did nothing else productive this weekend, I was still a raging success! I did something that I’m not really very good at... I actually rested. I can’t say for certain that I caught up on all my sleep, but I certainly tried! Thrilled that my icky head wound is almost entirely healed (yay, no more headwear!) and though my anxiety did kick in a bit once I finally laid down last night, I was able to sleep rather soundly once I was all settled in. What a wonderful feeling to wake up rested! Happy Sunday. ☀️ #sillyselfie #selfiesunday #goodmorningpost #gettingmylifeback #keeppushing #chronicpainwarrior #chronicpain #chronicillness #chronicbrightside #spoonie #brightside

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