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Gal on the go. Brunch enthusiast. Bride-to-Be. Sharing life ♡ Spreading love. 📍#knoxville

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20 Fun & Cheap Ways to Spend Your Last Few Days of Summer

It’s a great first date spot, or 1,000th date spot, and it never gets old. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can try visiting a drive-thru safari like Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in Texas! Spend the Day at an Amusement Park Head to your closest amusement park or boardwalk and spend the day sipping out of a souvenir cup and riding rollercoasters. If you’re a little bit of a foodie like me, the outdoors provides some great lighting for a classy pic.

Our Busy Lives Don’t Have to be so “Ruff” Thanks To Furbo!

I had been looking into getting a camera like this since we had just adopted two puppies a couple months earlier. Furbo Dog Camera gives you the ability to fill it with treats or dog food and toss them to your puppies with the push of a button. With a dual microphone attached to the camera, I can call them whenever I want to, and I’ve actually been able to work on teaching them simple commands like “sit” and “lay down” from away from home! The Furbo App helps you view your camera from anywhere and also has helpful information, like the best treats to buy for your Furbo and pet care tips.

A Historical Ride from the Smokies to the Great White North

There’s tons of mountain coasters and attractions here, not to mention, Dollywood; famously known as Dolly Parton’s big amusement park in the mountains. Alfredo’s Pizza Café and Cooper’s Seafood, featured in episodes of the show, exist here in Scranton, along with the Chili’s where Michael Scott hosts the “Dundee’s” award ceremony. just know you will be paying about $25 an hour for wherever you park, rather than $25 for the whole day if you parked in New Jersey. We’ll head back inland towards upstate New York where we’ll visit Niagara Falls.

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