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California🇺🇸 Skincare,makeupaddict, Combo Acne-prone skin Products try on,reviews, lifestyle,Fashion 😀PR/collab:

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DO U MAINTAIN A CORRECT VIEWING POSTURE WHEN WORKING ON YOUR LAPTOP? Happy Saturday guys!! @laptop_stand_shelcone and @officialagent_laptopshelcone sent me this sturdy, protective, stylish and durable product in January and there hasn't been a day when i have not used it to either work on my 13" Mac or workout watching videos at a convenient angle by just pressing the red button. I no longer experience shoulder or neck pains as I use my laptop at the best viewing angle and can also adjust the height according to my liking. I am also going to carry this portable product during my travels as it folds in compactly. This stand supports upto 13lbs (6kg). The bottom is open which helps with easy laptop cooling. The laptop holder works with most tablets and laptops (10–17 inches), such as MacBook, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, HP, ASUS. Check this out on @amazon. The price point of $19.77 is reasonable for such a useful product like this. #makeupbychak #posturecorrection #posture #laptop #laptopstand #beautylifestylesquad #physicalhealth #instagram #instagood #amazon #amazonfinds #saturday

Tested the much hyped L'oreal Infallible Powder Foundation. HAVE U TRIED THIS? WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? The packaging is plastic but the price point of $11.99 justifies it. The shade 'Radiant Honey' which I thought would work considering I go for honey shade in foundations did not match my skin tone and looked grey. The first application was a decent matte, will control shine but products applied on top started to crack my skin and dry it out. This is basis 2 to 3 times using the product. I have combination skin and think this might work more for someone with an oily skin. I believe that if I have to drench my skin in MOISTURISERS and oils to make a product work, then it is somehow not worth it. I just wish the formula was little hydrating. I will have to check it in the Indian weather as I am visiting soon and my skin is oily there, so might work. #makeupbychak #lorealparis #infalliblepowder #sponsored #bzzagent #gift #reviews #powderfoundation #loreal #beautylifestylesquad #instagram #fridayvibes #foundationfriday

#elemisgiftedme this Body Essentials Set. WHO DOESN'T LOVE A RELAXING BATH POST AN HOUR OF HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUT? I workout 6 days a week now and this @elemis set has been such a life saver: 🛀ACHING MUSCLE SUPER SOAK- After workout, simply run a warm bath, watch the product foam and concentrate on abdominal breathing for 10 mins soaked in the product and water. Contains antioxidant-rich Rosemary, Thyme and Clove to relieve and relax aching muscles and joints. The powerful milk formula recharges the body and uplifts the mind with a truly sensorial experience. 2-3 time a week use. 🛀COOL DOWN BODY WASH- Use it daily in shower. It is a gel formula which leaves skin soft and hydrated. Formulated with Magnesium, Arnica Montana Flower Extract and ultra-cooling Menthol, this refreshes the body. You can enjoy the aromatic oils of Juniper, Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Thyme. 🛀WARM UP MASSAGE BALM- I use it after either a bath or shower. With a softening blend of Linseed, Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Black Seed Oil,this luxurious, moisturising formula leaves skin feeling smooth and revived. Experience the relaxing smells of natural oils like Juniper, Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Thyme. I always love discovering great bath products and this #elemis set is definitely a prized possession for both me and my husband. Product link: #makeupbychak #Elemisgiftedme #elemis #loveELEMIS #octolyfamily #beautylifestylesquad #body #bodycare #bath #bathproducts #relax #calm #postworkout #workoutmotivation #exercise #discoverunder20k #explore #reviews #octoly #wednesday #wednesdayvibes

ARE U FAN OF FLORAL SCENTED BODYCARE? Happy Monday guys!! If you regularly follow my feed, you will see that I am a huge fan of floral-scented products which somehow elevate my experience of using. @wild.rains recognized my love for that and so kindly #gifted me the following products to try out which I have been loving so much in the past few days. All products are travel friendly: 🌸Pink Lady Body Suds ($13.60)- You will be enveloped in beautiful scents of jasmine, grapefruit, ylang ylang and patchouli and experience your sexy feminine side. This is a whipped soap which not only works up a rich lather but nourishes your skin too. My skin doesn't feel dry at all. Use it with a pouf or a bath sponge. It can also be used as a shaving soap. 🌸RowCoco Body Mousse ($18.25)- We ought to hype and use mousses more often guys coz the way this product makes your skin feel baby soft after a bath is amazing😍 It is feathery light and velvety creamy but with the added goodness of moisturisation. This one is tropical scented with fragrances of sea kelp and coconut. 🌸La Rose Lotion Bar ($11.05)- My fav scent and product of all the 3 is this one, coz, of course, it is rose scented! Beautifully shaped in the form of a rose, the product has no water, is Paraben-free and has so preservatives. My bathroom smells so fresh each time I use it (I seriously don't want to use it up and use it more as a decorative piece🌹) If you are a rose fanatic, do grab this. @wildrains gave me a code 'makeupbychak10' which you can use at to get a 10% off on their already cost-effective products only until February 28th. Their products are specifically to cater to consumer's mood- the adventurer, dreamer and the pleasure seeker. I would definitely recommend you check them out!! #makeupbychak #wildrains #roseskincare #floral #bathproducts #bodycare #skincarecommunity #instaskincare #gifted #review #beautylifestylesquad #discoverunder20k #instagood #mondaymotivation #mood #love #crueltyfree

#glowrecipegiftedme their Bestseller Fruit Babies skincare set. @glowrecipe has lived and thrived well in my skincare cabinet for almost a year now and their watermelon glow sleeping mask is one of my favs. I have an upcoming travel and I'm definitely going to take this complete set of skincare goodness from the brand along with me. All you need to do is start off and take the regimen forward with -the Blueberry Bounce Gentle cleanser (a second cleanse when wearing makeup) -dab the BHA+PHA pore tight toner into clean skin -use the Watermelon Glow Pink Juice moisturiser on your face and neck (leaving the eye area as we can use the eye sleeping mask for that when using it) -wear the Watermelon Glow Sleeping mask on the face and the Avacado melt Retinol Eye Sleeping mask (I use these sleeping masks 2-3 days a week) The set is available at Sephora for $32 which I think is a decent price point. Find this product at: #makeupbychak#GlowRecipegiftedme#skinbyskin #octolyfamily #octoly #gifted #glowrecipe #skincare #instagram #instaskincare #beautylifestylesquad #saturday #saturdayvibes

WHAT IS YOUR LANGUAGE OF LOVE💕💕💕 Happy Wednesday guys! For me, it is simply spending time with my loved ones- be it my husband (who is physically present with me here) or my parents & brother (back in India) through a simple video call😍 #ipsysendlove in the form of lovely products this February and I am loving the Valentines vibe😍. The products I was #giftedbyipsy in the Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus that I am also wearing here are: -@bitebeauty Outburst Longwear lip satin in Strawberry froze (gorgeous shade) Love you first Perfect Eyeshadow duo -@banilacousa Clean it Zero Balm -@glowrecipe Bright Eyes Eyecream -@aboutfacebeauty Fluid Eye Paint in Dionysus (I love this) -@tokyomilk_ Light and Soul Shea Butter Hand Cream -@maellebeauty Sunkissed Blush (will work only as a Blush topper for my skin tone) -@itembeauty Lash Snack Mascara -@itcosmetics Heavenly Skin Foundation Brush The Glam Bag costs $12 a month and the Glam Bag Plus $25 a month. For those that love beauty and skincare, do check out the subscription boxes!! #makeupbychak #ipsylovelanguage #giftedbyipsy #ipsy #love #beautylifestylesquad #beauty #makeup #skincare #subscriptionbox #ipsyopenstudios #ipsyglambagplus #ipsyglambag #wednesdayvibes #instagram #instagood #instamood

#nofilterneeded #nofilter Use code SOHINI10 at to enjoy 10% discount on the product. Link to shop: WHAT ARE THE MOST LUXE FEELING MOISTURISERS YOU HAVE TRIED?? Happy Monday guys!! So here's my bare facial skin with no makeup😊 Doesn't the texture of this moisturiser immediately grab your attention! Thank you @dermafacs_skincare for #gifting me this product and letting me experience a smooth combination skin without making me oily. I bet my mother would love this and thus would be sharing with her too to see results. The Recover X cream claims to help with most scars from acne, burns, cuts, etc. I, however, would not expect it to work immediately for a very deep scar that I have. It aims to also help with stretch marks (will update you some more time about my experience), redness, skin irritation (haven't experienced any), dry skin (a firm 'yes' as it works really well to keep the area around my cheeks moisturised), psoriasis and eczema (hence ideal for sensitive skin). HSX Micro-silica is the star ingredient in the product which helps in pulling moisture from the air to create the perfect environment to repair skin discolorations. I have seen very slight improvement in discoloration around the mouth area as i have only used it for 2 weeks. (please always check 'update' tab in my highlights for products I need time to see results). Other ingredients are Water, PEG-75, PEG-8, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride & Phenoxyethanol. The cream is heavy hence only a dime sized amount is required, takes some massaging to absorb but doesn't sit on top of skin. I love that they included a spatula to keep the product sanitary for every application. Full points for the luxurious glass packaging. The price point at $99.99 is definitely high but do keep in mind that you can use it just as a treatment to prolong use. Use it on wounds when they have closed just to be on the safe side. #makeupbychak #recoverx #dermafacs #nofilter #nomakeup #skincare #skincareproducts #antiaging #acnetreatment #beautyloverssquad #naturalbeauty #lovemyskin #instaskincare #instagood #mondaymotivation

#sponsored #dryouth #aromatherapy I have been working out 5 days a week since a month now and sometimes slight joint and muscle pains take a toll on motivation. Does this happen to you? How do you cope up with it?? Dr. YOUTH is a leading #korean Anti-aging Brand which has launched on Amazon! I received the Exotic Flower No. 5 and Deep Dream No. 9 Essential Roll on oils #free from @0.8l_usa and meant to help women in their 20s and 30s to: - wear high heels to work - when you suffer from turtle neck pain in the office - you're having a stress migraine or headache - various sports activities like running, workout, yoga or golf - you want to get a good night's sleep. All you need do is use the metal roll-on on the discomfort area so the oil won’t get on your hands. Just open the lid and gently apply it to joints such as knees and neck. You can enjoy a soothing and smooth aroma with this oil and experience a tranquil relaxation. Priced at $24 each. #makeupbychak #aromaoil #aromarollon #essentialoils #08liter #08l#beautyloverssquad #healthylifestyle #instagood #amazon #saturday

WHAT IS THE MOST INNOVATIVE SKINCARE TOOL U HAVE USED? Happy Wednesday guys!! SWIPE FOR VIDEO (P.S. I look serious as I was trying so hard to concentrate on the motion of the tool again the face😁) I have been including skincare tools a lot in my skincare routine in the past one year. So finally after more than 2 months I am here to share my thoughts and information about the SOLAWAVE WAND which @solawavebeauty so kindly #gifted me to review. First let's learn some information about the product. The product is an advanced skincare tool that combines 4 powerful (and proven) dermatology functions: microcurrents, red light therapy, warming, and vibration. It is rechargable and portable. It rotates 90° so that you can get all the benefits of a T-bar formation in those hard-to-reach areas. The Smart touch activation turns SolaWave on and off only when it’s touching your skin--increasing the battery life of the wand. It is supposed to help boost collagen, reduce acne, hyperpigmentation, fade wrinkles and lines. The wand came in a secure, compact giftable box packaging. The tool is small enough to carry around in your purse. If you have used products like this before without this twist feature, you can very easily manouver through the entire face and neck because of the 90° rotation function of this product. I used this with the conductive serum the brand sent, twice a week as my last step in the skincare routine to complete my facial spa experience. My skin did experience some brightening effects so I plan to increase the number of days a week I use the tool. I was impressed by the warmth my skin felt and I somehow think it helped in better product absorption. There was no skin irritation. I believe that the price point of $149 is high but you also get a 30 Day Risk Free Trial with free shipping to make a decision if you are liking the product or not. Do check it out on #makeupbychak #solawavebeauty #skincare #skincaretools #productdemo #skincareproducts #skin #collagen #beautyloverssquad #beauty #aging #products #productphotography #wednesdayvibes

HAVE U FOUND A BRAND WHICH IS NOT ONLY SKIN EFFECTIVE BUT SO COST EFFECTIVE that you do not have to think twice before rushing for a repeat buy?? Happy Monday guys!! For me, that brand is @goodmolecules . I always speak very highly about them not only in my posts but also any comments I leave about them in your posts. Not because they send me #pr but I truly believe that their products have been very effective in transforming my skin every time I have included them in my skincare routine. Thank you so much to the brand and @beautylish for sending me the Yerba Matte Wake up eye GEL #complimentary to try. I have been using it non stop for around a month now and only a pea size amount under my eyes (yes you don't need a lot) and still have product left in the tube! Can you beat the $6 price point😍 The caffeine hydrogel eye patches from them compliment it so well. I have really dark under eyes hence magical brightening doesn't happen but yes the skin texture improves immediately, depuffs and the product increases the hydration quotient with the help of 3 forms of Hylauronic Acid. I love how make up under the eyes does not crease after the gel has set well!! I got to learn about Yerba Matte which delivers natural antioxidants and polyphenols to protect from UV light. It is #crueltyfree #vegan and has no added fragrance. A must try skincare brand for every skin type!! #makeupbychak#goodmolecules#gift #review#seethedifference#eyecream#gel#skincare#skinlove#skincarejunkie#skincareproducts#skincarecommunity#skinstagram#beautyloverssquad#mondaymotivation#instaskincare#instagood

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