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California🇺🇸 Skincare,makeupaddict, Combo Acne-prone skin Products try on,reviews, lifestyle,Fashion 😀PR/collab:

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WHO IS THE EPITOME OF MENTAL STRENGTH IN YOUR LIFE?? Happy Monday guys!! Here I am, another month with both the beautifully designed @ipsy GLAM BAG and GLAM BAG PLUS. The theme #ipsystrongertogether does invoke a deeper sense of Unity is Strength in me- be it uniting for or against a belief or cause!! My family is the pillar of strength in my life. The contents of the bags are as follows: GLAM BAG - @theouai Leave in Conditioner - @kvdbeauty LOCK IT Translucent setting powder (love that it's a travel size) - @saintluxebeauty Highlighter in Opulence (I want to check out their blushes too) - @aracelibeauty Liquid Eyeliner in matte black (love the sharp tip and doesn't smudge) - @celaskin Seed to Skin scrub (prefer using it before shaving) GLAM BAG PLUS - @hauslabs universal, red metallic SPARKLE LIPSTICK in Burlesque (love the magnetic closure) - @shadesbyshan 9 pan neutral edition palette can help create so many complete looks - @florencebymills Glow Yeah hydrating lip oil - @thatkoalife Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser - @itcosmetics Skin soothing complexion brush (I love their brushes so much) The subscription helps in discovering so many new and upcoming brands in the realm of beauty. So whether a beginner or pro, you will be excited to receive your bag every month!! #makeupbychak #giftedbyipsy #ipsyopenstudios #ipsy #ipsystrongertogether #ipsyglambagplus #ipsyglambag #myrefreshments #instagram #instagood #gift #mondaymotivation #beautylifestylesquad

I feel so glad to be part of brands who truly understand that adversities can come anytime in life and are generous enough to allow time to creators like us to post when we are able to. The #helloimeva community of @evahairnyc is one such example and I am happy to be part of it. I received the Satin Dream Smoothing trio from them in March and have had enough time to test them in both India and US weathers. I have used their products, loved and talked about them before! Poppy Seed Oil (rich in phytonutrients & antioxidants) and Snow Mushroom (8th century Chinese herb that pulls in moisture) were new ingredients for me. They help to add hydration and powerful antioxidants to help retain moisture. This ingredient duo is meant to smooth down any static and fight frizz.​ The shampoo lathers and cleans so well. The conditioner- leave in cream duo helps to tame frizz so well and adds shine to my hair. Smells more of sandalwood which I love. The packaging is made of 100% recycled aluminum hence #ecofriendly. Add it to your curbside bin and it can continue to be recycled forever!! Their products are #crueltyfree #nongmo #vegan #sulphatefree #parabenfree #phthalatefree. The entire set comes for $35 which is a really good price point. Would definitely recommend them! #makeupbychak #evahairnyc#hair #hairproducts #smooth #beautylifestylesquad #instagram #instagood #instahair #love #gifted #reviews #wednesdayvibes #wednesday

You must have seen so many #ipsyforceofnature posts by now. WHAT PART DO U PLAY TOWARDS CARING FOR OUR EARTH? Happy Monday guys! Here is a look I created using most of the products in the bags for my wedding anniversary. (Scroll across to see the products I received) I love when @ipsy builds their glam and glam plus bags revolving around themes like the Earth Day. I was so excited to receive a yellow umbrella (reminded me of HOW I MET YOUR many of you know the reference😍). The products I received in both the beautifully designed bags were: 🌍@firstaidbeauty Facial Radiance Pads 🌍@laurenconradbeauty Lip Gloss 🌍@nomadcosmetics Highlight 🌍@myskinnymask My Skinny Clay Mask (Turmeric+Vitamin C) 🌍@drbotanicals Watermelon Superfood Cleanser and Makeup Remover 🌍@soapbox Argan Oil Shampoo Bar 🌍@belleenargent Nude Intuitive Vision Eyeshadow palette 🌍@thrivecausemetics Lip Liner 🌍@victoriabeckham Smudge-free Lifting Mascara 🌍@itembeauty Moisturiser for Oily and Combo skin The #glambag can be subscribed to for $12 a month and the #glambagplus for $25 monthly. #makeupbychak #beautylifestylesquad #giftedbyipsy #ipsyforceofnature #ipsyopenstudios #ipsyglambagplus #ipsyglambag #beauty #makeup #skincarejunkie #subscriptionbox #makeupsubscription #skincaresubscription #instagram #instagood #mondaymotivation

#firstaidbeautygiftedme the New Ultra Repair Firming Collagen Cream. @firstaidbeauty included ingredients like Collagen, Peptides and Niacinamide most of which I usually look for in MOISTURISERS. The cream is meant to plump, moisturise and help visibly firm skin, helping it stay healthy and youthful with fewer visible fine lines and wrinkles and a soft, supple texture. I carried this cream with me to India to use as an only product after cleaning because my skin changes from combo to semi-oily here. The product is primarily meant for dry, combo and normal skin but trust me the texture of the cream is suitable to people with oily skin too. I have just been using this cream daily here and my skin stays visibly moisturised. I had heard a lot about how good their products are and totally agree after my experience with this product. It comes in a lux jar packaging. I wish they included a scooper to dig out product. But I am not yet very convinced about any effects showing up when collagen is applied externally to skin. What do you guys think!! Link to buy: #makeupbychak #firstaidbeautygiftedme #firstaidbeauty #octolyfamily #gifted #beautylifestylesquad #reviews #skincarecommunity #skincare

#ad Clean Skincare at an affordable price point....keep reading guys!! Thanks to @facetheory and @brandbassador for letting me choose products I wanted to try from the brand FACETHEORY. Most of these UK made products are now available in amber glass jars with aluminium caps - or 100% aluminium tubes which are easy to recycle. They are 'leaping bunny' approved!! I selected the 2 products below: - PINK CLAY AHA FACE MASK ($18.99 for 2fl oz)- Has premium superfine French clay to exfoliate skin to remove pore blocking impurities, Organic argan and jojoba oils for hydration, stabilised vitamin C for brightening and lactic acid (an AHA) for expediting cell turnover. I use it once a week. - REGENA V20 VITAMIN C SERUM ($24.99 for 1fl oz)- Has been reformulated with a more advanced form of Vitamin C ( 20% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid). The new formula is clear, and even less prone to oxidation due to being anhydrous. Ethyl Ascorbic Acid’s properties allow it to be easily absorbed by the skin, making it one of the most stable and efficient forms of ascorbic acid. In oder to enjoy 20% off on their products you can use the discount code 'BBCHAK20' at when ordering! #makeupbychak #facetheory #facetheoryskincare #brandbassador #vitaminc #facemask #mudmask #aha #skincarejunkie #skincarecommunity #beautylifestylesquad #love #gifted #review #instagood #mondaymotivation

NATURAL IS DEFINITELY A LIFESTYLE!! It is so amazing to be back here after a break of what feels like years!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY GUYS!! It was a wonderful opportunity to work with @angryapplesmarketing and @nabilak_cosmetics because not only were they so professional in their communications with me and also understood that I needed sometime owing to unavoidable circumstances to post my review. From skincare to stationery, accessories etc, you can find different product ranges on their website Here is my review of one of the 2 products I received from them. The Organic Matcha Clay Face mask is one of the products I chose as the ingredient Matcha has been long known for its almost mystical properties to heal and restore, which i had really wanted to try. My skin went through a lot of turmoil due to dust and pollution during my stay in India and this product definitely helped to clean my pores. I did not experience a single breakout during my one month stay there! I haven't seen any change in fine lines but yes I can vouch for the fact that the skin doesn't feel stretchy after washing the product off as other clay masks usually do. The product has Multani Mitti (Fuller's Earth) which was my only mask during my school and college days hence has a nostalgic feel attached. It is a perfect product size to carry when travelling. Price is $23 for a 5oz bottle. I just wish the packaging was eco-friendly. I will always prefer clay masks like these over sheet masks!! #makeupbychak #aam #goangry #nabilak #cosmetics #luxury #organic #bodycare #lipcare #bathandbody #beautyproducts #organicproducts #allnaturalskincare #bathproducts #spa #homespa #aromatherapy #beautylifestylesquad #instagram #instagood #skincarecommunity #wednesdayvibes #gifted #review

DoNT U FIND FOOT MASKS REALLY RELAXING?? Happy Monday guys!! Herez bringing you another option of silky and moisturising foot masks from the brand @toi.l_global which the brand #gifted me. Firstly that packaging is gorgeous. I am carrying 2 with me for my travels. The foot glove fits easily and the upcoming summers are the best time to use a product like this when your feet are out in the open. This is a no-rinse off required product. Loads of serum, absorbs well overnight and leaves dry feet well moisturised. Natural key ingredients present are Guerande Salt and Sweet Almond oil. Find this product on @amazon for $30 (for 5 pairs). #makeupbychak #beautylifestylesquad #footmask #moisturizing #gift #review #amazon #footcare #instagram #instagood #toilglobal #ingredients #love #travel #relaxing #mondaymotivation #maskmonday

DON'T U THINK SOME SKINCARE TOOLS ARE NOT VERY BUDGET FRIENDLY SOMETIMES?? Happy Saturday guys!! Trust me, if you are curious to use skincare tools but high prices are stopping you, then stop by @spasciences to get some very affordable options. Thank you @spasciences for #gifting me the very gorgeous ISLA which is a sonic face and body contouring Ice and Heat Roller with detachable medical grade Stainless Steel Globes. The price point you ask- a one-time investment of $29!! I will be honest I have gravitated towards skincare tools like this a lot in the past year (when I have had more time in my hands) and it has elevated my skincare game when it comes to puffiness and fine lines around the eyes. The ISLA is a heavy tool and I really wish the brand made a case for this device which will make it more convenient to travel with. It is recommended to be used with serum, moisturiser or on top of a sheet mask (either iced or heated) but I specifically love rolling my serums into the skin with this. For ice treatment, put it in the fridge for 15 mins and for heat treatment, put it in warm water for 30 secs. It is very easy to manouver around the face and neck area. Find this device at @walmart and #bringthespahome. Comes with a USB cord to easily recharge it. #makeupbychak #walmartxspasciences #spasciences #isla #gifted #beautylifestylesquad #skincarejunkie #skincaretools #review #love #instagram #instagood #beauty #glowup #saturdayvibes #saturdaynight #pamperyourself

HAVE U TRIED SKIN AND CO PRODUCTS ESPECIALLY THEIR CLEANSERS?? Happy Wednesday guys!! If you remember, some weeks back I did an unboxing of the beautiful package I received as a #gift from @skinandco. I have used and loved both their whipped cleansing cream and face gommage before hence was so excited to work with them. So here is my review of the products I received: - WHIPPED CLEANSING CREAM ($18)- this is my second tube and I especially love to carry it when travelling. Use it as my first step cleanser to remove makeup or dirt and grime very effectively off my face. Helps unclog pores. The cleanser is non-drying and thus would work well for various skin types. Sulphate-free, plant based formula. - TRUFFLE THERAPY MORNING DEW ($25)- got to try another cleanser formula in the form of this daily cleaning gel. The packaging is beautiful and bright which makes me reach for it every morning. It has gentle AHAs to exfoliate dead skin cells without stripping off moisture and thus mostly ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Papaya extract helps to brighten. Forms a moisturising lather and skin feels squeaky clean and refreshed. - TRUFFLE THERAPY SERUM ($70)- this is pricey but caught my attention the most. Firstly what gorgeous sturdy packaging!! I love the primary ingredients in the serum- Black White Truffle (powerful antioxidant to prevent damage), Hibiscus extract (helps tighten pores), Hylauronic Acid (binds moisture to skin to make it supple), Irish Moss (red algae to achieve even complexion), Rosehip (reduces scarring, blemishes) and Allantoin (soothes sensitive skin, improves tone and texture of complexion). I need more time to make sure if it makes any radical changes to my skin. This product has some excellent reviews. Products are #crueltyfree #bpafree #mineraloilfree #parabenfree #phthaltesfree #makeupbychak #skinandco #beauty #skincare #skincarejunkie #skincarecommunity #cleanser #serum #beautylifestylesquad #discoverunder20k #gifted #love #productshot #photooftheday #photography #wednesdayvibes #wednesday

HAVE U TRIED BODY PRODUCTS FROM PIXI BEAUTY?? Happy Tuesday guys!! It's amazing to be part of the @pixibeauty pr squad for such a long time now and getting to try their makeup and skincare products (some hits some misses mostly with makeup). This time I was excited to put their bodycare products to test!! Omg I absolutely loved the beautiful backpack they sent, housing the 3 BODYTREATS in. The GLYCOLIC peel, wash and lotion is the range I got to try (although I secretly wanted to try their Rose range- you guys know my love for roses 😁) Glycolic and Lactic acids are the primary ingredients in the products which helps to polish, exfoliate and gift skin a beautiful glow. Additionally Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Grapeseed oil help to soothe and hydrate. Each of these products are available for $24 each. Visit to find them. #makeupbychak #pixibeauty #bodytreats #bodycare #gifted #pr #review #beautylifestylesquad #glycolicacid #ahas #skincarejunkie #skincarecommunity #instagram #instagood #tuesday

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