Ian Galloway

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National touring magician for all kinds of events. Call 714-471-4472 to request availability at your event. Over 200 five star reviews online!!

Location Huntington Beach, CA
Country United States
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Two card magic transposition!! Watch closely.

Launching Official Virtual Magic Show!!

We have been doing virtual shows for quite a while now but we are officially launching the public shows virtually in hopes that people will have the knowledge of magicIAN’s show options right away. Whether you want your employees to feel special or your birthday person to feel special then this is really something that will lighten up people’s day and be memorable for years to come. Virtual magic shows are beginning to be a normal part of magicIAN’s performance repertoire and more and more people are booking with him for virtual shows. MagicIAN is a magician as well as an illusionist so many different styles of magic are performed in the show unlike other magicians.

First color change is a variation of a change by @bucktwins. Second change is a variation on a classic!

3 close-up magic routines performed with Star Wars playing cards to Star Wars music

Watch this instagram post where famous instagram magician, MagicIAN performs unbelievable feats of magic with sounds from the characters of the Star Wars Saga. My magic has been inspired by Star Wars most of my life and started out with wanting to move things with my mind and then going into the first development of the special effects light show with holograms nearly 4 years ago. This is surprising because many social media magicians cannot perform the same way that they portray on social media in person. Definitely watch the instagram post here to view the stunning visuals and also follow to see what new posts magicIAN will be putting up every week.

Love doing fans.

magician for holiday events and parties!

Companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Home Depot, and Ritz Carlton (just to name a few) book magicIAN every year for their company holiday parties. You may also check out the facebook page here where there are some more examples of the magic and a short clip of his notable special effects light show with holograms and levitating woman illusion! This really takes your event to the next level and can really save an event from being boring to something people will want to come back for year after year. Currently touring most parts of California and Las Vegas, NV with the illusion show and strolling magic for all kinds of holiday events.

Crazy quick double color change card magic!!!

Planning entertainment at your party or event.

Having an entertainer like a magician at a summer party can really help to make your event a great success becuase many times people focus on inviting guests only and forget about what their guests are going to do during the event. For example if you are booking a magician for a cocktail hour type of party then you are going to want to book a magician who specializes in, “strolling magic for events. Another example would be that if you are having an adult birthday party you wouldn’t want a magician who only does kids magic shows and vice versa. When searching for the right entertainment try to book directly through a performer’s website and avoid directory entertainment websites.

Variation of a routine by @bucktwins. Really like doing this routine. Constantly learning new card magic like this. Challenge yourself daily to achieve results.

The mind reading dog! Get your mind read through your screen by Capri the mind reading dog!

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