Madina Kpandja

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motherhood • lifestyle • mobile photography

Member Since DECEMBER 10, 2019
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happy earth day 🐚

Fries.. no, wait.. cauliflower puffs before guys ✌🏼#yumibaby ⠀ we transitioned from @yumi purées to @yumi bites and she’s loving them! From quick snacks to full meals, they’re loaded with good stuff like veggies and grains 😊 #first1000days

#ad // Mental health check in 💭 ⠀ What do you do during these uncertain times to feel better? I try to practice little things that wouldn’t take too much of an effort and here what helps me: ⠀ 🕊 watch less news. While staying informed is important, I was going overboard with it by obsessively reading all the gruesome stats. 🕊 take one day at a time. In search of hope we forget to be present and it makes days feel longer. Better days will come, trust me. And you will appreciate them even more. 🕊 start a gratitude journal. I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to battle my anxieties. I love this amazing journal I was gifted by @vertellis 🖤 it helps me stay in tune with my emotions and focus on things I’m blessed to have, no matter how big and small. Swipe to see what it looks like inside. If you love your journals like I do, look into @vertellis and save your money by using madinnson15 🤍 🕊 give yourself grace. You don’t have to be perfect mom, wife, teacher. You don’t have to lose 10 pounds during this his quarantine or learn a new skill. ⠀ You got this.

sweet little thing 🍓

A very rare moment of my children to forget sibling rivalry and play together 😄 ⠀ The Babbler play kit from @lovevery was gifted to Leyla and is perfect for her age! If you’ve seen my stories, there are several toys boosting her brain development and motor skills and several books teaching her new concepts 😊 even Altaïr, being a good big brother he is, joined the fun and showed her how to play with these toys + read her the books 🤍 ⠀ definitely check out @lovevery and their kits for every age, it has EVERYTHING you baby needs for the development! #loveverybaby

Quarantine mood: sip iced coffee and watch true crime documentaries 💀#IDpartner ⠀ Honestly, if I was an expert at anything, that would be an expert at what to binge watch: if you counted all the time I spent watching shows, that would be in total 24 to 36 months out of my 27 years of life 😂 Anyways, I just started watching See No Evil on @investigationdiscovery and I am hooked! Once the kids are down to sleep, I have some time to enjoy it in peace. If you’re a true crime enthusiast, you MUST check out Investigation Discovery, they’re the best! I’ll leave the link in my bio for your quarantine binge watch 📺 #AlwaysOnID

It’s a national sibling day and I’m reposting my most favorite photo ever of these two! Isn’t the sibling bond just beautiful? 🤍

Okay I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored 🎵 ⠀ Playing with make up looking this cute is one way to have fun during quarantine and I enjoyed these @caleycosmetics goodies gifted to me by @joinpalm! The lightweight natural texture and tropical botanical vibe made me long for summer and vacation even more 🌿 I especially loved the lip products: so nourishing! If you’re into clean + sustainable beauty, natural authentic look and summer vibes, check out @caleycosmetics 🦩#caleybabe

#gifted // I don’t know if it’s a mom thing or just a grown up thing, but ever since I hit 25, I always lack energy #whocanrelate ⠀ Unfortunately, coffee doesn’t work for me this way and most energy drinks are bad for you so imagine my excitement when I heard about these @gobigenergy shots! The energy comes from guarana, ancient secret of Amazonian tribes who used it to stay focused as it also helps with memory and learning. Other plant based ingredients include various antioxidants and immune system boosters so these are wellness shots AND natural enegry drinks! I’ve been drinking them for three days and I can feel the boost in my energy levels soon after I take one shot 🏃🏻‍♀️ ⠀ One more thing, the company currently offers FREE shots for hospital workers #gratefulforfrontliners so if you know someone, let them know 🤍

I’ve been dealing with blackheads as long as I recall so it’s basically a never ending battle for me. #mamondegiftedme this pore clean trio for oily skin that includes a clay mask, a toner and a pore stick, so here is my honest review: ⠀ The clay mask is good. I like clay masks the most, they work best for my oily skin, purify and minimize my pores. The stick which you’re supposed to rub on the areas of your face is a bit harsh but it does its job! If you are like me and don’t mind rough mechanical exfoliates then this is it. Finally, a toner is a good addition to this bundle. You should have toner at all times and for the oily skin this works great to help remove sebum and minimize pores. I used all three steps and got rid of all the blackheads, however, the only little downside is that the stick is a bit harsh. Overall, I’m glad I discovered this product that suits my oily skin prone to blackheads ♥️ ⠀ #mamondeus #lovemamonde #octolyfamily @mamonde_us

This could be a #tgif post but what’s the difference between Friday and Monday these days anyway 🙃

#gifted How are you sleeping? 😴😴 ⠀ I found myself having issues to shut down my brain before I fall asleep and my sleep is easily disturbed, no wonder my stress levels are through the roof! I usually use some help like melatonin and some other products but I was curious and decided to try something new. @getsomsleep gifted me their sleep boosting drinks and explained science behind it: magnesium + vitamin B6 for biosynthesis, L-theanime + Gaba to promote natural relaxation and melatonin for a sleep cycle. I was able to fall asleep fast and slept through the night ♥️ #getsomsleep #givesYouZZZs

So many of you post such cute quarantine content meanwhile I’m here scanning my Google Photos cloud to find a throwback to post 😄 here is my chubby boy almost five years ago 🐻 how are you bracing yourself for another month of social distancing?

To whomever needs to know this, today is Wednesday 🤣 how y’all doing? Probably the most frequently asked question during the quarantine: what TV show to watch? Well, here is my top 10, hopefully you’ll find something you haven’t seen yet! 📺 This is us - I will always start my list with this one. This show speaks to my soul ♥️ 📺 Queen Sugar - one of the Hulu gems. Authentically and beautifully representing strength of black people. Produced by Oprah. 📺 Claws - colorful and bold. You’ll love it if you’re here for female crushing her goals 🙌🏻 📺 Selfmade - my recent Netflix obsession, based on true story of Madame CJ Walker and only four episodes. 📺 Crush Landing on you - what I’m currently watching. Korean drama, cute and captivating. 📺 The 100 - love me some apocalyptic fantasy shows. 📺 Love is Blind - worth watching just for Lauren and Cameron ❤️ 📺 The Handmaids tale - must watch if you haven’t yet. Under His eye. 📺 The Last Kingdom - the one TV show I want to erase my memory and watch again. 📺 Jersey Shore - if you’re THAT bored, why not to rewatch old seasons and reminisce about simple things like gym, tan, laundry? Let me know what’s your favorite show?

Last time I went to eat out before the quarantine 🥺 But here the thing, how privileged are so many of us that during the global pandemic, we all can just stay at home (yes bored af) but still being able to read, educate ourselves, work from home, create, FaceTime our loved ones, have a fridge stocked with food? Just a different perspective that we need to practice groundedness and surrendering during these tough times. Stay home and keep peace 🖤

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