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Lindsay is a digital marketing professional, ERYT-200 yoga teacher, former collegiate swimmer, marathon runner, and new mom. Her running adventures have taken her to 18 marathons including the Boston Marathon (twice!). Now based in Charlotte, NC, Lindsay catalogs her fitness adventures and stories from the trails and the road on her blog, Loving Life on the Run.

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Took myself on a run tour of “Tree Hill” / “Capeside” this morning. As a teenager in the early 2000s I loved escaping to these far more dramatic teenage lives and TBH still love popping on reruns and reliving all the completely crazy storylines that all took place in this cute North Carolina town. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Call it a guilty pleasure, nostalgia, or just plain nerdy-ness, but I had blast planning my running route this morning to hit some of the iconic filming locations of One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek in Wilmington (sharing some of my snaps on stories)! Did you have a guilty pleasure 90s/2000s teen soap?

Run Solo, Not Alone: Tips to Stay Connected During COVID-19

You may have some silent miles (just like a run together), but you’ll know you’re both in it together! Now might be the time to finally try Nike Run Club or the Zombie Run Game! If you weren’t signed up for anything, try a time trial and see where your fitness is and use the extra at home time to put a training plan together for a race in the fall or a virtual race this summer! View all posts by Lindsay Follow Loving Life on the Run via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Livin’ my best mom life...shorts tan and all 😂 Y’all. A beach day with a baby and anxious dog is not easy. Parker wasn’t really loving the heat or the water and Kona hated it when we weren’t all together — I think she was afraid we’d disappear into the water forever. 🤷🏼‍♀️ We made it almost an hour. All got in the water (except Kona because she hates water and wet dog is a mess). And while it was challenging, I’m grateful for the memories we made today and for giving this little boy some new firsts! 🏖

Yoga Poses for Stress Relief During COVID-19

n’t feel any tension in your lower back and take any arm variation you’d like (reach for opposite elbows, interlace hands behind your neck, or reach hold of your feet). To adapt the pose for your body, use blankets or pillows to prop up your hip or to rest your head on. Legs up the wall is a gentle inversion that will increase circulation in the body while lowering your heart rate and reducing stress in the body. Send your legs straight up the wall and bring your hips as close to the wall as feels comfortable (on your hamstrings).

When we unintentionally match. We must document. 📷

Boston Marathon 2019 Race Recap

I continued to ditch my clothes and after getting a start line pic (really glad I ran with my phone this year!) got ready to go! The sun started peaking out around mile 10 or 11 and noticeably, that’s when I started seeing people start to walk (already!). The hills were where I felt a slight pull of my hamstring and decided getting to the finish healthy was more important than a slightly faster finish time n’t feel great, but I felt a lot better than last year and knew I was going to run a decent time considering.

Vineyard vibes. 🍷

What’s Happenin’ in Boston!

I’m usually a pretty go with the flow kinda gal, but when I have a lot of people see and things I want to do… Not only did I create a pretty precise itinerary for the week for my husband and I to keep us on track and ahead of appointments, I created one for everyone in attendance. My must visit booths include: nuun, Balega, CIM (see above), Gasparilla (gotta give the Floridians some love), and anywhere with free things that taste good. I’ll be working remotely part of the day, but if you’re around and want to hang or catch a yoga class, hit me up via DM on Insta.

How I feel about following through. 💪💪💪 I signed up for the @lululemon @seawheezehalfmarathon months ago and hadn’t really trained properly or made any logistical plans for the virtual race. When I woke up this morning I didn’t feel up to it, but as the day carried on I saw my stories and feed fill up with others that pushed through and ran their 6.2 or 13.1...so I decided that I too could do hard things. So when Parker went down for his afternoon nap I laced up and hit the streets. It was hot, it was humid, it was hillier than I would have liked but I got it done. 🥵 I’m proud of myself for sticking with a commitment that would have been just as easy to skip. So here’s to my first postpartum half and longest run since October! 👏

A few days late, but just as cute 🥰

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