Joanne Mortlock

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I love to blog about anything niche and fun within London from pop ups to shows.

My three real passions in live though is food, animals and cruises.

My love of blogging grew when I started to meet like minded influencers and making friends. Thus making me also set up my own community helping other influencers gain new friends and experiences to write up about.

Plus I love to blog as I love helping promote for companies and gaining them exposure.

I hope one day to work for a PR B2B company or within a charity helping them with events or fundraising.

Location London
Country United Kingdom
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AD AD 𝓟𝓡 𝓲𝓷𝓿𝓲𝓽𝓮 🎭👹Feel like making a deal with the devil?👹🎭 2020 has literally been hell🔥 for us all in so many different ways so when I heard the devil😈 was getting hitched, and given what’s going on at the moment, there was no better time to accept the invitation💌 to the underworld. I attended before the lockdown and headed on down to @thevaultsuk to attend Dante's In Furlough where I met the devil😈. Walking through the dark tunnels🕳️ I helped the devil gather new souls by playing carnival games🃏 before watching the devil get hitched💘. Then it was time for a delicious feast🍽️ of pumpkin soup, seabass and a bloody fruity pudding.  So if you love the devil😈, naughtiness🤭, games🎲 and food🍴 then I would recommend signing📝 up to this dining experience and head on down to the underworld🔥. This immersive show unfortunately at present has been halted⛔ due to tier 4 restrictions but hopefully it will be back up and running soon. Keep an eye👁️ on The Vaults for updates.  Read my full review in my bio link search I met the Devil. Dante’s in Furlough is inspired by Shel Silverstien’s epic poem Billy Markham and the Devil which was written for PlayBoy in 1977.  Let's hope 2021 🙏 will be the year of light at the end of the tunnel🌈 so we can all start to live life normally🎉 and catch up👫. Happy New Year to you all 😘 #thevaults #dantesinfurlough #londontheatre #dressedtoimpress #fancydress #immersive #immersivetheatre #immersiveexperience #devil #underworld #souls #hell #carnivalgames #happynewyear #hny #foodporn #lovepopupslondon #promote #discoverunder10k

Hellbent hellishly delicious meat — Love Pop Ups London

love Hellbent who produce tasty sausages, meatballs and burgers which use meat from Ireland and are combined with seasoning from South Africa. On a courtesy basis I was gifted PR samples of their sausages, meatballs and burgers to try, cook and taste at home all of which tasted hellishly delicious. Their meat is made using a 100 year old South African recipe, using top quality Irish meat and a combination of South African flavours together. All of their range range of boerewors sausages, meatballs and burgers have been developed by South African Ulster rugby stars Louis Ludik and Schalk Van der Merwe.

AD 𝓟𝓡 𝓼𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮 🍫😁🤤Chocolate bars make me smile but brownies make me drool🤤😁🍫 @the_happy_hamper are a small family owned business based in London and they produce extraordinary bakes using the freshest, finest and highest quality ingredients. Gifted I was sent via the post two of their delicious brownies to taste at home. Each put a smile on my face and made me drool. They are made from dark chocolate, butter, egg, light brown sugar, plain flour, and cocoa powder and topped with a classic chocolate. Can you guess which chocolate bars she used on these? Read my full blog to discover about the taste click on my bio and search Happy Hamper. As well as brownies they also sell grazing boxes, cakes and afternoon teas such as a themed Alice in Wonderland one and Bohemian. #thehappyhamper #brownies #brownie #chocolate #sweettreat #ilovebrownies #chocolatebar #homemade #bake #lovepopupslondon #promote #discoverunder10k

Impossible Things Detective Agency needs your help as a crime had been committed! — Love Pop Ups London

Impossible Things bring together a wonderland of creative entertainment, with exciting, innovative mix of live music, theatre, circus, film, TV, digital, immersive experiences. They hosted a mix of events bringing together film, food and immersiveness together from Spice Up Your Brunch, When You Wish Upon a Brunch, The Greatest Brunch and Tay Tay Brunch. The atmospheric mood of the game feels like you have been transported back in time with quirky and memorable characters ready to engage with your investigation. As an avid fan of detective TV series, and love solving mysteries, I really loved getting involved in this virtual world and enjoyed actively looking for clues, with my fellow PIs.

🥃🎅💋Drinking being merry, better result than kissing under the mistletoe as this drink got my taste buds tingling and dancing💋🎅🥃 Christmas Day might of gone but during these last 12 days of Christmas I will be enjoying a tipple or two of my Christmas in a Bottle by @bottle_bar_shop which consists of cinnamon, cloves and spices. Which drink have you been enjoying over the Christmas period? #christmas #christmastipple #christmasdrink #drinkietime #tipple #christmasinabottle #cloves #cinnamon #vanilla #spice #handmade #winner #instadrink #lovepopupslondon #discoverunder10k Won bottle via @lululoveslondon Christmas giveaway

Ninja Power Nutri Blender start your year off healthy — Love Pop Ups London

This Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blender CB100UK apart from being able to make smoothies it is also ideal for making light and silky spreads, marinades and frozen yoghurts as this blender is a revolutionary 2-in-1 blender. if using to to the max fill line,optional amplify your base by adding yoghurt, protein powder, or nut butter, and finally screw on the blade and onto the Ninja motor base and press MIX and twist the Powder Paddle anti clockwise continuously while processing. Then on with the blade and popping onto the motor base pressing mix button and twisting the powder paddle anti clockwise continuously within under a minute soon had a finished tropical bowl smoothie. If you are more into soups though than smoothies then check out Ninja Foodi Blender & Soup Maker costs £149.99 which chops and cooks the soup, plus smoothies can also be done in that blender.

AD 𝓟𝓡 𝓼𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮 🥂Drink happy thoughts🥂 This Christmas might not be the same being in tier 4 and not being able to celebrate with family & friends but thanks to @thebottleclub I started my day of with a drink in hand and smile on my face. For breakfast I sipped on a glass of @carluccios Prosecco which I added some orange juice to make a Bucks Fizz taking me back to the 80s. For Christmas dinner I cracked open some @whitleyneillgin crackers and thought happy future thoughts such as when I can cruise again with @pandocruises & @royalcaribbeanuk. What are you future happy thoughts? Read my full blog go to my bio and search The Bottle Club. #thebottleclub #christmasday #christmastipple #christmasdrink #festivetipple #christmasdinner #drinkietime #tipple #gin #turkey #prosecco #bucksfizz #scrambledeggs #santa #smile #futurethoughts #tier4 #instadrink #lovepopupslondon #promote #discoverunder10k

Liberex Lab makes tooth flossing easy — Love Pop Ups London

but people tend not to take as much care of their teeth as they should either they are not brushing their teeth properly, just giving their teeth a quick brush or because they don’t floss. However like me and a vast of other people in the world find flossing with cord hard so Liberex Lab water flosser has come to the rescue with their electronic water flosser which is easy to use. As mentioned before brushing alone does not get rid of all the food residues in our oral cavities internal gaps, so a dental flosser comes in handy, to help get to the food we can’t by brushing alone. I have always struggled with and don’t tend to do because of that fact but Liberex Lab water flosser has certainly made flossing teeth much easier.

AD 𝓟𝓡 𝓼𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮 🎄🍽️You did it! Congratulations! World's best dining experience! Great job, Taste Film!🍽️🎄 @tastefilm takes diners on a magical multi sensory gastronomic adventure through film. December's experience took me on an adventure with Elf as I followed Buddy on his journey from the North Pole to New York. 🗽First stop New York which I enjoyed a multi coloured bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, caviar, herbs & pomegranate. 🛏️Breakfast time with Buddy I enjoyed a plate of colourful vegetable spaghetti with butterflied turkey breast, devils on horseback, cranberry sauce and maple syrup.  🎅Ending the night with Santa question on his lips was have I been naughty or nice whilst I tucked into an angel cheesecake & hot chocolate devil's cake for my sweet treat. The whole experience was fun and easy to do. The food which is premade by @parlouruk comes packaged within marked tubs making it easy to see which courses they are with detailed cooking instructions and with timings, so you can enjoy both film and food easily together.  Everything was exceptional, easy to cook, fresh, colourful and tasty and timings perfectly executed along with key moments during the film.  My favourite moment was eating my dinner or should I say breakfast with Buddy as I loved eating my spaghetti just like him, who needs cutlery! Thanks to both Parlour and Amy & Jesse of Taste Film for the wonderful immersive tasting experience! Check out Taste Film website and sign up to their mailing list for upcoming experiences. Plus read my full blog click on my bio and search Taste Film Elf. Have you been naughty or nice this year? #tastefilm #elf #elfthemovie #christmas #christmasmood #nightin #homecooking #cookingathome #cookalong #gastronomicjourney #foodathome #bagel #smokedsalmon #turkey #chocolatecake #cheesecake #immersive #immersivefilm #infatuationlondon #londonfoodblog #londonfoodblogger #movienight @smiffysuk #foodtryb #foodporn #totastemaker #britainsbesthomecooks #lovepopupslondon #discoverunder10k #promote

AD 𝓟𝓡 𝓼𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓮 🍬🥤Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever🍬🥤 DROP makes sodas which are based on the taste of your old fashioned favourites which were extremely popular back in the day. This pop which will tantalise your taste buds and get you reliving your childhood moments whilst enjoying the taste of the sweets you once knew and loved but in a unique twist. DROP drinks are colourful, smell ever so sweet and taste delicious, exactly like the sweets we all knew and loved. Enjoy either Pear Drops, Lemon Sherbet, Cola Cubes or Cherry Drops in sparkling form. They don’t use artificial flavours, colours or sweetners. They are all made from carbonated water, natural flavouring, and has sugar added. All can be enjoyed straight, just pop open and drink or use as a mixer in your favourite spirit be it perhaps gin or vodka. What was your favourite old fashioned sweets? Read my full blog just click on my bio and search DROP. @retrodrinksdistribution @dropdrinks #dropdrink #sparklingsoda #soda #nonalcoholic #vegan #drinkstagram #softdrinkforgrownups #mixer #dryjanuary #liquidcandy #retrodrinks #drinkdifferent #britishsweets #britishmade #candy #peardrops #cherrydrops #lemonsherbet #colacubes #childhoodmemories #sweettooth #60snostalgia #70snostalgia #sweetlikecandy #lovepopupslondon #promote #discoverunder10k

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