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I’m a wife, mom through adoption, health coach and photographer

Location DAVENPORT, Florida
Country United States of America
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The pool at our apartment complex opened today and Joseph had a blast! This dress I got from restyledbyizzy made such a cute coverup. It’s linen so it’s lightweight but it’s lined so you don’t have to worry about it being see-through. We’ve been patiently waiting for it to reopen, now we’re just waiting on the gym to open. 🤞🏾 Swipe to see some cuteness.

Shining light on some dark parts of adoption

There are anti-adoption groups who do nothing but bash adoptive and hopeful adoptive parents. Some of them screenshot posts from social media and share it in their group and they all talk about how disgusting we are and how we’re stealing babies from their “real families” or pressuring moms to place their baby. I’ve had some nasty things said to me about adoption by those “keyboard gangsters” and you can say what you want about me but that sweet little face is innocent. If we moved back to Houston in 2016 or 2017 we wouldn’t be Joseph’s parents.

How is he so perfect? 🥰

Get Focused!

A high bun, hydrate and all 5 seasons of Schitt's Creek for I’ve been able to test out Tru Supplement's newest product Focus and it I got to the point where I was trying to do too many things at once and getting overwhelmed because I wasn’t accomplishing all of the things. From NOW until the END of September anyone who purchases FOCUS will get ONE free sample of TRU BCAA and TRU Energy, + FREE shipping. Also, you’ll be entered to win a FREE 1 year supply of TRU Products (2 products of your choice every month for a year!)

Mom still thinks I’m Dino-mite! 🦕 Swipe for the original Dino photo shortly after getting placed. (I need these shoes in all sizes they come in lol. They’re his favorites.)

Peach Cobbler Oats

This morning Solomon took Joseph downstairs to play with him and I got to sleep/lay in bed until 9! I just took my usual oats but added diced peaches throughout with a few caramelized peaches on top. In the oats, I added more cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and a little vanilla protein powder. It’s like peaches and cream oatmeal went to the south to visit big mama for the summer and came back with some culture.

Decided to get cute today. Since becoming a #FableticsPartner I’ve been trying brighter colors than I usually wear lol. I’m not sure how I feel about this top but it’s definitely giving me 🍑 vibes. This outfit is really comfortable though, almost like a second skin. The leggings fit so bomb. (Click the link in my bio to score 2 for $24 from fabletics) It came with a jacket but it’s way too hot to wear it since it’s 91 degrees today. Thank the Lawd the pool at our complex opens next week in time for this Texas heat. I was hoping we’d be on a cruise headed to a tropical destination right now for our anniversary trip but we’ll be chilling on the patio instead. Thanks to everyone who reached out yesterday and told us happy anniversary! 🎉 We appreciate all of you! What are your plans for the long weekend?

Mental health with infertility and adoption

There were about 15 of us and the night before this photo we all sat around the hot tub and each of us had to pick a word that explained where we were in our mental health journey and why we chose that word. We had just completed all of our adoption paperwork, had our home visit and were home study approved to adopt. One of the most common fears hopeful adoptive parents feel before placement is that they won’t feel like a “real parent”. A lot of people worry that they will feel more like a nanny or babysitter than an actual parent to the child.

5 years married & 10 years together! Originally I was going to plan a big anniversary party to celebrate such a milestone but clearly that didn’t happen. 😂 A lot has happened over the years but I can honestly say it’s all been worth it. 10 years ago when I saw him I knew he was mine and I’m happy to report he still is! 💜

Joseph worked very hard on his Father’s Day gift this year, so hard that he didn’t want to give it to Solomon when it was time. 😂 he was like “I painted it, give it to me.” (I drizzled the paint and let him have at it with the paint brush.) But once he saw how excited Solomon was about it he was happy. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, step-dads, adoptive & foster dads out there.

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