Lois Sonstegard

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Business coach, help successful organizations get better, use pragmatic effective coaching to increase your success

If you are a leader who wants to grow 👉 You need a leadership culture that emboldens your employees to run with you at your speed 👉 I help you innovate, set and achieve your goals, and ultimately change lives 👉 I will help you realize your vision and give you the necessary tools required, to make an impact

MY STORY AND WHY ME: 📘 35+ years’ experience leading, training and coaching leaders at all levels 📘 International business experience 📘 Extensive experience in managing global teams

📗 Experience in Product innovation, intellectual property management, brand development, and product launch 📗 Developed regional health care centers and leadership teams for women and children 📗 Built cross-national business relationships to foster international trade

🔥 I am known for making the impossible, POSSIBLE

SERVICES OFFERED GLOBALLY: 📄 Coaching: I work with visionary leaders who want to inspire people & impact lives 📄 Training: Integrated training and coaching programs that focus on the skills to earn the trust and respect of your people 📄 Provide Assessments for use in team development, leadership coaching, hiring and promotion 📄 Keynote Speaker

CONTACT DETAILS: 📲 (952) 933-2000 📧 lois@build2morrow.com 🌍 https://build2morrow.com/ 💻 https://LoisSonstegard.as.me/ 💻 Build2morrow for Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Committed to Growth FB Group: https://bit.ly/2oRr4UU

Location Minneapolis, MN
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📌Top 5 portfolio tips          1️. Be selective; it’s better to have a few high quality pieces than lots of work that is just okay.     2️. Take professional photos that show your work at its best.     3️. Avoid busy backgrounds that could detract from your work.     4️. Look at the portfolios of companies you admire for inspiration.     5️. Keep your portfolio up-to-date with your latest work.                  Join us here for more:          https://www.facebook.com/groups/317194939018797                   #leadership #motivation #success #business #entrepreneur #inspiration #mindset #love #entrepreneurship #goals #marketing #leader #coaching #life #motivationalquotes #quotes #leadershipdevelopment #believe #hustle #inspire #lifestyle #fitness #growth #education #community #leaders #happiness

TGIF with Bob Wheeler

I told her about our coaching tool that, unlike canned coaching programs, is customized for each new hired or newly promoted employee. Find out more about this concrete way to coach newly hired employees and reduce the stress of managers -- especially for those new to a management role. The first step is our Everything DiSC® Management that offers a customizable development solution proven to increase the effectiveness of managers -- as they manage their direct reports or the relationship with their own manager. Recognize the priorities and preferences that shape their experience as a manager of others and as an employee who must also effectively manage up Understand how their unique style informs their approach to directing and delegation Learn strategies for improving employee motivation and developing the full potential of people with various DiSC styles Identify new ways to work more effectively with their manager For information on how we can help develop your managers, contact me at ls@build2morrow.com.

📌An online portfolio should contain examples of your work plus these 3 pages:          👉Home - this is the first page visitors will see when they land on your site so use strong images and engaging text.     👉About – provide information on your background, experience and creative practice. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself.     👉Contact - this should include your email address, any professional social media channels and potentially your mobile number.          Join us here for more:      https://www.facebook.com/groups/317194939018797           #leadership #motivation #success #business #entrepreneur #inspiration #mindset #love #entrepreneurship #goals #marketing #leader #coaching #life #motivationalquotes #quotes #leadershipdevelopment #believe #hustle #inspire #lifestyle #fitness #growth #education #community #leaders #happiness @heimann.nicole @coachgoldsmith @sally_helgesen @theprovidersband @rhettpower @go_roundtable @connally_consulting @katemaree_fitz @frank.bria @thesolitudeproject.2020

TGIF with Michele Molitor

Our discussion is particularly timely for leaders whose people look to them for the help they need moving forward with their careers and their lives HOW TO: Recognize the beliefs you have about yourself that can hold you back Build new neural pathways to your brain Build effective teams by maintaining your own balance first Tell yourself One of the few Certified Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioners in the United States, Michele founded Nectar Consulting, developed the 30-day Rapid Rewiring program to help people “get out of their own way faster,” and, most recently, co-authored Breakthrough Healing, which features Rapid Transformational Therapy as one of six alternative medicine modalities. In this 22-page profile, you’ll explore the destructive and productive conflict behaviors of each DiSC style, learn how to manage your responses to conflict situations, and gain personalized communication strategies to address productive conflict with colleagues.

Sticking to a daily routine also helps in getting your brain to switch to work mode.    What are your questions in mind? Let’s answer them.     Join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/317194939018797 #leadership #motivation #success #business #entrepreneur #inspiration #mindset #love #entrepreneurship #goals #marketing #leader #coaching #life #motivationalquotes #quotes #leadershipdevelopment #believe #hustle #inspire #lifestyle #fitness #growth #education #community #leaders #happiness💕 @heimann.nicole @coachgoldsmith @sally_helgesen @theprovidersband @rhettpower @go_roundtable @connally_consulting @katemaree_fitz @frank.bria @thesolitudeproject.2020

TGIF with Coach Gretta Scholten

’s podcast, here’s your chance to hear from life coach Gretta Scholten who works primarily with female entrepreneurs, helping them reach their career and life goals through effective time management. Today, as a certified life coach, she uses this same talents to help people learn to manage their time well, take a step back to look at their end goals and determine what they need to learn and do to achieve those goals. As a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, I strongly believe in the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process because it is both effective and very time efficient. Take a few minutes right now to use the links below to get a broader and deeper understanding of the leadership/executive coaching focus and the results individuals achieve when they commit to this process.

Are you thinking you want to be promoted but don’t think you are ready? Our workshop is for you! Don’t wait and get our Free Workshop today. : https://go.build2morrow.com/get-ready @heimann.nicole @coachgoldsmith @sally_helgesen @theprovidersband @rhettpower @go_roundtable @connally_consulting @katemaree_fitz z @frank.bria ria @thesolitudeproject.2020

Building Your Legacy with Pasquale Mazzuca

’s podcast, here’s your chance to hear from executive leadership coach and consultant Pasquale Mazzuca on leadership, the importance of human capital and the need to prepare our leaders differently. Pasquale has consulted with companies all over the world on leadership development, talent acquisition, employer branding, retention strategies, performance management, executive coaching, organizational change and workforce mobility. The Everything DiSC Management Profile offers participants insight into their strengths and challenges as managers, helps them adapt their style to the needs of their people and makes them more effective managers. Participants deepen their understanding of themselves, their direct reports and their own managers using the DiSC® model while learning how their management style influences their approach to decision-making, time management and problem solving.

Follow Your Dreams Blueprint Virtual Summit Learn actionable steps and strategies from concept to completion to confidently achieve your business DREAMS! Join @inspiringconfidencecoach and other expert speakers by registering for this FREE EVENT!!! January 25th - 27th 2021! Register for this FREE Summit:     https://www.inspiringconfidencecoach.com/Follow-Your-Dreams-Blueprint      #buildingmylegacy #inspiringwomen #inspiringconfidence #inspiringwoman #confidencecoaching #confidenceiscontagious #confidenceiskey #womenscoaching #businesswomens  #businesswomenrock #Godlyconfidence #christianwomensentrepreneurs #christianwomenleaders #womensempowerment    #christianwomeninbusiness #worthywoman  #christianleadership #womenofworth    #womenofbeauty #Womenleadership  #Inspiration #womeninspiration #courageous

Are you ready to get promoted in 2021? Plan just a little over 1 Hour. It is packed with information you don’t want to miss. Give yourself a present, Grab this FREE Worshop and Learn “The Secret on How to Get Promoted!" Click the link below: https://go.build2morrow.com/get-ready #leadership #motivation #success #business #entrepreneur #inspiration #mindset #love #entrepreneurship #goals #marketing #leader #coaching #life #motivationalquotes #quotes #leadershipdevelopment #believe #hustle #inspire #lifestyle #fitness #growth #education #community #leaders #happiness

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