Lois Sonstegard

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Business coach, help successful organizations get better, use pragmatic effective coaching to increase your success

If you are a leader who wants to grow πŸ‘‰ You need a leadership culture that emboldens your employees to run with you at your speed πŸ‘‰ I help you innovate, set and achieve your goals, and ultimately change lives πŸ‘‰ I will help you realize your vision and give you the necessary tools required, to make an impact

MY STORY AND WHY ME: πŸ“˜ 35+ years’ experience leading, training and coaching leaders at all levels πŸ“˜ International business experience πŸ“˜ Extensive experience in managing global teams

πŸ“— Experience in Product innovation, intellectual property management, brand development, and product launch πŸ“— Developed regional health care centers and leadership teams for women and children πŸ“— Built cross-national business relationships to foster international trade

πŸ”₯ I am known for making the impossible, POSSIBLE

SERVICES OFFERED GLOBALLY: πŸ“„ Coaching: I work with visionary leaders who want to inspire people & impact lives πŸ“„ Training: Integrated training and coaching programs that focus on the skills to earn the trust and respect of your people πŸ“„ Provide Assessments for use in team development, leadership coaching, hiring and promotion πŸ“„ Keynote Speaker

CONTACT DETAILS: πŸ“² (952) 933-2000 πŸ“§ lois@build2morrow.com 🌍 https://build2morrow.com/ πŸ’» https://LoisSonstegard.as.me/ πŸ’» Build2morrow for Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Committed to Growth FB Group: https://bit.ly/2oRr4UU

Location Minneapolis, MN
Country United States
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Instead of pointing fingers and playing the blame game when things go wrong, a good leader takes responsibility for the team's actions and their consequences. By being willing to take responsibility, you prove that you're worthy of trust and respect. #Build2morrowtips #responsibility

Episode 43 - Chad Peterson Looks at the Workplace of the Future Part 2 This is the second podcast in which we look at how businesses and employees will need to change after the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re talking with Chad Peterson, an expert business broker, author and the founder of Peterson Acquisitions. In this podcast Chad shares his thoughts about the workplace of the future and the changing role of face-to-face interactions, which have been such a significant part of the sales process in the past. Check out my podcast at www.build2morrow.com/podcast #ChadPeterson #Build2morrowPodcast #podcast #workplace #business

Five Key Components Of Emotional Intelligence Check out my blog post at www.build2morrow.com/blog #build2morrowblogs #emotionalintelligence #build2morrow #blogs #intrapersonal #selfawareness #emotionalawareness

Happy Columbus Day! #ColumbusDay

Improvement is part of the everyday life of an entrepreneur. You collect important experience from your everyday work, and that experience helps you in your journey to create what you want to create. #improvement #entrepreneur #experience #journey #build2morrow #askbuild2morrow

What you do has far greater impact than what you say - Inspirational and Motivational saying about Life Lesson Positive Attitude by American Educator and Businessman Stephen Covey

At the end of the day, the best leaders are those who can clearly communicate their vision, co-create a plan with their team and execute it successfully, while maintaining balance. To get the most out of coaching, you need to create both time and space in your life to learn and grow beyond where you are today. #Build2morrowtips #leadership #coaching

In this podcast, business coach and author @sallieholder shares with us how she moved from the β€œrock middle” as a successful employment attorney to her true passion: an entrepreneur who coaches others how to make the bold career choices that lead to lasting success and happiness. Sallie believes it’s never too late to create the change that can help you become the person you want to be. Today, as we look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, her advice is more valuable than ever. It’s also essential for anyone looking to build your legacy. Check out my podcast at www.build2morrow.com/podcast #BuildingmyLegacy #podcast #coronavirus #success #happiness #pandemic

This is important for you if you really want to create that future and be part of it. Your answer to this question will identify where you need to focus on yourself in order to create that future. #askbuild2morrow #entrepreneur #coaching

You need to be familiar with your industry as an entrepreneur before you can even start. Everything in your industry can affect your company. The more you know about your industry, the more you can use it to your advantage as an entrepreneur. #Build2morrowTips #tips #TGIF

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