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I’m a content creator, blogger, and social media influencer based out of Boca Raton, Florida.

I am vegan and very passionate about a broad range of niches. I love creating content and giving advice around food, health and fitness, family, and lifestyle. is a hub for all things vegan. Our content includes recipes, vegan products (both food and lifestyle related), popular restaurants, beauty products, and fitness, health and wellness products.

My goal is to continue serving my community with top tier content, products, and restuarant recommendations. I will educate them on what they feed their body (food and beauty products) and recommend awesome dining experiences across the world.

Looking to work with brands that are vegan, vegan products/companies, lifestyle products, health and wellness, influencers, food bloggers, content creators, beauty products, fitness products clothing.

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*NEW* Beyond Steak Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme✨ ‼️A Vegan Crunchwrap That Is Better Then Ones From Taco Bell!🤩 ❤️I Used…. •The New Beyond Meat Steak Tips @beyondmeat •Sautéed Bell Peppers/Onions •Nacho Cheese made from @violifeus •Lettuce •Tomato •Sour Cream from @kitehillfoods •Avocado or Guac 😋You'll find yourself going through a couple of these vegan crunch wraps because they are just that delicious. Super easy prep making this a simple and stress-free meal.🌱🔥 🔗Link To Recipe In Bio🔗

✨Vegan Flautas✨ 🇲🇽One of my favorite Mexican vegan recipes that you won’t stop thinking about! Loaded with potatoes, lion's mane mushroom crumbles, and vegan cheese🌱 The flavor and crunch on these flautas are so tasty!😋 🥰My whole family LOVED these and the best part is that it was a very easy vegan recipe to make. 🔗Link to the recipe is in bio🔗 ‼️P.S.I found the @bigmountainfoods mushroom crumbles from @sprouts 🛒 ‼️You can find @violifeus cheddar cheese @sprouts ,@publix , and @wholefoods 🛒

‼️100% A Pantry Staple‼️ Organic & Healthy Plant Based Broth & Seasoning🥣 This is my favorite bullion cube to use when making soups, sauces, beans, and sometimes rice.😋 ✨I love using this in place of vegetable broth from the store because my stomach is pretty sensitive, and I try to stay away from tomatoes which is normally always in store bought veggie broth! ✨ 💖This one doesn’t contain any tomatoes and brings way more flavor! I rate 10/10🏆 Highly recommend buying! I haven’t tried their other flavors yet, but their Garden Veggie Bullion never disappoints!🥳

Love me some Violife Parm!💙 ✨My go to vegan parmesan block at the grocery store. ✨ It’s so delicious and decadent! In my opinion it’s the best vegan grocery store Parms out there.🛒 You can grate it and make a really nice vegan Alfredo sauce, add it to mac & cheese , to top your pasta off, or on top of your pizza. 😋 The options can keep going! Lately, I’ve gotten into making my own cashew parm, it’s much healthier and taste very good. But For the days I want a quick, easy, and simple, vegan parmesan @violifeus is the one. I rate 10/10🏆

Everyone’s Favorite Vegan Breakfast Hash🔥🥔 ❤️New Recipe This Saturday on #vegan #veganbreakfast #veganbreakfastrecipes #veganpotatohash

🌴Tropical Punch🌴 ✨A drink that tastes great and benefits your digestive health✨ @drinkolipop offers a huge range of flavors and I’m making my way down the list💖👏🏼 When I took a sip of tropical punch, It immediately reminded me of an elevated pineapple juice with hints of orange and apple juice. I did expect it to be more like a Hawaiian Punch flavor. Overall it was still enjoyable.😊 If you’re somebody that likes juice with pineapple as the main base, then you’ll love this flavor🍍 Id rate it a 8/10 🏆

Ditch the aluminum🗑️ Making the change from aluminum cans to pouched or bagged legumes is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.❤️ ✨Green Valley✨is my go to option when when looking for beans. They offer quite a variety of different options and it’s for a reasonable price. (I found at @sprouts) Aluminum is linked to many health issues and is known as a neurotoxin. (Poisonous to the nervous system.) Removing aluminum is a great lifestyle change for your long term health and in my opinion is completely worth it! I rate 9/10🏆 They are bland but nothing some seasoning can’t fix and a very good alternative.☺️

🥯Dave’s Killer Bread Bagels!!🥯 ✨They have 4 different kinds •Epic Everything (My Fav Highly Recommend) •Plain Awesome (Good But Plain Compared to Epic Everything) •Boomin Berry (Haven’t Tried Yet) •Cinnamon Raisin Remix (Haven’t Tried Yet)✨ All their products are •100% Vegan🌱 •Organic •Full of Protein (The bagels have 11-13g) I love how many options this brand offers, from bread, to bagels, to english muffins, and more. 🚨Tip Alert🚨 I always buy their products at target (sometimes Walmart) because I noticed that it’s the lowest price there! Unless they are having sales for it at other stores. As you’ll notice it can be pricey at times. I rate Epic Everything Bagel 10/10🏆

🧡Smart Food For a Developing Brain As a first time parent, you enter the baby aisle and find yourself facing tons of different purée options. it can be a bit over whelming. Luckily, cerebelly makes it very simple to decide. ______________________ Their boxes are eye catching and the ingredients are even better. They strive for clean and nutritious food which is what every baby deserves. 🌱 ✨They are the only baby food that contains the 16 key brain supporting nutrients ✨ It is a little pricier than some other options but is 100% worth it, now a days the stuff companies put in baby pouches and purées are terrible and contain 0% daily value of nutrients that are important for a babies growing brain.🧠 🔥 @eatcerebelly has tons of options to choose from. they carry vegan and non vegan pouches. (So if your baby is vegan be sure to read each ingredient in it) They have boxes made for different age ranges making it so easy. (They do sell individual ones as well) I rate 10/10🏆 P.s. they do make other products that I highly recommend taking a look at

💚Super Green Veggie Burgers💚 This is a great option for my toddler, and super easy for me to prepare. @drpraegers actually has a huge variety of veggie Pattie’s and other products. I like getting hazel (my 19th month) dr Praeger: • kids vegan nuggets (they’re my favorite too😅) • kale veggie Patties • heirloom bean • mushroom risotto We do like the Super Green Patties, but my family and I recommend the other products listed above first. The super green patty💚 Id rate 7.5/10🏆 ______________________ 🤩I like how it is: High in nutrients, 100% vegan, and they have a good mix of products that are gluten and soy free! 🌱 P.s. I will say a lot of their items are a huge hit for me, but they do have some item (which is very few) that are a miss

🔥Chorizo Style Sausages🔥 By @wickedkitchenfood 🔪 Wicked Kitchen has an insane amount of vegan products, and I have yet to try them all! I really like how they don’t include any soy or gluten in this product. They make a variety of meal kits, breakfast items, soups, pizza, dinner, desserts, etc… I paired these chorizo sausages with some cilantro rice, back beans, sautéed peppers, lettuce, avocado & some vegan sour cream!!! Talk about a tasty bowl😋 They were really good and easy to make I recommend giving them a try. (I originally found them & the brand when I was browsing through Sprouts Farmer Market!) Id rate a 8/10🏆

🍫Keep Calm And Eat A Chocolate Covered Strawberry🍫 This box of sweets is my go to night time snack 😋 They are tiny, cute, and delicious♥️ I highly recommend trying these the next time you have a sweet tooth 🦷 🌱100% Vegan🌱 ✨ Sold/Made by @sprouts ✨ I’d rate a 8/10🏆

Just Egg Vegan Burrito 🌯 Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! It includes • @violifeus Cheese • @justegg Folds • Cilantro Rice • “Meat Mixture” (Beans&Mushrooms) • Hash Browns • Avocado • Cabbage/Lettuce Mix Rolled up into a tortilla servered with a side of…… @kitehillfoods Sour Cream😋 Tall about a Phatttt one😈🔥 One bite and you’ll be hooked! Recipe link is in my bio🔗

✨Ice Cream Cookie Sundae✨ 🌪️Enjoy my twist on an bite sized ice cream sundae! 🤩This recipe contains • My homemade strawberry jam 🍓 • @sweetlorens chocolate chunks cookie dough 🍪 • @nadamoo vanilla bean Icecream 🍨 ⚠️These are super addicting so beware!!!

✨Vegan Apple Pie🥧 Sweet, with a hint of cinnamon spice. This recipe will impress anyone who has a bite🤩 This pie is super simple & easy to make, it is also 100% •Gluten free •Dairy free •Egg free!! Add a nice big scoop of @nadamoo vanilla ice cream and make your tastebuds do a happy dance✨ Link to recipe in bio🔗

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