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Little Red Reviews is a fresh family and lifestyle blog that encourages families to spend more time together through frequent first time moments. We love to showcase learning apps and games for toddlers and kids. For self-care we like to focus specifically on financial, physical, mental, emotional, and social self-care. Our curated series provides valuable perspectives, tips, and resources to help families move confidently through parenting and connect them through multi-generational activities. We are seeking family-friendly brands whose values align with our goal to educate and support in the moment family lifestyle.

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#Sponsored We have been completely MIA these past few weeks. All for good reason...We are MOVING! Atlanta has been home to us for the past 4.5 years and will always hold a special place in our heart. But we are super excited to be moving back to my home town, Augusta, GA! With moving comes SO many pieces to juggle. From interviewing real estate agents, staging our home, and packing we haven't had time to prepare food at home...especially snacks! Thank goodness for our household staple @COREfoods! We have partnered with @COREfoods to introduce CORE Kids Refrigerated Plant-Based Granola Bars! The chewy granola bars have 40% LESS SUGAR than the leading kid's granola bar and are made with probiotics to support immunity. CORE Kids Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Bars have been life savers for us as our early mornings and late nights have been consumed with moving madness. Little Red can't get enough of them! Find the super tasty organic CORE Kids Bars exclusively in your nearest Target produce section. They were the perfect addition to our packing break on the Belt Line. #COREcrew #Target

Thirty Things you Need to Learn in your 20's to THRIVE in your 30's & Beyond. Link in Bio. WOW! We celebrated our 30th birthdays (and 3rd anniversary) last month. The original plan was to be on some international excursion completing our 30 countries by 30 goal with Little Red, adding to her country count as well. We were on target to exceed the goal. But hey, life happens! Thanks COVID! We will hit the goal next year. Jourdan has been to 28 countries and I've been to 27! What matters is that we are safe. We are in good health. And we have each other to celebrate this milestone. We wouldn't trade our companionship for anything in the world. So cheers to us for 3 decades of learning and growing. So excited to do these next 60+ years together! Check out our latest blog post to see our comprehensive list on things you should learn in your 20's to set your self up for a lifetime of success. You know where to find the link! #thirtysomething #twentysomething #twentyfine #fortysomething #fiftysomething #blacklovepage #blacklove #alwaysstartswith #theblackmancan #luvblacklove #blacklovecouples #bllakluve #blackloveexists #souls.reconnected

What does freedom mean to you? I think as times have changed so has the perception of freedom. Somewhat. While we visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture, we got the opportunity to view Emmett Till's casket. The Exhibit was complemented with a summary stating how the 2 murderers had a trial before an all-white jury. Till's relatives identified the 2 men on trial as the exact men who kidnapped Till, yet the jury set them free. African Americans boycotted due to outrage. My dad brought up a good point. Take any current case. You can replace the two men's names who were on trial with a current police officer's name (ex. George Zimmerman) who has been on trial and replace Emmett Till's name with the person killed by their hands (ex. Trayvon Martin). It's the same story. 65 years later and it is hard to see what progress we have made. Injustice today continues to be showcased by police force, Corporate settings, in the housing market, and etc. We have to continue to fight the systems that were never made for us to thrive. #controlthenarrative #allblackeverythang #powernomics #shareblackstories #trayvonmartin #breonnataylor #georgefloyd #ericgarner #thesystemhasfailedus #demandchange #emmettill

Hi I’m Jourdan, I come from a blessed background. Both of my parents went to college right after high school and excelled in their given fields. I am grateful for all they could provide for me during my childhood. This helped me form my opinion on what success was. Over time that opinion has transformed drastically, and as it continues to grow it now equates to financial freedom which will lead to freedom of time. Spending time with them this past weekend helped me realize even more how important it is for me to reach my goals. As they near retirement, I want to be able to create as many memories as I can with them. So 40+ years from now, I’ll have some amazing family times to look back on. I’m hoping to take some of what my parents did and build upon it for my family. My goal is to retire before my daughter starts Kindergarten. My parents worked very hard for what they have through employment at various companies. I want to take that same momentum and make it work for my family in a slightly different light. I cringe at the thought of working in Corporate for another 40+ years. So for me, I'm working towards full time entrepreneurship that will provide me the ability to start enjoying life now. And not having to wait until I'm 65+ years old. I'm here to show you that this is very capable from a middle class family. It just takes a little self-discipline. Remember, it is always about what you save, not necessarily about what you make. Thank you for following our journey as we showcase content geared toward spending more time together and creating more memories.

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