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Latina Lifestyle Blogger 🌵Phoenix, AZ 📱Digital Marketing gal by day; 👩🏻‍💻blogger by night #LatinaBlogger 🇭🇳 💌 avis@littlemissvision.com

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I received a cute package from my friends at @yesto and this morning was the perfect fall 🍁 pampering. I tried the detoxifying and hydrating white charcoal paper mask while savoring my morning coffee, it was 👌🏼 to tackle my Monday at home. What are some of your new additions to your fall skincare routine? . . . . . . . . #littlemissvision #latinablogger #yesto #fallskincare #skincaregoodies #skincareroutine #lifestyleblogger #pursuepretty #phoenixblogger #thatsdarling #latinx #prettylittlethings #azblogger #prettylittleinspo #meethemoment #bloggerlatina #bloggerlatinas #latinainfluencer #millenialwoman #livewithintention #phxblogger #fblogger #discoverunder2k #latinaskincare #theeverygirl

5 Mistakes I Made When I Started My Career

The idea for this post came from both an interest from IG stories polls and me wanting to reflect back on the last five years, share my experience so that I can continue to grow and in the process maybe have others identify with some of these as well. A raise was given to me to compensate for the “market”, I had an hour differential on top of my regular pay, my mileage was compensated, I had a phone allowance, a sign-on bonus for being bilingual, you name it for a girl who lived at home in her early 20’s At my previous company, I only worked 30 hours and made more than I did at this new job, and I was expected to work 40+ hours if need be. I love working alone and quietly getting things done and often found my managers asking me to speak up and share my ideas during a meeting because they clearly saw something in me that I failed to see.

The feeling when you realize it’s a 3-day work week 🙌🏼 . I cannot believe Thanksgiving is this week! I’ve been crazy busy working on house projects and client work besides my regular 9-5. Not complaining because I’m enjoying it and feel extremely grateful for all of it 🙏🏻 . . . . . . . . #littlemissvision #latinablogger #DesertGal #FallVibes #TargetStyle #VisitPalmSpring #lifestyleblogger #pursuepretty #phoenixblogger #thatsdarling #latinx #prettylittlethings #azblogger #prettylittleinspo #meethemoment #bloggerlatina #bloggerlatinas #latinainfluencer #millenialwoman #livewithintention #phxblogger #fblogger #discoverunder2k #latinaswhotravel #gratitude #femalefreelancer

Little Miss Vision

As I was going over that, we were blessed, and our initial 5-year plan got re-arranged, and we had the opportunity to sell our first home and buy a new one in the area that we had been planning for the future! I remember I called my mom that first week of the year and told her “Mami, voy a tomar las riendas de mi vida!” which translated to taking the reigns of my life. As I look back in the past 6-8 months, I’m so glad to finally feel the want not need to put a small life update in writing. And as I get ready to attend the WE ALL GROW Summit next week, I can’t wait to feel even more empowered to continue growing personally and professionally.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!🎄#feliznavidad #happyholidays

Ya Veremos Cast Interview With Mauricio Ochmann and Fernanda Castillo

Growing up, I remember seeing both Mauricio Ochmann and Fernanda Castillo on TV and seeing them in this new role for the ‘Ya Veremos movie’ is very exciting. YA VEREMOS” tells the story of Santi (Emiliano Aramayo), a preteen who is dealing with the recent separation of his parents, Rodrigo (Mauricio Ochmann) and Alejandra (Fernanda Castillo.) When the three learn that Santi has a medical condition that could jeopardize his eyesight, Santi’s father encourages him to make a list of places and things he wants to see and do before losing his sight completely. This kid is being told he can become blind and instead of dropping to the floor and crying why him, he makes a list of things he wants to accomplish.

B L U R R Y . . .⠀ The past few days feel just like this picture! Every time I take time off and completely disconnect from work I feel like I need another vacation. Welp this time is the complete opposite I feel I relaxed 😌 so much that I can’t get back on my groove. Good thing the weekend is here! 🎉

Jumpsuit or Romper? Find Out Why I Love Them All!

When I’m going out, rushed to work, or want something cute and comfy to be at home I love how they are a comfortable outfit and can be worn for day or night. I had one specific event in mind during my recent vacation that was 3+ hours, and I needed something formal, comfy, and cute. High quality is essential for me because I feel that tends to be an issue for jumpsuits especially when you are moving around a lot.

Our date nights always include dessert 😋 Last week we went to @bjsrestaurants and had BJ’s world-famous #Pizookie in Hot Fudge Brownie flavor it’s so good you #becomeobsessed ! We’re having another date night soon because Pizookies are $3 with any purchase now through 10/6! #sponsored #bjsbrewhouse #bjsrestaurant

You know how much I loove my neighbors cacti 🌵 and been planning on incorporating cacti onto our future backyard project. Today I got major inspo at the botanical garden in Palm Springs! Check out my IG stories for a cacti overload 💕