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👩🏻‍💻Influencer Strategist helping creators build a business + bits of my TRAVEL, STYLE & LIFE 📍NYC ✈️ LAX ☀️Latina ✏️

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IT’S OK TO UNFOLLOW ME! Yup, I am giving you permission to take me off your Instagram feed if what I am sharing or creating here doesn’t SERVE YOU ✨ . My purpose with this platform has changed so much since starting it as a personal page back in 2012. That’s a long time for personal growth, content evolution and more. That’s a lot of people I met along the way who maybe felt they “needed” to follow from one meeting, being a colleague, being a college peer, etc. . That in mind, I know there’s a lot of people here who probably came to this page at one point and now don’t find themselves aligned to this community. And I am here to tell you IT’S OK! I want you to make the space for yourself that you need. . Now, that doesn’t mean you have to love or agree with everything I am creating to stay, there’s beauty in difference of opinion, but I want to break that awkward stigma about the “UNFOLLOW” button. Nothing personal, no hard feelings. I encourage it all the time if you aren’t getting anything at all from being a part of someone’s platform. It’s a little self-care option for you to build a healthier relationship with social media. . And if you’re here to STAY...THANK YOU. Thank you for your constant support, for your feedback, for your engagement in these topics so close to my heart, for using my tools to find personal growth, and for supporting my SMALL BIZ of usually one. . And if not me, always keep this in mind. You have the power to choose what you want and DO NOT want to be a part of on social media. My friend andreinavalderrama has committed to doing this too, COMMENT WITH A 💪🏽 if you’re ready to #cleanthefeed for yourself with us!

#ad | Wow. 7 days of making time for my mind...IN THE SHOWER (ok, this one's a bath but I felt like I deserved it). I am so thankful to have been a part of Skintimate's Mindful Shower to help create more of the positive energy the world and my space needs right now. . What I learned in all this is the key to achieving mindfulness is really slowing down and focusing on your senses, which is why the shower (one of the places you can truly disconnect) is the perfect place to practice mindful meditation. The new Body Care Line is built with your senses at top of mind, so it was the perfect complement to these meditation sessions by invigorating my senses. Seriously, today I used the SPARK line and the citrus aromas had me energized and ready for the day. . You can still access these FREE meditations via my link in bio and make any day a MINDFUL SHOWER day. You'll see the benefits of meditation over practice and time, so why not add your self-care routine to it as well?! #brandpartner

What do Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd, Biggie Smalls, Destiny’s Child, Donna Summer, Rihanna, JLO, Kanye West and Wu-Tang Clan have in common? . They all made $ MONEY $ BOPS over the years. So, I put them all together in a #MONEYBFF Spotify Playlist for you. Guaranteed to take bill payments, budget rearranging, debt slashing and pay day dance parties to the NEXT LEVEL. 💰 . Linked in bio, or easily search #MONEYBFF over on the app. ENJOY!

RELATIONSHIP PEOPLE! Are you spending this indoors time with your significant other? Can we have a quick moment to talk honestly about how we’re navigating that?! (And if we look COZY, it’s because we ARE and I’ve got a discount code for you from bigblanketco below. It’s a MUST-HAVE 🙌🏽) . For Justin and I, it took a few weeks to get used to each other’s unique routines and working schedule. What’s moving us forward? Over-communication, setting boundaries and taking time to be silly together. Here’s some, and maybe relevant to you: . 🤍 I need words of affirmation, so after sharing this with Justin he now takes it upon himself to let me know I’m appreciated throughout the week (in the most random moments where I didn’t know I needed it). 🤍 Justin actually needs a lot more time alone throughout the day, so I know when his headphones are on it’s our signal that it’s his time. I’ll text him if I need to interrupt him so that he can choose when to engage. 🤍 We are both celebrating each other’s wins at the end of the day. Asking ourselves what’s one thing we’re proud of. Even if it’s something small we did for ourselves. Sometimes, we’ll even have a random dance party for it! . Oh...and one easy thing we agreed on? We needed to upgrade our blanket game so we would put an end to the couch and bed BLANKET WARS! We’ve been snuggling in this one for the last few months and love how HUGE and soft it is. 10 x 10 feet!! You can get $30 OFF at bigblanketco with code “LISSETTE” #mybigblanket #smallblanketssuck

WHY COLLABORATION MATTERS 🤝 Yes, using “the right hashtags” and value-forward content to amp up your discovery are still great Instagram growth tools...but one of the most valuable ways to truly grow on social media is in the presence of like-minded or complementary creators. And I’m not only talking about FOLLOWER GROWTH benefits. Here’s my example: . Over the years, chelseaasoflate has served as my Instagram Influencer sidekick and social media BFF. Our audiences have discovered us through shared content like this, we’ve introduced each other to people that strengthen our network, we’ve helped press that shutter button for each other thousands of times (remember our #contentlunchbreak days?!?), and we offer a shoulder to lean on when we want to complain about the dang algorithm (hey, we’ve all been there). Beyond all that, Chelsea also gives me the creative juice my process-driven brain needs, and a fresh perspective on the industry so I can continue to GROW STRONGER as a creator. . It’s no question when people ask me: what should I be doing to grow my online presence? My FIRST answer is go find someone in your niche, interest group or area of expertise to collaborate with IN A MEANINGFUL WAY! You’ll reap tons of “growth” benefits by more than just the numbers: personally and professionally 🤍 (Part 2 of this post will share ways you can start these relationships). . TAG SOMEONE YOU LOVE COLLABORATING WITH! . PS: keep in mind all necessary safety precautions in your area as cities reopen // shot this on my sidewalk during a Chelsea drive-by to drop off these super cute jackets she made!!! (DIY QUEEN)

I’M SHAKING THINGS UP IN MY LIFE THIS WEEK...starting off with a celebration and switch-up of my favorite cocktail: the classic MOJITO! . Excited to be partnering with the bacardiusa team again, and this time to challenge us to REMIX this staple with our own ingredients list for a chance to win a private VIRTUAL DANCE PARTY hosted by mick! Way to level up that (www) happy hour 🤩 . Because Blueberries are that one fridge staple I never leave the grocery store without these days, I made a special Bluebs and Lemon version of a Bacardí Mojito. It’s so simple — posting the full video on stories! . YOUR TURN! Share yours on social with #BacardiMojitoRemix to enter. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! #BacardiPartner # ad

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I know I speak for many when I say “where would we be without our moms and/or mom figures in our lives??” (Beyond literally) . Fun fact: my sister and I are 13 years apart! I was (and am still lol) the baby in the family. And probably a spoiled baby most of the times. Because of the age difference, my SISTER was also always telling me what to do which annoyed the crap out of me as an angsty kid...but flash forward and all my GOOD habits are because of things my sister forced me to do 😂 from eating seafood, using coasters, to pushing in your chair, and even being financially responsible which she always drilled in my head hahaha. Funny how life works. . Bummed I can’t be by my mom and sister’s side on this special day, especially since it’s been too long apart for me but I am at peace knowing they’re safe. Can’t wait until the day I can travel home to say hello! . I also know it’s ~not the same~ but I love being a mama to Milo, so shout out to FUR MOMS, too. May we one day raise real humans just as badass. . TELL ME ABOUT A HABIT YOUR MOM OR MOM FIGURES PASSED ON THAT YOU’RE NOW THANKFUL FOR 👇🏽

#ad | They say your BEST IDEAS COME FROM A GOOD SHOWER! So I'm taking a MINDFUL SHOWER over the next 7 days to celebrate the importance of connecting with ourselves -- especially during these times! . Skintimate has created three supercharged meditation series for us to take advantage of during the shower, and has launched a new line that puts the senses first! I love this because the world really needs all the positive energy we can give, and amid busy schedules we forget that the personal time in the shower is one of the most special to help cultivate this. . PS: I cheated and listened to all three meditations before accepting the challenge and I WAS BLOWN AWAY! There is something for everyone and tonight I will start with the "Release & Relax." I'm going to do one every day this week, so follow along and join me with the meditations linked in my bio and stories. . TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF A MINDFUL SHOWER! 🚿 #brandpartner

MY TIKTOK JOURNEY...THIS MONTH MARKS A YEAR ON THE APP! SWIPE AND READ BELOW FOR PROGRESSION. . 📱 May 2019: djkhaled’s dance crew of literal 10–15 year olds convince me to join the app. I publish my first video with zero clue what the heck I just did. 📱June 2019: posted my second video and SHOCKED I got 12,000 views for brushing my teeth to a trending song. I spend the next few months pretty quiet on the app and just researching and consuming content to get familiar with it. I start giving expert talks and opinions on where I think it’s going. Still, don’t think it will take off because “video” sounds too hard for people. 📱October 2019: I post a video in real-time of me in Bali, use the right hashtags and trending first 100K VIEWS! Mind you, I have 50 or so followers. There’s something here. 📱December/January 2020: I am the “token TikTok girl” in my peer and friend groups. Fine, I’ll show you the renegade and tell you every theory about how this is the next big thing until you mute me. I also start consulting and building influencer + brand strategy specific to the app. 📱 February 2020: it’s time to take this seriously as a CREATOR. Narrowing into my niche and making quick and informative, but sometimes humorous, videos about my industry. Averaging 5K views and growing about 100 followers a week. 📱 March 2020: I concoct what I think will be a viral video — about 100K views I estimate. NOPE! 1.5 MILLION views! I gain a few thousand followers. 📱 April 2020: I am consistent in how and what I’m posting. A 6-figure video is normal and I’m gaining about 100 followers a DAY. . EVERYONE STARTS SOMEWHERE! I’m not here to be tiktok famous, but I’m confident in my expertise as a strategist on the app and I’ve helped countless people and brands navigate this new space. TONIGHT I’m hosting a “101” workshop for anyone interested to getting started and understanding my POINT OF VIEW. I’ll also answer all your burning questions. LINK IN BIO to lock in your seat. Will I see you there?! . PS: I will be opening up a few more spots for both 1:1 coaching (creators) and social strategy (businesses) over the next few weeks.

EH EH EH, METMUSEUM, STOP TELEPHONIN’ ME EH EH EH! 🖼 . ladygaga is forever a role model and inspiration of mine for her level of confidence, creativity and love for all humanity. Since the #METGALA was cancelled, I wanted to find a way to honor her iconic 4-dress look...except everything I ordered to recreate said looks STILL has not arrived 😂 #thanksRona! . So I made do with whatever I found at home, tried to recreate her makeup look from memory and had so much fun having my own little red carpet moment in bed. And I guess that’s what “inspiration” is really about. You take a piece from someone or something else, add in your pieces, mix them all together with whatever new vision you’ve created...and BAM...a new form of art brought to life. . WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Tag some of your favorite #MetGalaChallenge looks below — I want to see what other people are making! 🎀

PERSPECTIVE HEALS THE SOUL ✨ . (yesterday I was): Angry, frustrated, anxious, scared, hopeless and all-around down seeing what was going on outside my doorstep. I let it tug at me for a few hours, because I’m human, but then I made it a mission to change my MINDSET. . (today I was): Glowing, free, at peace, dancing in the living room, reminiscing on the unique memories my friends and I have made, giggling with Justin, snuggling with Milo, thankful, reflective, optimistic. Happy. . On the outside, these last two days were seemingly the same. The weather was the same, the streets were the same. But I was not the same. There is equally good and bad in every experience, but it’s our responsibility to CHOOSE GOOD every time if we want to live and stay our happiest self. Wishing everyone positivity and lots of love during this time! . 📸 iPhone snap by Justin while on our dog walk!

IT’S A MONEY MOTIVATION MONDAY! 💰 I am finally releasing a template of my holy grail of a personal finance spreadsheet. It was by my side while I turned my net worth from negative to POSITIVE & THRIVING! . I started this spreadsheet in 2016 when I was moving to NYC and it has blossomed into my MUST-HAVE to increase my wealth. You may have seen me flash this over the years when talking about my personal financial growth and it is by SEEING my finances in full detail, getting comfortable with them, having wine with them, that I finally started to clean up my act. . So, for FREE.99, I am sharing this template with you to help you clean up and get comfortable with your finances to achieve your personal goals. All you have to do is tap the link in my bio, a quick sign-up & it will be right in your inbox in no time with another freebie 👀 . IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE: I’ll be on IG LIVE today at 7 p.m. EST to walk you through it. Who’s in for a #MONEYBFF talk?!

3 years ago, I made the decision to start renting clothes and doing less fast fashion shopping. At the time, I made the change to save money but I didn’t realize it would completely change my relationship with MAMA EARTH and introduce me to SUSTAINABLE FASHION. . This Earth Month, whalar tapped me to join the #ChangeCollective and use this platform to tell you about a small change in my life that’s making a big impact on our planet. By picking up clothing habits like RENTING, THRIFTING and SWAPPING, you can make that change — and look good doing it! Need to shop for something specific? Find a company that treats our planet and people right and support them. . SHOUT OUT a person, brand or service that you admire in the sustainable fashion space BELOW! Knowledge is power 🌍

MY SECRET TO BEING DEBT FREE? You've got to look at all your debt in ONE PLACE. 👀I like to call my plan of attack: Debt-Free in Three (swipe for how it works) . My recommendation is you first tackle CREDIT CARDS. They likely have the highest interest rate, so they're costing you the most to keep alive. of the easier ways to pay off credit card debt faster is to use a balance transfer to get them all in ONE PLACE. It means exactly what it sounds like: transfer all your credit card balances into one card. . I personally did this when I had 3 cards left to pay and it worked like a charm to have one bill and one number to cut down versus a ton scattered around. I learned a lot about the subject from resources like theascent_money, so I'm thrilled that we can partner together during Financial Literacy Month to bring you one of their TOP PICKS for a credit card that makes your money work harder for you and offers this perk. . If you're looking to cut down and consolidate your credit card debt with a balance transfer, or just looking to take on a credit card with 0% intro APR, tap link in bio to learn more! # sponsored

I MISS THE NYC SUBWAY...YUP! It’s the little things about being a New Yorker and our daily routine that I miss the most. Whenever someone asks how I’m doing, all I can say is: it’s up and down, but we’re all hanging in there. BECAUSE WE ARE NEW YORKERS 💪🏽 . I’m channeling this energy and turning it into EXCITEMENT thinking about the day ahead where we can go back to those little things we call “normal.” But, to get there we have to do our BIG part: STAY HOME. . I am thrilled to be supporting DevitoVerdi & partnership4nyc to help raise awareness on behalf of NYGovCuomo on what we can all do stop the spread! It is the only way we will get back no normalcy faster. SWIPE to see the new PSA with a message of hope and strength! . NEW YORK, ARE YOU IN?! 🙌🏽 #NYCstopthespread

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