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Hi there! I am Chelle a mom and wife of 3. I enjoy fashion, home decor, traveling and diy projects. I am a content creator and lifestyle blogger who has worked with brands such as Tampax, Foodcity, Green Chef, Dollar tree, Eat Smart and more. I enjoy finding great products and services to share with my audience.

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How did we get here?! My first baby girl is 10!!😭 This girl truly holds the house down. I owe her everything for stepping up when I was down. There really isn’t any words I could type to make y’all understand what Ryann means to us. I couldn’t do this without her. Just trust me. Happy birthday baby, I got you for life!!!!!

Honey is 2 months! Alreadyyy😭😭😭😭 God you are just too good!! Moses Basket: @plumandsparrow Doll: @cuddleandkind (buy one doll & feed 10 children!!) Bow: @littleclaraco Milestone sign: @claireandbellaco Shop this picture by following me in the LTK app.

Heavy on the Go Ask Dad! I have to remember that my wine tolerance isn’t the same as before I had Nori. Two glasses will have me bed bound the next day. And with hangovers being one of the most common cause for dehydration I need to be prepared. I wanted to give you one good reason why you don’t have to let a hangover ruin your day, @hydralyte. That’s right @hydralyte has the proper ratio of electrolytes and glucose to get you rehydrated 2-3 times faster than water. With the different flavors they offer there is something suitable for everyone. I love that their to-go packets are small enough to fit in your pockets, making it convenient to take everywhere. And I don’t know about you but because my mommy duties really don’t stop, I don’t have time for a hangover! Check the link in my bio and use code LIFEWITHCHELLEB25 to get yours today! #hydralytepartner #hyrdralyte

I am all about positive affirmations for moms but the same goes for the kiddos too! I made this pencil wall hanging so the kids could hang up work they are really proud of that week. Aced a really hard test, hang it up! The kids work so hard in school they deserve some bragging rights. I will always cheer them on and I want them to do the same for each other. 👏🏾 When one Cooke win, we all win! Check out these other mamas for some back to school inspo! @lifewithchelleb @taylordaniellemaurer @hellolouisep Stories for behind the scenes.✨ #ohheymama #lifewithlittles #momblogger #btscrafts #pencilart #positiveaffirmations #schooldays #pinterestmom #craftymama

Isaiah took this picture a few weeks ago. What you see is what my reality looks like 90% of the time. Me attached to a baby, Nox probably asking me to watch something for the 100th time, his trucks and balls all over the floor, the couch in disarray, and I probably just finished snapping. 😭 What my pictures don’t show you is how many times I called Greg in a day, maybe crying or venting about how overwhelmed I am. It doesn’t show you how I am probably running on 4 hours of sleep. I’m 1000% human and not a superwoman by a long shot. Next slide I share is just one of the few messages I get saying, “I don’t know how you do it all.” The truth is I don’t. But what you see is how I constantly burn myself out. How I have trouble resting because I feel like I should being doing something. I struggle weekly with prioritizing deadlines, housework and family time. However, messages like this is why I continue to show up here. If I can just motivate one mama my job is done. Whether it’s family trips, crafts, holiday decor, married life or because you know me in real life, thank you for being here! And @mrs__collins2u thank you! Because your message motivates and keeps me going. Also, thank you @allthingsgeton for all of your messages reminding why we do this. It’s not for the followers, or likes it’s simply because we have a talent that we want to use to inspire others. Take this is a reminder that all moms need to hear that they are doing a good job. So I challenge you to tag a mom that inspires you in your motherhood journey and support them. Check out my stories for other creative moms that inspire me! Ps. My @plumandsparrow Moses basket is the best thing that happened to motherhood! Why didn’t I have this until babe 4?😫Lol Happy Monday!

Happy hump day! We’re officially half way through the week and I honestly feel good. I was worried about having the two little ones home without the help of the older two. I forgot I was made for this. Before we know it Lennox will be off and it will just be Honey & I. Swipe to see a close up of her homeschooled tee!😫 How are y’all making out? Are y’all back in person or digital this year?

I can’t take it. 😫 I just dropped my babies off to school for their last year of middle and elementary school. 😭 To top it off, Nox will be heading to daycare later this month. 🤪 Kicking off the official school year with back to school baskets. I used my @officialcricut to add their initials and names(on back) to their caddy as this will also be used for movie night snacks, road trips, etc. 😊 First day of school pennants: @dashandroo Caddy: @target

Brunch me please✨🥂 Soaking up every bit of this alone time with Greg. Happy Saturday 🤍

An easy breakfast is just what I need with a newborn in the house. [ad] Thankfully @bobsredmill Organic Steel Cut Oats makes breakfast a breeze. Whether using them as a topping for a parfait or preparing overnight oats for a cold breakfast in the morning, I don’t have to skip out on breakfast anymore because of time. What makes it better is they are available @walmart, in store and online! Long story short @bobsredmill is great for us busy moms. #BRMxWalmart

Having Isaiah 13 years ago was a lot different than when I had Honey a month ago. #ad For one, I was a first-time parent, but also I was 21-years-old back then. I didn’t pay attention to the details of the products I used—and I paid for it. After dealing with a colicky baby with Isaiah, I knew I wanted to try to prevent that in any future children. It wasn’t until I had Honey that I experienced a baby with acid reflux. It was so scary to see her choking after her feedings in her first few days so we immediately switched to @drbrowns Options+ Anti-colic bottles! Clinically proven to reduce colic, plus decreasing spit-up and gas, was all I needed to hear. To top it off, these bottles are the number 1 recommended bottle from pediatricians. Within the first day, I noticed improvement in her acid reflux. And thankfully we haven’t had any more choking episodes! If you are a new mom or even a seasoned mom still figuring it out, I’m with you! If you haven’t already, check out Dr. Brown’s Options+ Anti-colic Bottle available on What is something you wish you had known with your first baby that you know now? #mydrbrownsbaby #happyfeeding

Now I’m usually ALL for rushing to fall and Halloween(I even brought the kids first pair of Halloween pjs today.) 🤦🏾‍♀️ HOWEVER, summer is just starting for me and I’ll catch fall at the end of September. 🙃 I missed so much time this year that I truly want to enjoy each season. It’s funny because I already started getting the memes from people saying “as soon as a leaf hits the ground…” But not this time folks. Promise! Several messages about this outfit and the pink suit. I linked them both on my LTK with other sets I love. If your not following me there please do.

AD I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since I graduated from college! 😩 I remember how excited I was to move to Atlanta and start my new journey. After my high school graduation, I started prepping for my move. I remember leaving for school with a clutch full of gift cards. I didn’t realize then but those gift cards came in handy at the most convenient times. Now I make sure to send the special college graduates in my life off with their favorite store gift cards. And for my donut loving, college bound girl, a Krispie Kreme donut gift card is so fitting. Nothing beats a late night study session with a box of glaze donuts. When I’m doing my shopping at @samsclub I make sure to stop at the gift card center. This way I can use savings from the gift card and save money for my family! Do you have someone going back to campus this year? If so, make sure to purchase some gift cards from Sam’s Club. They will appreciate it more than you know. I know I will never forget the ones who did this for me. #samsclubgiftcards

Greg and Ryann are back in the kitchen with a special guest. With Greg being back to work and me catering to a newborn it is a must we have convenient meal options. Our @HelloFresh subscription does just that. We can have a home cooked meal without the grocery store run. The ingredients come fresh and already measured out for you. This way you can cut out the extra time and get straight to cooking. I want to give you the opportunity to make evenings a little easier with your own meal subscription. You can get up to 14 free meals across your 5 boxes with HelloFresh! Just use my code LIFEWITHCHELLEB14. Visit the link in my bio for more details! #hellofreshpartner

35!!!!! THANK YOU GOD🙏🏾

1 month of loving you sweet girl. Honey turned 1 month old today. I spent all morning snuggling her, kissing her little toes and smelling her. I never want to forget this moment. She will never be this little again 🥺 so I’m soaking it in. 🍯 Name Onesie: @noxandnori Moses Basket: @plumandsparrow Blanket|Head wrap|Bloomers: @spearmintbaby Milestone Sign: @claireandbellaco

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