Amanda Hope

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🌱Happy Spring 🌱 Let Your Soul Bloom with the Blossoms! 🌸 😀 Brand Ambassador @redaspenlove ✈️Homebody that Loves Adventures #Lifestyle

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Surround yourself with people that love you as you are, all while helping you grow to your full potential! I can’t thank my friend @carliestylez for introducing me to @redaspenlove ! A sisterhood that I’ve never had anywhere else! We are all women passionate about skin care, beauty products, our families, bettering ourselves, being silly, and being able to make money working from home! Feeling extra blessed & grateful today!! If you have someone that lifts you up, or something you are grateful for today I would love to hear about it!! Let’s share some happiness below!❤️ #projectgrateful2020 #sisterhoodispowerful #redaspenbrandambassador #redaspenlove ••••••••••••• You’re welcome for the sweet dancing in the snow at the end. ❄️🤣😉😂

If you are a working mom or stay at home mom...this is for you!! No matter what your day looks like, it’s hard and expensive to fit in those spa treatments these days! We all deserve to feel confident in our skin! I have just the answer for you! I am all about slowing down the signs of aging! This tool from @michaeltoddbeauty is your own personal daily spa treatment that is quick, affordable,and so effective! It’s the #soniceraserpro ! The SonicEraser Pro is dermatologist approved to be 7x more effective when applying your anti-aging creams and serums than when applying with your fingers alone to reduce to appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin hydration, tone, brightness and other signs of premature aging! Let’s stay young, wrinkle free, and confident women forever! 😉 What are you doing to prevent anti-aging? Let me know if you use this, or what your favorite tool is! #michaeltoddbeauty #soniceraserpro #ultabeauty #skincare @ultabeauty #ulta #confidentskin #beautytips #nomoredryskin #mombeautytips #mombeautysecret #idahomomlife

My friend @the_nativist wrote the other day about “success.” About how we each perceive success and how it looks different to everyone. It was so refreshing to read. “Do you feel successful in your own life right now, I’d love to chat in the comments!??” I’ve struggled in life with going from working full time to being a stay at home mom and trying to make some extra money here on Social Media. For the longest time I’ve felt like I’ve failed at being successful. Like, if my kids weren’t in daycare and I wasn’t working my life away I was failing. But her post was so much what I needed to here. I am successful because I am doing what I need to be doing right now. Raising my babies. Taking care of our home. And dabbling in photography/videography @amandahopefilmsandphotos for my own creative outlet. Working with an amazing company @redaspenlove from home and online. I don’t need to be working my way up some corporate latter right now. Everything has a time and season. I’m thankful to finally feel at peace with where I am at in life. Right now my family needs me and I’m so thankful I am able to be where I need to be. Thanks for the great reminder Whitney @the_nativist !!!! #findyourself #makeyoursuccess #listentoyourheart #balancedlife #balancingmomlifewithworklife #peacefulmindpeacefullife #findyourinnersuccess #fallfashion #liketoknowitstyle #lktoknowit @frontdoorfashion #frontdoorfashion

You guys! 🌱 My garden is complete! 🥰🤗 It’s the cutest and feels like a new best friend! 😘 I have so many thoughts, ideas, and so much to look forward to next Spring and Summer!!! We did plant our squash, tomatoes, and a few jalapeños of what we had still in our little starter cups back in July. We have got to pick some tomatoes and jalapeños, but we are sure there won’t be enough time for the squash to finish growing...but it’s been so fun for us to go check it daily and see what our babies are doing! I’ll post a little IGTV video of the building process. Definitely took longer than the week I anticipated going into this!😂 But no thanks to it being hard to getting supplies...thanks #summer2020 I can’t thank @outbacklandscape enough for making my gardening dreams come true!! 🥕🥒🍅🥬 🌽 🥔 Any gardeners out there...please send me all the tips, ideas, accounts to follow! I’m so excited!! #newvegetablegardener #newgardeners #raisedgardenbeds #gardeninspiration #gardening101 #gardendesign #garden_styles #vegegarden #outbacklandscape #idaholivingisthebest #idaholife #countrylifestyle #deerresistantgardening #deerresistantgardens #deerresistantdesign

Golfing!!! Feels so good to be back out! ⛳️☀️What is your Go To family activity during this Covid Pandemic?? This was the first time I had been back out with my oldest daughter @misscarleejoy golfing in the past few years. I finally feel like the little girls are old enough to come and behave well enough that we can keep up and have fun! I’m convinced this is the one of the best family activities! Gets you outside and active. It’s a sport you can start at very young age, and play until your last days! It’s so calm and beautiful out on the course. Love that @misscarleejoy can out drive me...she’s hitting her driver over 200 yards now! And a great activity to do while we are in the middle of a pandemic. #familygolf #golfinggirls #golfseason #nikegolf #idaholife #golfidaho #familytradition #nike #stayactive #idahome #riversidegolfcourse #girlswhogolf #outdoorlifestyle #jrpga #covid2020summer #livingourbestlife

Seriously interested.... Why are you on Instagram? We have such an opportunity to use it any way we choose! No right or wrong way. From sharing our lifestyle, fashion, DIY’s, motivation, connection, fitness, meal prep, gardening, landscaping, parenting life, humor, photography, travel, your own business etc.... Please tell me Your Reason... and if you’re feeling extra, you could also tell me why you follow me. 😉 I follow under the category of All Of The Above!!! 😂 I love following so many of you for all different reasons. Would love to know what you’re here for! ⬇️📝💜🥰 #webriderz #webriderzswing #liketoknowitstyle #liketoknowitfall #liketoknowitfallstyle #liketoknowitfallfashion

Two Teenagers back in school! 📚✏️😷🥰 Garrett started his Sophomore Year of High School a few weeks ago in AZ. Football is looking good! 🏈 He also got his first Jeep for when he gets to start driving!!! 🤯 WHAT!🚙 😳 Carlee started 8th Grade Today! Volleyball starts and she is involved in Student Leadership and all the things!! 🏐❤️So glad these two have good friends and are involved in sports!! I don’t feel old enough to have kids this old! 😉 Also, don’t forget, I still have two toddlers at home! So you’ll be getting back to school posts from me for 20 more years! 😂 🤷🏼‍♀️ P.S. Super thankful for our school district doing above and beyond to try and make adjustments as necessary and take all the situations into account during this COVID Pandemic. They have so much weight on their shoulders. I am so sad that so many people have to be so disrespectful of their hard decisions! We are so blessed to live where we do, and have such a loving and caring community that is really trying to make the best of the situation! Thank you teachers and School Board of School District 25!! Let’s make it a Great School Year! ☀️📚 @misscarleejoy @gmoney_6767 #backtoschool #backtoschool2020 #raisingteensntoddlers #coparentinglife #2020schoolyear

Something that brings me so much happiness . . . feeding my birds and listening to their songs. 🐦 🎶 What are you doing to keep you calm, escape the noise and chaos in the world?

“Stop and smell the flowers... but how?” Making a huge effort to start making time for myself. Anyone else struggle with this? I’ve talked about this before, balancing what my personal needs are vs serving others is a really big struggle of mine. I love to please others, and am a “yes” person. When someone needs me, I always try to help. Somehow, thru some podcasts/blogs/books...I am going to find some balance between taking care of myself and serving others, and not feel guilty. Let myself get my health and some control back. Any suggestions or ways you balance it all, I would love to hear advice on how you do it..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #selfcare #lifelessons #lifegoals #serviceandselfcare #healthjourney #selfcarefirst #motherhoodjourney #simplify #gigipip #thehatswewear @gigipip @spanx #spanx @americaneagle #motherdaughterday #bestfriendship #lilacseason #lilacs #lilacflowers #idaho #idaholiving #tsils61220

🌸🌟 End of May Giveaway! 🌟🌸 ***Giveaway is Closed! Congratulations to @brittanys2521 !! Thank you for all the tags and sharing on your stories! We can’t wait to see you in your new pj set! 🌸***** I have teamed up with @emiandkaypjs and we are Giving Away this Classic Sleep Shirt to one lucky winner! Yes!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳 My daughter and I love @emiandkaypjs! These Sleep Shirts are so soft, comfy, lightweight, have pockets, and provide the right amount of coverage! We also love their jogger sets, and well....everything they have!! I’ll be sharing more of their cute sleepwear and loungewear on my stories all week! 😉💗 It’s easy to enter! Follow me @lifewithamandahope Follow @emiandkaypjs Tag a friend who you know will love these pj’s! One tag per comment! Each tag counts as an additional entry. Share on stories for an additional 3 entries! Help me spread the word about this wonderful mother/daughter company! The giveaway will run thru the end of the week! So until Friday, May 29, at noon MST! The winner will be announced that afternoon! Good Luck Beautiful People!!

Me as a Gemini! ♊️ Trying to balance my different personalities and all my emotions! If you are a Gemini you totally understand. 😘 Trials and/or circumstances that others handle with grace are like small stepping stones across a tiny creek. For me they feel like these same small stepping stones are huge scary boulders that I’m tip-toeing across a giant river. It’s hard, scary, and the unknown is exhausting. Life has felt a lot like that for me lately. Nothing is really wrong. But I feel like I’m not balanced very well. I am blaming it on being a Gemini. 😉 Any one else ever feel this way? Do you believe your Zodiac sign reflects your personality traits? “While they tend to have many different moods, feelings, and personalities at the same time, Gemini’s will often feel like there is a missing piece of themselves. They dream to experience everything the world has to offer and will make excellent company because of their fun and versatile company.” Outfit: @albionfit #albionfit Hat: @gigipip #gigipip #thehatswewear Shoes: @sam_edelman #samedelman #geminiwoman #geminiseason #jumpsuitstyle #idaho #momlifebalance

If you often find yourself comparing yourself to others...stop it right now!! 🙅🏼‍♀️I know, it’s so hard. I am personally the worst at this! “If only I had her body, her hair, her skin, her creativity, her family, her talents, her personality. If only I lived there. I wish I could travel as much as her. Or my house looked like that.” 🤯🤯🤯🤯We Have To Stop!!! We are all beautiful in our own way! We all have our own strengths and weaknesses! And it’s time we start accepting ourselves for Everything we Are!!!! 🌸 “Let Your Soul Bloom with the Blossoms!🌸 Tell me, what is one thing you love about yourself!? ✏️⬇️ Something I love about myself, is I feel like I can connect with others easily and always find common ground. ☀️ ~~~~~~~~~~~

“Ride the Path YOU CHOOSE and LOVE!” Riding thru the seasons of our lives. 🌱💭 Like so many of you, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Like riding a bike....we start off thinking we know how to ride. Eventually we get braver and go off on an unknown path that leads to new territory. Sometimes we find ourselves going uphill and pedaling harder than we ever imagined. It brings sweat and tears and more exhaustion than enjoyment. We learn that the trail we chose, or found ourselves on, was not one we enjoyed. And like a change in careers, divorce, marriage, death, infertility, or an illness etc. We have the choice to change our mindset. Switch gears, and chose another path! It will take a lot of navigating to find a new routine and one we can ride with enjoyment. Even then, we will find ourselves coasting along, and out of the blue, end up with a flat tire. It takes time to repair. Take a break. Ask for help. Re assess the situation. Get a tune-up! Whatever we need. And then.... get back out there!!! Nothing is certain in this life. Things will constantly be changing as we age and as our thoughts and views transform. But the best thing about life, like riding a bike, when we get’s only temporary. Say yes to new trails! Ride with the people that make you happy!! Switch gears when things get hard. And Ride the Path YOU Choose and Love!! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Right now I’m riding my new path of happiness with my Red Aspen Beauty Business, my family, planting and working in the yard, and riding into this next phase of my life! Loving all my new social media friends! ☀️🌸 What path are you riding on? Or is it time for you to switch gears? What can I do to help you? I really want to know....tell me below! ⬇️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CODES FOR EVERYTHING I’M WEARING IN MY LINKTREE IN MY BIO! 😉 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #liketkit #LTKMothersDay #LTKfamily #LTKunder50 Shop your screenshot of this pic with the shopping app #liketoknowitstyle #redaspenlove #redaspenbrandambassador #lookonthebrightside #ridingistheanswer @frontdoorfashion

Choosing to look on the brighter side today! ☀️🍊 I would of never picked out a bright orange top for myself, but thanks to my @frontdoorfashion stylist...she is helping me try new things! I’m starting to see how the colors we wear affect and reflect our mood for the day! Orange definitely is giving me more energy and happiness! If you want to try @frontdoorfashion can set your budget, and work with someone amazing...there is $50 credit link for you in my LinkTree Link in my bio. No obligation & Free Returns! By far my favorite styling service. Love trying on full outfits from home, and trying things more flattering to my body type from a professional stylist! Here’s to a great sunny day! 🍊🥂 #liketkit #LTKfamily #LTKspring Shop your screenshot of this pic with the shopping app @frontdoorfashion @gigipip #frontdoorfashion #springtime #orangecrush #colorinspiration #idahome #gigipip #thehatswewear #momlifestyle #springinidaho

From “nightgown” to “around the town gown” 😉😆I crack myself up! 🤓🤣 I mean, how many clothes can you actually wear so many ways!? PSA: This grey @emiandkaypjs nightgown is 20% off thru this Saturday, April 18th...with code “STAYATHOME” You’re Welcome!! 😘 #leisurewear #nightgowndress #emiandkaypjs #emiandkayboutique #casualfashion #momshelpingmoms

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