Lexington Brewer

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Hi! I’m Lexington — I’m a mama to mila dot🌿 married to my sophomore prom date and a lover of fashion, food + family time! I was a retail store manager for 8 years before becoming a stay at home mom/influencer. I love trying new things and spreading the word of companies I love! living in salt lake city, utah 💌: allthingslexingtonblog@gmail.com

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one thing I do at every dr appt with my girls is take a picture with them 💓 it’s so fun to swipe back and see them grow. my sweet juliette is 18 months old — time for a little update! YOU: officially a year and a half old - weighing in at 25 lbs (76%) + 34 inches (96%). major mama’s girl. eat food like it’s your day job. run to the table the second you wake up — ready to eat breakfast. are frequently found in the pantry helping yourself to a snack. get a kick out of pouring water on people. got a nice little rat tail growing in. love to chase your sister (and pull her hair 😬). are our little daredevil — jumping off beds, couches, ottomans, etc. excited when mom does your hair. obsessed with brushing your teeth and requesting “more” toothpaste. hold your own when it comes to wrestling with ayour sister. can be the cuddliest girl. very self sufficient — grabbing cups when you want a drink and utensils when it’s time to eat. like listening to songs and do all the actions to the songs: wheels on the bus, baby shark, open/shut them, hello hello and more! known to be a food stealer — if your food is almost gone you steal food off mila’s plate. give the best (open mouth) kisses. run full speed to give big hugs. carrying around babies and stuffed animals all day long. going nonstop 24/7 365 days a year. my girly girl. pretend to do your makeup, brush your hair, talk on the phone and sleep (with a fake little snore included hahah). throw your trash away. feed your babies, pat their back and say "shh" with your finger up to your mouth when you put them to sleep. push your stroller and shopping cart around frequently. the biggest helper unloading the dishwasher with mom. love to balance things on your head. unload all the drawers. very particular on tv — basically only like watching miss rachel and monster inc. shut us out of your room with a big grin saying “bye!”. putting your hand down your diaper when it’s dirty (SICK). dress yourself up — the other day I had to take 9 layers of clothes off you haha. follow directions and understand 99% of what we say. getting so so big that my heart can’t take it 🥹 #brewerprojectyouandme

fun + easy color reveal using everything you most likely already have on hand: • muffin tray • food coloring • white vinegar • baking soda mila and jules loved this activity today! it was so fun guessing what color we were going to reveal next! tag me @lexingtonbrewer if you try it! #toddleractivities #toddleractivity #colorreveal #easytoddleractivity #easyactivities #lessscreentime #montessoritoddlerhood #montessoritoddlers #toddleractivityidea #toddleractivitiesathome

santa visit 2022 — gosh I’ve always wanted the classic kid screaming photo + we finally got it 😂🎅🏼 mila was so happy to see santa this year! when we left she said “I love him!!!”

I picked up some @CrabClassic from my local smith’s to make this delicious crab cheese ball — this would be perfect to take to your next holiday party! I love using crab classic because it’s ‘real seafood’ made with #wildalaskapollock, easily replaces more expensive seafood in most recipes AND is a healthy option. #surimiseafood #crabclassic #ad INGREDIENTS: 6 oz crab classic 8 oz cream cheese 1T sour cream 2T mayonnaise 1/2 cup sharp cheddar cheese Green onions Seasonings (onion powder, dill weed, salt + pepper) DIRECTIONS: Grab a bowl and combine 6 oz shredded crab classic, room temp cream cheese, mayo, sharp cheddar, 1/4 cup sliced green onions and seasonings (to taste). Mix!! Place some plastic wrap on your counter and sprinkle more sliced green onions on it. Put your crab/cheese mixture right on top of the green onions and pull up the sides of the plastic wrap to form a ball. When ready to serve, place crab cheese ball on your serving dish and serve with crackers, vegetables, bread slices, etc. ENJOY! #partydip #cheeseball #appetizerideas #christmasfoodideas #cheeseballs #easyappetizers

so proud of this tiny dancer 🥹 mila had her first (mini) recital at her dance studio today + did so good. I literally wanted to start bawling when she was actually performing bc I was so dang proud of her 🥲 ⬅️ swipe to see her dance!

clearing the shelves at @target of all the @spoonfulone organic snacks!! If your kids are anything like mine (I’m looking at you Juliette!) — they snack ALL day long! I recently found out about SpoonfulONE and love the concept behind their snacks. Every bite of @spoonfulone includes 16 foods associated with over 90% of food allergies to help train your baby's belly to just see food as food and help stop a food allergy before it starts! it’s definitely a snack I feel confident giving jules! It's made with certified organic ingredients + no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives AND it’s juliette + mama approved! #ThrivingTummies #SpoonfulONEPartner

simply earth october essential oil subscription box

Simply Earth has a monthly essential oil subscription service. Each box is $100+ value compared to the big essential oil companies and only costs you $40. They make it so easy to master new essential oils each month with fun and effective recipes, delivered right to your door! I fell in love with Simply Earth for lots of reasons: ethically sourced, each bottle is third-party tested to ensure 100% purity, their oils are ethically harvested from smaller, family-owned farms and lastly, Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits towards ending human trafficking.

natural home with simply earth

• 6 fun new recipes, and all the extras you need to make them free big bonus box your first month you subscribe – what you get: If you are new to essential oils, like me, Simply Earth has a monthly essential oil subscription service. I fell in love with Simply Earth for lots of reasons: ethically sourced, each bottle is third-party tested to ensure 100% purity, their oils are ethically harvested from smaller, family-owned farms and lastly, Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits towards ending human trafficking. when you subscribe for the first time using my code (LEXINGTONFREE) you will receive a $40 gift card with your initial subscription box and bonus box.

ultimate list of baby must haves

summer bath seat: I put out a SOS on my instagram because Mila was getting increasingly mobile in her baby bath. We get Mila in the bath every single night as part of her bath tub routine — she has this little sheep robe that is extra absorbent. We found a different use for it and now use it as a little cushion for Mila on during tummy time. portable sound machine: Mila goes to bed with white noise each night.

one pot italian chicken pasta

This creamy italian chicken pasta is made up of cream cheese, Italian dressing mix, and cream of chicken soup. Add the chicken broth, water and pasta to the Instant Pot. Pour the cream of chicken soup on top of the pasta. Cut the cream cheese block into chunks and set onto of the pasta in the Instant Pot.

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