Cassandra Schmigotzki

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On the journey to improve my overall health and wellness, I lost 110 lbs and uncovered my passion and purpose of living.

Location Indianapolis, Indiana Midwest
Country United States of America
Member Since DECEMBER 18, 2018
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🍃 October comes on Tuesday and that means it's the last quarter of the year. When you travel these 3 months, what type of destination 🗺️ do you visit the most often? 🏖️ Beach 🗻 Mountain 🌳 Forest 🏙️ City 🚢 Cruise ⛷️ Ski . . . #falltravel #wintertravel #autumn #winter #October #November #December #chooseyourdestination #chooseyouradventure #vacation #travel #vacationmode #vacationplsnner #vacationideas #traveldeals #travelplanning #fallvacation #fallbreak #tripplanning #wintertrip #travelplans #travelideas

Reduce Screen Time & Improve Health When Working at a Computer All Day

It sounds like an impossible task, but there are a few ideas you can call upon that will keep your eyes away from a screen: Templates are pre-structured formats that you fill in to create specific documents. No matter where you work, templates help you get through your tasks a lot quicker, reducing screen time. See, it is possible to reduce your screen time and improve health when working at a computer all day. These glasses block out the harmful light given off by computer screens, which further prevents any of the bad health issues.

Are you ready for some football? Don't miss the Indianapolis @colts take on the Tampa Bay @buccaneers in December! Enjoy 3 nights in Orlando, FL, 2 tickets to see the Colts play the Bucs, transportation and more! Link in profile. HOTEL: 1 Bedroom at the Westgate Town Center includes personal concierge services, a VIP welcome party complete with dinner, open bar, an entertaining DJ, and prizes. GAME DAY: Ride 🚐 to Raymond James Stadium where you’ll be seated in section 200. Enjoy a pre-game tailgate experience that includes unlimited food, bottled water, and soda plus vouchers for beer and wine. . . . #football #Orlando #Florida #Indianapolis #IndianapolisColts #tailgate #minivacation #getaway #travel #traveldeals #WestgateResorts #gocolts #coltsnation #NFL

Advice For Taking Better Care Of Yourself & Feeling Your Best

One piece of advice for taking better care of yourself and feeling your best is to commit to getting more daily movement. It’s in your best interest to attend to your health matters promptly as one way to take better care of yourself. Another piece of advice for taking better care of yourself and feeling your best is to make sleep a priority. Your mental health matters a great deal when it comes to you taking better care of yourself and feeling your best.

Thanks to @socialnature I've been trying out some toothpaste from @radius_usa that's free of a bunch of junk found in certain famous brands. The taste is excellent as none of the ingredients are overpowering. It's just been difficult to squeeze out the paste and sometimes the liquid drips out as soon as the lid is opened. . . . #trynatural #gotitfree #toothpaste #coconutoil #mint #aloe #neem #madeinusa #choosewomen

4 Effective Ways To Reboot Your Body

All too often, we want our bodies to look and feel the way they did 20 years ago without acknowledging the wear and damage that we’ve inflicted on them. Years of eating the wrong foods, drinking too little water and too much alcohol, smoking or taking illicit substances can take their toll on our bodies. While it may seem extreme to many, a 3 day fast is a fantastic way to give your digestive tract a rest, use the energy you’ve been storing as fat reserves, increase your energy and make your body’s insulin response more efficient. It’s also a great way to feel like you’ve turned a page and gotten a new fresh start.

Any @barrymanilowofficial fans out there? Head to Vegas next weekend or one of two weekends in October to catch this legend in concert. For only $299 you get a pair of tickets to see Barry and stay for 3 nights at the @westgatevegas . This amazing concert getaway also includes a VIP check-in, welcome party with dinner, open bar, DJ and prizes, personal concierge service and a late check-out on your final day! Click on the link in our profile to grab this opportunity. What is your favorite Manilow song? Copacabana is probably mine. . . . #barrymanilow #barrymanilowvegas #barrymanilowconcert #LasVegas #Nevada #getaway #concertgetaway #minivacation #travel #traveldeals #WestgateResorts

How to Improve Your Emotional Self Care

When people think of self-care, they often think of face masks, baking cookies, and manicures, but emotional self-care goes a lot deeper. Addressing and determining what it is that you are feeling is the crucial first step, as well as allowing yourself to fully feel the emotions that you are currently experiencing. If it's negative, make a conscious effort to use more positive language via positive self affirmations and treat yourself how you would want others to treat you. When you treat yourself with the respect that you deserve, setting boundaries, saying no, and putting yourself first will become more natural, leading to overall better emotional self-care.

Tonight come dance with @jasmine0587 at @irsayfamilymca 6:30-7:15 pm. I'll be there following along doing low impact modifications on the fly. . . . #BollyX #BollyXLIT #TheBollywoodWorkout #dancefitness #cardiodance #dancecardio #Indianapolis #BrandNewMe #wellnesscoach #healthyliving #ChooseSelfLove #TheFitpreneurLife #StrongGirlNation #IndyFitness #IndyCoach #FitIndy #happynhealthyjetsetter #thisis40 #fitat40 #40isthenew30 #weightlossjourney #fitfam #fitchick #fitmom #EmbraceYourStretchMarks #fitbloggroup #HealthyLivingCommunity

Yesterday morning I ran through the pair of songs 3x. I'm inching closer to performing them the way I want. When I turn off the music at the Y (~9:55pm) I turn on a meditation app while I'm wrapping up the clean up. I continue listening on the way home. Last night I listened to the 9 Days Manifestation program on the @changeyourenergy Brain Recharge app. Does it defeat the purpose of a meditation app if you're working while listening? Possibly. But it works for me. It helps me to be more relaxed heading home after the weight of the long day. . . . #latergram #meditation #meditationapp #brainrechargeapp #BollyX #BollyXLIT #choreography #TheBollywoodWorkout #BrandNewMe #wellnesscoach #healthyliving #ChooseSelfLove #TheFitpreneurLife #StrongGirlNation #IndyFitness #IndyCoach #FitIndy #happynhealthyjetsetter #thisis40 #fitat40 #40isthenew30 #weightlossjourney #fitfam #fitchick #fitmom #EmbraceYourStretchMarks #fitbloggroup #HealthyLivingCommunity

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