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Southern Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | 📍#Atlanta 💌|

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Chill Sunday mornings 🕯️☕️ #wellness #minivlog #morning #morningroutine #selfcare #selfcareroutine #healthylifestyle #slowmornings

Happy Friday Girlies 🫶🏽

Dark mode always 🌙🌑✨

Day in my life living in Atlanta: Sunday edition. #dayinthelife #citygirl #sundayroutine #sundayvibes

Sis, you need SHAPEWEAR from leonisausa 🙊🙈🙉 Use code ‘ LAUREN’ for 25% off your purchase. #leonisa #leonisashapewear #shapewear #shapewears


Here are 10 of Georgia’s most Instagram worthy places in Atlanta to check out for your high engagement Instagram content. Piedmont Park is an urban park located here in Atlanta, Georgia, about 1 mile northeast of Downtown, between the Midtown and Virginia Highland neighborhoods. Located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street in Midtown, in Atlanta art district the Atlanta High Museum is one of the nation’s leading art museums in the Southeast. 10 of Georgia’s most Instagram worthy places in Atlanta to check out for your high engagement Instagram content.

Happy Birthday To Me: Here's To Year 28 -

Year 27 flew by so quickly that I’ve hardly had a second to really reassess, and think what I’ve accomplished and lived through from last February until this February. So I guess let’s take a second right now to do that and to jump back to this time last year when I spent my birthday weekend at Yard House with my girls here in Atlanta. Wishing that I would’ve started back in 2016, but hey I can’t spend to much time on should’ve would’ve could’ve. Lately, I have been having the crazy thoughts about getting older and the passage of time really scared me in my twenties, but as I live out my 20’s I’m learning to trust God more and more with every little part of me.

My Morning Routine: My Essentials To Getting My Day Started

These gummies are the newest addition to my daytime routine, I have been taking the probiotic gummies for 2 months now and I have surely seen a change in my body as a woman. During these long winter months, my bones and joints can start to get stiff and cause pain, but with OLLY Sunny D my bones have started to strengthen. If your body is in the wrong position overnight can also cause so body pain. My favorite artists to listen to in the mornings are artists like Beyoncé, Usher, Pharell, Whitney Houston, and Micheal Jackson.

My Luxury Wishlist For Winter

My passion for all things luxury is one I attained as a little girl! “Just because it’s expensive that doesn’t mean it looks good, and just because it’s cheap that doesn’t mean it looks bad!” though I wish I could have every little high-end item I see, I love creating a wishlist with Pinterest boards to keep track of things I’m wishing and praying over to keep me in line with my goals and spending! but like I said before making a wishlist can help you stay focus and motivated on the things you really want and can keep you from recklessly spending money on the current wants.

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