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If you’re anything like us, quarantine means you’re snacking all day, every day. @chomps shared with us how they changed the ethical game in the meat snack industry using #influencermarketing. Link in bio!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #influencers #food #jerky #marketing #snacks #snacking #quarantine #podcast #influencermarketingpodcast #influencerpodcast

New Member Spotlight: Home Decor Influencers

Piecing together unique spaces in apartments, traditional homes, and even log cabins is the day-to-day grind for these home decor influencers. Breakfast tables adorned with woven mats, shelves filled with elegant trinkets, and a rustic dresser at the foot of her Lull bed all work together to create a classic country vibe. Whether it’s decor staples like Bed Bath & Beyond or online powerhouses like Wayfair, this interior decor expert uses all of the best brands to make her house look like it belongs in a magazine. This green-thumbed interior designer posts DIY home decor tricks that allow a glimpse into her Bay Area lifestyle.

When an influencer partner loves a brand and it resonates with their audience, they’ll go above and beyond. The result? 50% more sales. Check out our latest podcast interview featuring @cjnetwork. Link in bio! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #influencermarketing #affiliatemarketing #affiliate #marketingpodcast #podcast #influencermarketingpodcast #cjaffiliate

New Member Spotlight: Latin American Influencers

Thanks to Perlu’s Latin American Travel Advisor, Nicolas Ierino, hundreds of influencers from South America have found a new home on Perlu. Coming from countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, and more, these Latin American globetrotters are dedicated to showing their audiences the world, one post at a time! This traveling photographer spends his time capturing the sidestreets of Stockholm, charming beachside motels in Australia, and thunderstorms over the Sahara Desert. This traveling duo spends their days bouncing from country to country to share their favorite tips with their followers.

Woof woof! These pups are here to tell you that not all influencers are human. These doggies are partnering with brands and getting their hoomans to spoil them with their cuteness. @vincecincy is quite the model in hats, bow ties, and glasses @thesavageremington is a working service dog spoiled with subscription boxes @charlottewithdogs takes Starsky on adventures around Colorado @boomer_the_landcloud is the fluffiest pup wandering the streets of Los Angeles @puppies.n.pinot are three pups living the life with their wine-loving mama . . . #influencer #influencers #influencermarketing #influencerswanted #adoptdontshop #whorescuedwho #whoreallyrescuedwho #dogmom #dogsofinstaworld #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #weeklyfluff #dogsofbark #woof

New Member Spotlight: Pregnant Influencers

Perlu’s mommas-to-be are sharing their journeys through Instagram and their personal blogs, and their content inspires women who are on the same path. Through luxurious bubble baths and trips to the beach, Christie has made sure to share different methods towards taking care of your mental health during quarantine. Alice’s life of adventure includes traveling to places like Ireland, Disney, and the Bahamas with her family. Whether they are a new mom or a motherhood veteran, one thing is for sure: these pregnant influencers on Perlu really know how to forge wonderful relationships with their audiences.

Craving some new recipes to inspire your kitchen routine? These foodie influencers have got you covered! Time to go spice up your own feeds - remember that the camera eats first! @peanutbutterandjillybeans is all about vegan and gluten-free finds @yalla.letseat focuses on delicious, flavorful dishes @everylastbite_ shares keto, paleo, and whole30 recipes @thekozy_kitchen teaches cooking techniques with bold flavors @the_starving_actor shares her love of food and a healthy lifestyle . . . #influencers #influencerwanted #influencerswanted #influencermarketing #socialmediainfluencer #socialmediamarketing #foodies #foodiesofinstagram #cameraeatsfirst #glutenfree #keto #paleo #whole30 #vegan #instafood #instafoodie

Alcohol Brands That Live Up to the Buzz on Perlu

They use pure Carpathian mountain spring water to distill their refined spirits, and their fresh, golden wheat thrives in the fertile soil that the area has to offer. Elegant garnishes, magnificent mixers, splashes of color, and fresh fruit all unite to embody the Snake Oil Cocktail Company’s luxurious alcoholic beverages. According to their website, Vale Fox Distillery continuously “leverages five centuries of traditional distilling know-how, while fearlessly probing and pushing the envelope to enhance its customers’ drinking experience. A couple of ways to enjoy this product are sipping it straight to “savor” the flavor and crafting tasty mixed drinks at home.

The Perlu community is FULL of incredible influencers in all different niches. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight some of our favorites! This group creates some of the best content around food, family, makeup, travel, lifestyle, cocktails, and fitness. Check them out for yourself! @belardtheworld is a travel junkie based in Singapore showcases fitness and workout routines @houseandhens will inspire you to redesign your home @cocktailsbyhawk creates killer cocktails @stylesweetdaily bakes masterpieces in her kitchen @hellolouisep shared photos of her adorable family @kaylasukert is a make-up queen and full of style @adailysomething highlights slow living and inspiration @bunbobaeblog takes incredible food photos . . . #influencers #influencerswanted #influencermarketing #socialmediainfluencer #socialmediainfluencers #bloggers #bloggerswanted #instainfluencer #foodstagram #ootd #spotlight

There’s a whole world out there to explore, and these Perlu influencers are making the most of it! Check them out to see where their latest adventures are taking them. Mountain peaks? Beaches? Deep forests? Inspire your next excursion through their photos. @back.road.ramblers is chasing waterfalls and cozying up by campfires @ivy.and.sierra showcases the hiking adventures of Arianna and her pups @downwithadventure advocates for Down syndrome while trekking through state parks @bluemountainbel highlights the gorgeous landscapes of Colorado @nckstagram uses his photography skills to share his perspective of the world . . . #influencers #influencerwanted #influencerswanted #influencermarketing #socialmediainfluencer #socialmediamarketing #outdoors #exploremore #getoutdoors #natuee #hiking #hikingadventures #hikersofinstagram

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