Clarrisa Lee

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Hi! I'm a lifestyle blogger that is using my influence to empower women to learn, grow, and succeed in life. I'm a recovering procrastinator/perfectionist, and I'm working to get myself out of massive debt while building my own business on the side. I'm also a full time Career Specialist by day. I'm looking to meet like minded women and work together to grow our brands and help each other accomplish our individual goals.

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The 5 Best Valentine Craft Ideas for 2021

I know it’s overhyped and too commercialized, but I love doing crafts and coming up with ideas for giving presents to my husband and decorating our home. n’t want to find some type of garland to create. and I think it’s time for an update on my Valentine’s wreath, and this may just do the trick! You’ll need some yarn and then a little patience, then you’ll just need to decide where you want to hang them!

21 Top Blogging Trends and Predictions for 2021

If you’re working on or planning your content for the upcoming twelve months, you’re going to want to read this post FULLY, because (as of now) these are the trends that you should be considering in your content plan. Trust me, when you don’t create goals or milestones, you don’t feel like you’re achieving anything, and you feel like you’re driving nowhere! Another blogging trend that can really help make your blog stand out, and make your posts easier to read, is to include interactive content. Evergreen content is stuff your audience will find value in for many years, whereas trending content is what might only be relevant today or next month, but maybe not next year.

9 Valuable Tips You Need for Successful Selling on Poshmark

You just want to get on the App and be sure to Share your applicable items during the parties, to increase your chances of selling your items. I try to list new items every week, but sometimes I will try to list at least one new item every day, if I have the time. To be successful on Poshmark you’re going to want to make sure that items you sell are received well and therefore rated highly by the buyer. So once you see the items they have Liked, you’ll want to click the little + button in the middle bottom of each listing image, to add that item to the Bundle.

How to Keep Blogging After Almost Giving Up

I was too busy worrying about grocery shopping, planning meals to cook, how we’d get to doctor’s appointments, how to stay in touch with family all over the Country, and worrying about their health as well. , if you’ve let your own blogging or other personal development goals go up in smoke this year too, you should NOT FEEL BAD! To that end, I’m going to shift the plan for my blog and my writing from what I’d originally planned for this year, and going forward, my focus is going to be this: How to Be More Prepared for Whatever Comes Next! Developing additional income streams for yourself (that can weather something like what we’ve been going through), through blogging, writing on Medium, affiliate marketing, selling on Etsy and Poshmark, etc.

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