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๐Ÿš™ Living full time in RV/creating memories ๐Ÿš— Homeschooling ๐ŸŒŽ Traveling AU ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ and ๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿ… Gyming/cycling/running Facebook :@laskababytravel

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10 brutal facts about homeschooling

We met so many wonderful positive supportive parents within the homeschooling communities while educating Nick in QLD and NSW that itโ€™d be dishonest for me not to mention that. The takeaway: find homeschooling groups as soon as possible, attend every monthly gathering with your school community, join local activities at PCYC, get to know your local farmer. because: โ€ข homeschooled children are wonderful fairytale creatures never being exposed to nativeness of the outside world โ€ข homeschooled families are all Christians, therefore, following the Bibleโ€™s principles, you know: donโ€™t judge, donโ€™t disobey and so forth Special kids parents have โ€œbeen there done itโ€, consequently theyโ€™d stick up for your special needs kids just like they would for their own Unfortunately, those problems do exist within homeschool communities.

20 off-the-beaten-track things to do in Brisbane

Cnr Stanley & Sidon Streets, South Brisbane, beneath the Goodwill Bridge in the South Bank Parklands Getting there: by train to Southbank station, by car, ferry from CBD Entrance: FREE ( to the bridge, the museum entry ticket is $16 per adult) Getting there: by car or Uber Parking: designated parking on-premises and in the adjacent Underwood park Golf Central is a short distance from the airport and an all-year-round place to visit due to Brisbane weather being perfect 99% of the time. Getting there: 7 km West from CBD by car or Uber Parking: designated parking lot or around the streets In the heart of Brisbaneโ€™s cultural hub, Southbank precinct, an open-air creative place is known as Flowstate welcomes visitors daily. Read my Local guide on visiting Coochie here Getting there: passengers ferry or car barge from Victoria Point Jetty Price for a passenger jetty: $5 for a child and $10 for an adult return ticket Price for car barge: refer to their website Parking: FREE car park at the jetty and on the island 18.

A day trip from Brisbane to Coochiemudlo Island

Situated in Moreton Bay, 35 km from the CBD and just a 10-minute ferry ride from Victoria Point, Coochie Coochie makes a perfect Brisbane beach. The Coochie passenger ferry operates all year round, every day from 5 am till late night and departs every half hour. What to bring with you for a day For your day trip to this beautiful Moreton Bay Island, Iโ€™d advise packing only essentials. Anything for swimming or playing: body boards, floaties, water balls, sand buckets โ€ข or umbrella ( not necessary, there are trees everywhere but helps if you have a number of people or kids with you ) Iโ€™m an early morning person, to me earlier the better, get it over and done with a type of a girl.

10 easy ways to save money living full time on the road

Before the transition from a house to a road living, I havenโ€™t heard or read much about the full time living in a house on wheels. The best way to get FREE gym workout is to visit every gym in the area signing up for their FREE passes: some offer a day, some a week, some a month for a dollar a day. Itโ€™s like walking into a museum where you feel yourself reach because you have a couple of $$ in a pocket Of course, the tips you have just read arenโ€™t the only ways to save money and arenโ€™t only living on the road saving tips, they can be applied to regular life, regardless.

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