Lydia, Labor With Love

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✨Birth Doula ✨Future OBGYN • Black Health | Women Health | Sexual Health •For business inquires👇

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WHERE THERE ARE CHILDREN, THERE ARE WOMEN. The way you treat the children of your society is directly linked to the way you treat women. I notice amongst some "feminist" circles there is anti-children rhetoric. I urge you to pause and think about what that means. I urge you to think about what comes along with being anti-children. In most instances, who is with a child? A woman. When you speak about excluding children from spaces you are excluding women who don't have the social support to have separate childcare. Who don't have the financial ability to pay for childcare. Who don't have the time to coordinate and facilitate childcare. Who are breastfeeding, have anxiety, or are dealing with anything. Who don't WANT to have to be separated from their children. There is capacity for adult-only spaces, but be intentional and conscientious about WHY this space is adult-only. What is that intention rooted in? I'm encouraging you to think next time you are quick to judge a mother, aunty, big sister, who has a baby on her hip in a public space. Why should you give a fuck about children? Because when you don't, you're letting women know you don't give a fuck about them either. What are your thoughts? Do you agree, do you disagree? Be respectful. #laborwithlove #intersectionalfeminism #blackmotherhood #beingamother #familysafespace #blackmamasmatter #blackwomenshealth #protectblackmothers #protectblackchildren

🔥💧🌱🌬️ for my menstrual cycle🫶🏽 My menstrual phase is the start of a new cycle. It’s the start of a new phase. It’s a refresh and a new opportunity in my life. I use this time to shed everything I have been harboring and carrying with me that I’m not meant to. I release those things because everything that has been building in my uterus all month is also being shed. Out with the old to make room the new🫶🏽 your cycle is more than just shedding blood. I was inspired by my friend, @nosuchthingastmi , to take my tweets and bring them over here because Lord knows i be talking to myself on Twitter💀 Go follow her for all things pelvic floor! #cyclesyncing #menstrualhealth #menstrualcycleawareness #menstrualphase

Perineal Massage Q&A #perinealmassage #perinealtear #perineum #labortips #birthprep #blackdoula #blackbirthdoula

5 THINGS WE ARE BRINGING INTO 2023 Everybody talked about what they are LEAVING in 2023, but what about the incredible things you did in 2022? Let’s celebrate and embrace those! 1. Exploring new places: not just that, but exploring with different people too! Don’t travel with the same people every time and sometimes, travel alone! (Safely of course) 2. Loving out loud: because we do not hear it enough and we can set the tone, by loving everyone in our hearts OUT LOUD! That hug, kiss, “I love you”, phone call, candy picked up at check out MEAN THE WORLD to someone🫶🏽 3. Sharing your knowledge: even if you think you know nothing I promise you do. You hold unique wisdom that can benefit those around you! That’s why I created this page! 4. Laughing every day: I remember a wise woman said to me the three things you have to do every day to live a happy life is: Sing, dance, and LAUGH! I took that to heart and do all three everyday even if just for a moment😌 5. Appreciate your community: this is one I need to work on and strengthen because I have an incredible community! My doula community, my family, my friends, my people are my community & appreciate everything person in it. If you’re reading this you are my community and I appreciate you🤎 What will you bring into 2023? #blackgirlmotivation #blackgirltherapy #blacksisterhood #blackwomenshealth #blackwomanmagic

✨HOW TO CLEAN YOUR VULVA✨ ✨WHAT ARE WE USING?🤔 - a wash cloth - your CLEAN hands - water ✨WHAT EXACTLY ARE WE CLEANING? - your external genitalia aka your vulva! Your outer lips, the fold between your outer and inner lips, and under your clitoral hood. I clean under my hood because I’m really able to make sure there’s no buildup in that crevice and also make sure water is getting in there and on my urethra! ✨WHY NOT SOAP? - because it can do more harm than good on the sensitive skin of your vulva! There are many soaps out there that cater to vulvas and I’ve used quite a few myself! If I feel like water isn’t getting the job done I’ll use some sensitive skin @dove bar soap, what you use is ultimately your preference, but scent-less is the way to go! ✨WHY NOT CLEAN INSIDE? - Because I’m not in the business of stealing jobs!! Miss Gina knows what she’s doing all on her OWN, okay? She’s self-cleaning! 👏🏾 S/o to for this AMAZING vulva puppet Can I get some claps in the comments for MISS GINA?!🤎✨👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #laborwithlove #vulva #vagina #sexualhealth #vaginalhealth #vaginalhealthtips #prettykitty #cleanvagina #wap #punani #femalesexualdysfunction #femaleempowerment #menstrualcycle #vaginahealth #vaginacare #vaginalwash #vulvalove #pussypower #blackwomenshealth #sexeducation #justgirlythings #girlproblems #blackgirlproblems

2023 IS COMINGGGGG This one is for my folks who have their babies on their hip & not in their womb. I need y’all to let go of the hurt, guilt, and shame that may or may not be weighing on you. The new year can be the refresh you need to release yourself from these thoughts that are cluttering your mind. It is hard enough being a whole human that has to take care of themself, but on top of that you got a whole other human too! And if you’re in a relationship you’re spending time and energy on that too! And if you got a job you spending time on that too! And if you got other kids you spending time on that too! Ok you get where I’m going with this IT IS A LOT and you constantly carrying negativity in your mind is not helping! Let that shit go, sis!! #pregnancybrain #mombrain #blackmaternalhealth #postpartumdoula #mommotivation

Be a HELPING hand, not a hurtful one🫶🏽 Merry Christmas!❤️💚 #holidaymom #newmomtips #blackpostpartumdoula #blackdoula

HUGE SHOUTOUT TO DAI @delightfuldai_ for making this distinction to me on one of those unforgettable late doula phone calls many moons ago! I want to share it with you! It is important to make a distinction between a "single mom" and a "mom that is single" because these terms describe two different parenting situations, and each situation comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. A "single mom" can face unique financial and logistical challenges that a "mom that is single" may not experience. A single mom may have to work longer hours or take on additional responsibilities in order to provide for her child or children, and may not have the support of a co-parent to help with childcare and household duties. A single mom may struggle with feelings of loneliness or isolation, as she does not have a partner to share the joys and challenges of parenting with. On the other hand, a mom that is single may have the support of a co-parent, but may still face challenges related to co-parenting and communication with her partner. She may also experience difficulties in coordinating schedules and logistics with her co-parent, or may struggle with feelings of guilt or conflict about not living with her child or children. All in all, it's important to make this distinction because it allows us to better understand and support the unique experiences and challenges of mothers in different parenting situations. Whether a mother is a "single mom" or a "mom that is single", she deserves recognition and support for the hard work and dedication she puts into raising her child or children. Are you picking up what I'm putting down?? #momwhoissingle #blackpostpartumhealth #BlackEquity #singlemotherhood #postpartumdepression #blackwomenshealth #blackmotherhood #postpartumdoula #singlemother #blackpostpartum #singlemomlife #singleparent #blackmother #blackpostpartumdoula #LaborwithLove #singlemomlife

#1 LEADING CAUSE OF MATERNAL DEATH IN THE UNITED STATES IS………… HOMICIDE. You would think it would be some condition, disorder, hemorrhage, SOMETHING other than the person who is supposed to support us in those moments HURTING us. Enough is truly enough. The more we raise awareness, the more we show the world that our pregnant folks are not to be played with. As a doula, I’m making it my mission to spread this message across the globe so that everybody pregnant knows they are not alone and interpersonal violence is NEVER okay. If you can, please share this reel to your story or even repost it to your page. How do you know what to protect yourself from if you don’t even realize how much of a threat this can be? I’m sending all my love & support to IPV and DV survivors and to those who are still dealing with it today. I see you, and I’m here for you. You are strong, you are brave, and you always have me in your corner rooting for YOU🤎 Have a blessed night/day/whenever you’re seeing this🤍 #maternalmortality #interpersonalviolence #domesticviolenceadvocate #domesticviolenceawareness #blackmaternalhealth

This holiday season, let's focus on self-love and positivity, and ignore any negativity that may come our way. We are beautiful, worthy, and deserving of all the love and respect in the world. We often talk about the microaggressions we experience out in the world, but what about the ones that we experience right in our homes and from our own families? Microaggressions are subtle, often unintentional actions or statements that can be harmful and oppressive to marginalized groups. Black women, in particular, can experience a range of microaggressions from their own families. These microaggressions can be especially harmful and can have a lasting impact on Black women's mental health and well-being. It is important for families to be aware of these microaggressions and to make an effort to be more inclusive and supportive of us. This may involve actively listening to and respecting our perspectives and experiences and actively working to dismantle systems of oppression within the family. Which one of these did you NEED to hear today? #blackgirlsrock #financialhealth #blacklove #laborwithlove #blackcommunity #blackwomensmentalhealth #blackfinancesmatter #blackwomenshealth #blackfinancialfreedom #institutionalracism #communityhealth #blackequity #socialdeterminants #blackfinance #blackbirthworkers #financialstress #stressless #bwhi #BlackMentalHealth #blackholistichealth #holistichealth #blackhealth #holidayblues #microaggression #blackwomensupportingblackwomen

WHOLE GRAIN TO CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE! ❤️Heart health: Some studies have shown that whole grains may help lower the risk of heart disease by reducing cholesterol levels and improving blood pressure. This matters in a world where more than 50% of Black women (20 years & older) in America have a cardiovascular disease. 🍎Digestive health: The fiber in whole grains can help promote regular bowel movements and prevent constipation. This matters in a world where our pelvic floors need all the support they can get! 🍌Nutrient-rich: Whole grains are a good source of nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and antioxidants. All of these are essential to your overall health, but especially to your reproductive health & having a healthy menstrual cycle Whole grains are a good source of fiber, which may help reduce the risk of uterine fibroids. Fiber can help regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce the amount of estrogen in the body, which may help prevent the growth of fibroids. Whole grains are also a good source of other nutrients that are important for overall health, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Ditch the white bread, eat whole grain! It's an easy change that can make a world of difference in a world already stacked against OUR health #blackwomenshealth #LaborwithLove #blackdoula #healthyblackhair #blackwomenshealthmatters #blackgirlhealth #blackmidwife #blackhearthealth #healthyblackmothers #blackwomenshealthmovement #blackgirlfitness #healthyblackwomen #uterinefibroids #hormonehealth #blackobgyn #healthyblackgirl

when your fellow woman comes to you and asks "how do I talk to my partner in the bedroom about what I like and don't like?" you 1) think about how you've been there (and are still there) and 2) you decide make a whole post about it because who doesn't encounter this situation at some point in their life? listen, if you and your boo been getting it on like donkey kong and having incredible sex from the jump I am so happy for y'all, but for the other 99% of us, it takes time and work. after all, Rome was not built in a day and neither is the microcosm of pleasure that you create in your relationship (yeah, we're poetic n shit now). anyways, take a read, I know it's a lot, but I had a lot to say. if you're rocking with it, let me know because there is a LOT more where this came from and I want to share! What is one thing you know you need to work on when it comes to communication in the bedroom? #blackgirlsdo #sexcommunication #blacksexualhealth #blackcouple #blackrelationships #relationshipgoals #blackwomenshealth #sexeducation #blackgirltalk #pillowtalk #vaginalhealth #healthyrelationship #blacksexualhealthmatters #womenshealth #sextalk #LaborwithLove #reproductiverights #couplesadvice #sexualliberation #holistichealth #reproductivejustice #blackhealth #sexualhealth

You can reference current events and pop culture without degrading, disrespecting, and re-traumatizing a Black woman. Everybody pay attention because THIS is one of those moments where people will really show their ass in how they really feel about Black women. Fuck all that Black love, I love my Black queens, blah blah blah NO do you respect Black women or does it only extend to your momma, your sister, and the next woman you want to hit? (As in have sex with not physically hit) It’s “PROTECT BLACK WOMEN” until your fave fucked up and now it’s “she’s lying” “how do we even know fr fr” And if it’s not that deep to YOU, then keep that energy to yourself. I’ll put my energy where I am valued & LOVED & RESPECTED & BELIEVED without having to pour my trauma out on the table for you to dissect and determine if it’s worthy. Believe Black women or LEAVE US ALONE✌🏾 #laborwithlove #blackwomenshealth #gunviolence #believeblackwomen #megantheestallion #drake #blackwomenmatter #blackwomenslivesmatter #believesurvivors #believevictims #violenceagainstwomen #blacktrauma #blackgirlscanheal #blackmentalhealth #blackmentalhealthmatters #blacksisterhood #blackbirthworkers #blackcommunity

PREGNANCY TEST RESULTS ARE IN… NEGATIVE bih what you thought this was?! When you’re sexually active, not on birth control, AND your cycles are extra long… you take pregnancy tests A LOT😅 It’s the life I live & I do my best to balance the anxiety of being afraid with the relief of not being on hormonal birth control that affects me severely. I’ve taken so many pregnancy tests I have come to expect 1 line & I know I’m not ready for the day that line turns into TWO! I know one day FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR into the future I’ll be so happy and excited, but NOT TODAY😂 It’s okay to be young, and financially insecure, and enjoy sex, and not put your body through torture, and not want a baby, and not feel GUILTY (I’m still learning that one) I am on day 43 of my menstrual cycle, meaning when my last period started that was day 1 of my new cycle, that period ended about a week later and I have not gotten my period since then even though your period is supposed to start 28-35 days after your last period started. Making sense? I can go into more detail. ANYHOO, it’s hard out here for a stressed out girl with out of whack hormones and boyfriend and a LIFE that doesn’t need the stress of pregnancy scares in it! I’m sharing my story because I have a feeling I’m not the first or last to be in this boat😌 Are you at a stage in your life where you want to have a baby or are you rocking with team NEGATIVE PREGNANCY TEST with me??? Let me know in the comments👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 #pregnancytest #menstrualcycle #menstrualhealth #hormoneimbalance #blackwomenshealth

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