Kymri Wilt

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I work both sides of the camera. SAG/AFTRA. Travel Photographer/writer. Planet Earth lover. Luxury, adventure & family travel. Surf. Dogs. Cars.

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She tolerates me dance-bombing her moves. What more could a mother wish for? You’ve made motherhood so much more fun than I ever imagined, from the get go. I’m one very lucky mom. #nationaldaughterday #dontstopdancing #thatsmygirl #minimeandme

An Open Letter to Travel Industry Professionals during the Coronavirus Pandemic: True Stories & Gratitude

The travel industry, from large entities such as airlines, to small independent contractors like myself, is obviously taking a HUGE hit due to Coronavirus. As someone whose passion, work and livelihood was deeply entwined in travel, and STILL IS, I would like to share some insights gleaned from that experience almost 18 years ago when buildings collapsed and planes fell and travel halted on a day, month, year that we will NEVER FORGET. From airlines to cruise lines to tour operators to hotel chains to travel agents to small independent contractors like me, we all understand the value of relationships. , I appreciate you for having my back, for allowing small business-owners/writers/photographers/independent contractors like me a place to thrive and stay afloat when times are good; and for keeping me on your radar to consult for creative solutions when times are tough.

Sweet memories of last weekend’s Baja surf trip with @epicsurftours. Two of my fave pics by @mannyvmedia. #bajaweekender #surfergirl #surfinglife #robertaugustlongboard #bajacalifornia #bajalifestyle

An Open Letter to the American Highschool Graduating Class of 2020

Not only are schools closing and classes cancelled, but all of those special senior activities you’ve been planning for, training for, shopping for, and anticipating all year - from sporting events to school dances, spring break trips, Disneyland, Grad Night, and perhaps even a Graduation ceremony itself - POOF, vanished, just like that. I went to Planned Parenthood and talked to a woman who answered my questions and presented me with many options, one of them being information on a social services community benefit in this town that would provide free/reduced-cost pre-natal care and all related expenses through childbirth for residents in need. You are not just facing an immediate health crisis, you are also facing an environmental crisis, a humanitarian crisis, a climate of racism, hatred, bigotry, and so many other problems we have failed to address effectively to this day. For this planet, YOU are taking steps in caring about our environment - beach clean ups, recycling, home gardening, composting, choosing public transport, etc. - and you have a good understanding of how your actions and choices impact the global environment.

I’m not really sure I like this, but it is what it was. #sunsetphotography

48 Hours with a Mercedes Benz, and Why Car-Ed Made Me Do It!

Car-Ed? YES, I drove a 2019 Mercedes and While I'm not in the market for a new car, I was glad to learn that when my family and I are ready, Car-Ed is a great starting point. So I sent them both to Car-Ed to take the quiz, and asked them to screenshot and send me their top results. To be honest, Car-Ed shares credit (or blame) with my parents, who taught me to drive in a Mercedes-Benz.

Really beautiful Baja skies this evening. Sunset and crescent moon. #bajasunset #sunset_pics #sunsetphotography #crescentmoon #epicsunset #lovethisplanet

Win a Palm Springs Race & Relax Getaway at the Miramonte Resort & Spa!

The Miramonte Resort & Spa - my own desert oasis Prize is limited to one (1) night accommodations at Miramonte Resort, Indian Wells, CA with date of accommodation subject to approval by Miramonte management; one (1) breakfast for two at Miramonte Resort; one (1) half day driving instruction and hot lap package for one person at BMW Performance Center West, Thermal, CA. Miramonte Indian Wells Resort, BMW Performance Center, Visit Greater Palm Springs Area, and all other event partners assume no responsibility or liability for the administration of this contest. While there are plenty of resorts to choose from, I spent my last two Palm Springs getaways at the Miramonte Resort & Spa in Indian Wells.

Sunset series, Baja. #sunsetphotography #sunset_pics #onmexicotime #epicsurftours #bajaweekender

Celebrating #womenonwavessurfingday2020 in #bajacalifornia with @epicsurftours! #seabeauty #wow2020 #surfingfordiversity #surfingforinclusion #surfingforsolidarity #saveourseas #womenonwaves2020

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