Kathryn Rossi

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Vegan Low FODMAP Blonde ✌🏻 IBS Advocate 💪🏻 Eating Disorder Recovery 💙 Cyclestar @cyclebargatewayvillage 🚲 Disney Addict 🎢

Location Ponte Vedra, Florida United States
Country United States of America
Member Since JULY 22, 2020
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It’s wicked week! I’m actually not a huge Halloween person normally 😂 But this year I’m leaning into it. Watching cute movies, and I got the kiddos matching costumes. It’s adorable. You never knew you needed to see a 100 pound puppy in bat wings, but you do. With that being said let’s lean into the energy of the week? Let’s bring it and ENJOY! . . . If you wanna ride some not so spooky bikes with me this week I’m teaching @cyclebargatewayvillage : wed 645 am thurs 530 am and 1030 am sunday magic. 📸 @burtnaay

Mood: L.F.G.

My tiny human is almost home! So better be ready for Thursday @cyclebargatewayvillage we are coming for ya ❤️ Hearts full and caffeine levels high. Thurs 530 am dual ride @camilley18 SUNDAY MAGIC 1030am

Finally taking it slow this morning for the first time in weeks. I slept in, meditated, journaled, turned on Christmas music and now I’m eating an incredibly satisfying breakfast. Actually taking time to soak it all in. I said something class yesterday that actually keeps ringing in my own ears, wake up to what YOUR body needs. So I’m taking my own advise today 😂 I hope you carve out time today my babies. 📸 @burtnaay . . . Classes this week: wed 645am, thurs 530am, Sunday Magic 1030am @cyclebargatewayvillage

“It is only when we are tired and ready to come out of a pose, that that pose really begins for us.” This @baronbaptisteyoga quote always landed with me. Cause the second I would want to come out of warrior two it’s the second the emotions I was hiding from, well they would truly surface. I would have to make the choice to stay in the work or hide away. You get to choose everyday to put the work in. To really chip away at your coping mechanisms, to feel the emotions, to come back to your truest self. To land in that self that energizes you, gives you hope, makes you truly happy. . . . I have had a few moments of these during recovery. That I have to clearly choose to not sink back into my safety zone, to diet. But I keep choosing myself. And I know that after I choose me I feel stronger. There’s a part of IE that describes the path of reconnecting to your healthy relationship with food as an upward spiral. Cause while it’s never linear, every time we eat we get to learn and it’s brings us farther along in our journey. It’s a continuous practice. . . . Happy Friday BBs. Xoxo Kate. I love you all. 📸 @burtnaay

What a damn wild week. Anyone else? Like I feel like this whole year is a constant roller coaster. And it’s so easy to fall into an emotional rut. Well I was there yesterday. Emotional burn out! . . . It happens! Also toxic positivity happens all the time.... WHY? Your emotions are yours and valid. So give yourself the grace to know not everyday you gunna feel like super woman ok? . . . I truly think that might be my biggest take away not only from recovery but 2020, give yourself some grace. Xoxo Katie

Finding peace can be such a challenge but you can always lean into the breath. It’s the easiest way to practice meditation in my opinion. Simply listen and feel the breath rise and fall. Breathe in. Breathe out. 📸 @burtnaay

Woke up feeling a million times better. You would think that after getting sinus infections at least four times a year for as long as I can remember I would be used to them but nope. They always suck. And I cannot wait to sweat with you all later this week! . . . But before we talk about bikes that go nowhere. This week was hard with recovery. A lot my clothes don’t fit, I can’t really train the way I want to, your girl really misses heavy weights. I miss training like an athlete, as much I have been programming challenges into my home work. I miss working towards being effing strong. And then getting sick didn’t help. Oh and there’s a freaking global pandemic going on. But I had to land into yet again I don’t have to love this process right? I just have to stay in the work because I have starved my body FOR YEARS. What helps me is looking into the science. Looking at metrics of people who healed their metabolisms and all the studies behind Intuitive Eating. So I wanted to remind not only myself but you all, we never grow from being comfortable and coasting. Life’s battles, they shape us. . . . . Let’s work through the hard stuff together. I show up for all of you with all of me. Want to ride this week? Wed 645am, Thurs 530am, Sat 915am, Sun 1030am. 📸 @burtnaay

I honestly feel like I’m floating. I’m starting a wild new adventure with my girl friends (hint hint go follow @thehypesquadpodcast ) and Sunday Magic was that kinda special that you feel in your soul. I’m so grateful for this life that I curated. Don’t get me wrong it takes constant hard work. But it’s worth it ya know? . . . . Let’s keep the magic flowing all week. If you wanna ride some bikes with me this week, I would freaking love to see you. Thurs 530am Sunday Magic 1030am @cyclebargatewayvillage

Sometimes the next step is scary. But honestly the best things in life, lie just on other side of fear. 📸 @burtnaay . . . Let’s connect this week. Thurs 530am Sunday Magic 1030am @cyclebargatewayvillage

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