Krystian Gabrielle

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My name is krystian my wife and i are a two mom family interracial couple living in Tampa Florida with 2 kids.

My instagram focuses on bringing light and representation to families that are like mine. It is important for the world to see that love makes a family and that we are a family just like any other. It's important for future generations to embrace this love and acceptance.

I will continue to push for all families to be treated equal while sharing my stories and life happenings with my audience.

We love sharing our story with the world.

As a Black queer woman it is so very important to me that i have a voice and more importantly, that i use it.

Location Tampa , FL
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 02, 2021
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cheers queers ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 let’s sprinkle rainbows on everyone’s feed! HAPPY PRIDE & happy birthday month to me🎈 🌈 #happypride #lgbt #lgbtq #loveislove #lgbtcommunity #lgbtpride #lesbian

jeans are like spaghetti, better the second day 💭 thoughts?

everyone talks about the psychological effects of divorce on children, but why doesn’t anyone talk about the way it can effect a parent the sleepless nights are real the disoriented days are real the depression the anxiety they say it gets easier the amount of nights i cry myself to sleep should decrease they say you get use to being away from them, but i don’t think that will ever be true for me “embrace the alone time, the breaks you finally have time for you time for myself doesn’t ease the pain, the hurt it’s going to sleep without them waking up to an empty house i miss the chaos the chaos keeps me alive it makes me feel whole the silence exposes the empty the loneliness there isn’t a second that goes by that i am not wondering what you both are doing if you’re thinking of me and hoping that you both know how much i love you i don’t think i will ever get use to this the pain and sadness of being away but i hope you both know that i am always there even when you can’t see me” love, mommy

#TidePartner there is one thing that really tugs on my heart strings and that is seeing my youngest wearing her big brothers hand me downs. not only does it bring up such warm memories, but it also saves me money!  thanks to washing in cold using @tidelaundry, hand me downs stay looking like brand new. we all know that kids can be super rough on clothing so for us, the longevity of our clothing is really important. recycling clothing also saves on waste and any way we can do that, we need to! we all do! more in the link in bio! #laundry

Puerto Vallarta PRIDE day 1.5 🌈 #pride #puertovallartapride #puertovallarta #visitpuertovallarta

check out my office space styled by @sundaysfurniture #sundayspartner i chose the Writer Desk, Tuck In Dining Chair, Feel Good Club Chair, Field Stool and Hub Ottoman to complete my space! everything i have is currently on sale for 15% off! the @sundaysfurniture Spring Sale ends May 30

felt cute, won’t delete later. channeled my inner @huntermcgrady which one is your favorite? let me guess, everyone is going to pick 10 #singlemomlife

send your thoughts, prayers, and a folding service! tap in if you can relate 🧺 #mom #momlife #laundry

this is what pregnancy looked like for me due to hyperemesis gravidarum. Hyperemrsis Gravidarum aka HG causes severe vomiting and nausea. my nausea and vomiting lasted for 9 months. hard to believe it’s possible to vomit 30+ times a day while being hooked up to a PICC line receiving anti nausea medicine and fluids 24/7, but it’s possible. i became severely anemic and needed IV infusions because i wasn’t able to take anything orally. not even a prenatal vitamin. i beat myself up daily thinking if anything was wrong with my baby it was 100% my fault. HG is a debilitating, life-threatening conditioning that isn’t taken seriously by most doctors or even known about among people. many doctors will tell you it’s in your head. this happened to me. i knew i was pregnant at 4 weeks when i became violently ill and began begging for appropriate medication. i had HG with both pregnancies, so i knew what to look for/ask for the second time around. and to think i was worse off the second time is still mind blowing to me. i wasn’t taking seriously until 7 weeks later, and at that point i was hospitalized for 5 days. HG can bring on many unwanted things: *self isolation *inability to care for yourself & others *depression *anxiety *loss of self worth *suicidal ideation and trust me i was there. the biggest help when dealing with HG is being able to openly express your feelings and those feelings being VALIDATED. this post is to spread awareness. HG has a nickname, the silent killer. to all the HG mamas out there crushing it, fighting, just trying to survive and i mean just trying to survive the day to make it to the next, i see you. i feel you. you aren’t alone. today is International HG Awareness Day so please join me and help spread awareness around HG and all the mamas fighting through it. please share ♡

there is one thing about being a mom, it’s something that can’t ever be taken away from me. and something i value more than anything in life this year is different my first Mother’s Day as a single mom my first Mother’s Day not speaking to my own mother either way, i am forever grateful for these two amazing humans that gave me the greatest title of all time, mom

#TidePartner my parents always washed clothes in hot/warm water when i was growing up. so naturally when becoming an adult, i did the same thing. but my parents also taught, “once you know better, you do better” and i now know that washing in cold water instead of hot saves up to 90% energy on average in every wash and is much better for the planet. as a mom, making sustainable choices so my children have a better future is important to me, so i have made it a priority to teach my kids about being good to our planet. #TurnToCold @tidelaundry #linkinbio

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