Krystian Gabrielle

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My name is krystian my wife and i are a two mom family interracial couple living in Tampa Florida with 2 kids.

My instagram focuses on bringing light and representation to families that are like mine. It is important for the world to see that love makes a family and that we are a family just like any other. It's important for future generations to embrace this love and acceptance.

I will continue to push for all families to be treated equal while sharing my stories and life happenings with my audience.

We love sharing our story with the world.

As a Black queer woman it is so very important to me that i have a voice and more importantly, that i use it.

Location Tampa , FL
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 02, 2021
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Black history is: rich pain joy liberation excellence me day one

your future, unknnown lost in proverbial purgatory the in-between that comes with divorce drifting through the sea of uncertainty the unknowns are happening  the unknowns are coming   feeling disconnected from life, from the world but still being present  feeling conflicted feeling remorse feeling overwhelmed with sadness its a season of moving and changing a season of adjustment a season of losing, but also gaining  a season that requires a level of hiding, but a desperate need to seek this season is hard but i can do hard things, i think

saturday but keep it simple ✌🏾 and smile when you can

it is with a heavy heart that i share that Caitlyn and i have made the very tough decision to end our marriage. although our romantic relationship has come to an end, our friendship and positive parenting together has not. cait and i have so much love for each other and of course for our kids. this decision was far from easy. but this isn’t the end of us. our family is still very much OUR FAMILY. going through something like this with two small children isn’t easy but they are our priority and they will always know two loving parents. yes, things will look a little different here, but we will continue to be a united front for our children. in this very moment to the rest of the world, it is a divorce. a separation. a time full of sadness. while it is those things to us as well, it is also a time of living our truths and trusting the process together. may we both feel empowered may we both become more self aware may we both feel fulfilled and made whole

you deserve it

do you ever stop and think about the power of love? if you dont, you should. love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. and to be able to spread love and have love travel is pretty incredible. every time we take a family trip together i get this overwhelming feeling that our love is actually traveling with us and being spread around the world. it is important for families like ours to show up and be that positive representation that is needed in the world today. #LoveTravels #MarriottPartner

one time for the parent me lugging around snack and water…share your thoughts on this! #momlife #mom #toddler #toddlerlife

if i learned anything in 2022, it is to enjoy the present and this one life we have to live. so take that trip, go on that adventure. there is one thing that my family truly enjoys doing together and that is traveling. every time we explore a new place as a family, i am able to lock in a core memory and those kinda memories are simply priceless. the importance of feeling welcomed and the feeling of belonging ranks high on our list. thank you @MarriottIntl #LoveTravels #MarriottPartner

as parents we always hope we are making the “right” choice when it comes to our children. but sometimes there is no right or wrong decision. we are just doing what we think is best. today was Grey’s first day of school. it was a tough decision to make. the main reason i quit my corporate job was to be here, to be present with my children. and i did that for the last 2 years having them both home with me. but the thing i have to keep reminding myself is that just because i am not with him 24/7, i am still a present parent. i am still a good parent. and before anyone comes for me, i know not everyone has the option to stay home with their children. some may ask why…it was becoming very tough to work full-time being a content creator in this space and also take care of two children without just sitting in the house all day in order to work. it’s often said to me, “i wanna do what you do. all you do is snap a few pictures. that’s sounds easy to me.”and i can’t think of anything more false. a lot goes into this and it also requires a log of time. i tried to get up super early and stay up late to make it work, but i deserve rest and downtime as well. for some foolish reason i feel like if i am not drowning, i am not doing enough. when things feel “easy” or i have a moment of “this isn’t bad” i should take on more. i am working on those feelings. so today is a hard day, but i am hoping with each day it gets better. and yes i promised him a trip to target after school.

who knew milk came in such an attractive container?! this one is for all the moms whose milk containers look and hang a little different than they did in the past. but hey, they get the job done! @vans

thank you all for another amazing year! my family is so grateful to be able to show up in this space and be included in this incredible community of humans. ilysm! 📸: @polkadotsphotographyfl

it’s really the little things that make a big impact in life what’s something small you can do that will have a big impact for you? also, mama still got it!

i have one ask as we go into the new year…

Merry Christmas Eve from the cutest little boy with the best bundles!

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