Krystian Gabrielle

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My name is krystian my wife and i are a two mom family interracial couple living in Tampa Florida with 2 kids.

My instagram focuses on bringing light and representation to families that are like mine. It is important for the world to see that love makes a family and that we are a family just like any other. It's important for future generations to embrace this love and acceptance.

I will continue to push for all families to be treated equal while sharing my stories and life happenings with my audience.

We love sharing our story with the world.

As a Black queer woman it is so very important to me that i have a voice and more importantly, that i use it.

Location Tampa , FL
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 02, 2021
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toddler talks…they really are too smart! it’s the ending for me 🤦🏾‍♀️ #toddler #toddlers #sahm #momlife #mom

wanna play a game?? NEVER HAVE I EVER! what was your score?! pass it on & share the fun :) #parents #parenting #toddler #toddlerlife #kids #mom #momlife

did you know?! think of all the humor that has escaped your life 😂 YOU’RE WELCOME! #funfacts #jokes #momlife

#RaidPartner During the summertime we tend to have a lot of guests. Our doors are constantly swinging open, and when kids are involved sometimes the doors don't get closed fast enough, so we get unwanted bug guests. Thanks to our @Raid Essentials Light Trap, we are able to trap flying insects like fruit flies, mosquitos, gnats and moths. I can set the trap, pop it in the wall, and enjoy the rest of our day. The amazing thing about this trap is that it uses a gentle UV blue light to attract the bugs and it has NO INSECTICIDES. The trap is aesthetically pleasing which is always a bonus, but also there are no zapping sounds or odors, and YES, it is people and pets friendly (when used as directed) #ProtectionforEveryone

wait for the ending…🥹🥹🥹

DOs & DONTs on a date…GO! #dating #datingadvice #datenight #lesbian

when i took this photo i didn’t think it would potentially be the last breastfeeding photo i would take i type this with tears…i think we are weaning at 2 years and 7 months it started to not feel great for me. my #mentalheath was at risk and becoming unstable i say i think because we are on day 2.5 and the tantrums, fits, the screams, the tears, the pure sadness and frustration from her is almost too much for me to handle i try to distract. to keep her busy. but i also have to be still in moments and work i am struggling right alongside her in this moment i am doing what i think is best and i truly hope it’s the right thing #breastfeeding #blackmomswhobreastfeed

tw: anxiety if you could tell your #anxiety one thing, what would it be? here are my three things! #mentalhealth

The time has come to start the celebration for Disney100! We all know just how wonderful the magic of Disney actually is… Disney takes moments and turns them into memories that last a lifetime. Amazon is celebrating alongside Disney and their 100th anniversary by delivering wonder. Every month new items will be released from home decor, apparel, platinum collectibles, and toys for every age and every person! Join me as we celebrate this monumental moment as we celebrate the first 100 years and look forward to the next 100 years of Disney magic! @amazon @Disney #SharetheWonder #ad

what do lesbians do on a second date? rent a u-haul, DUH! u-hauling & lesbians…why is this a thing? as a fellow lesbian i don’t even know the answer myself, lol. so weigh in with your opinion…EVERYONE! i am curious to know your thoughts whyyyy are we this way?

she’s got me wrapped around her finger… i am she, but also me you would think that loving our own self would be easy, but it’s quite difficult. anyone that has experienced a painful experience, childhood trauma, a tough relationship, or to be honest…just real life in general it can hard to love ourselves. while fancy dinners, nail salons, spas, and shopping trips are wonderful ways to express love for ourselves they aren’t actually, IT. understanding our value and treating ourselves with love and respect is life changing. there is a learning curve when you TRULY get to know yourself. it’s ok to be curious about yourself. it’s ok to question yourself. the more you start to learn about yourself, and really get curious…you’ll soon see that you’re pretty damn lovable! try it.

i feel like i have been playing catch up since moving into our new home. i quite literally haven’t felt truly settled as everything happened so fast and not everything had a place. so what did i do? i shoved things into the closet so it appeared clean and didnt stress me out...but every time i looked in the closet the feeling came back. at last, all of that stress and anxiety has been removed thanks to the poppy closet system from @littleseedskids - available at @amazon it looks so good in my space and i love that the adjustable shelving & polls grow alongside my kids so they can always reach to help put things away or grab their own outfits. definitely a game changer - oh, and did i mention, its reversible too!   #AD @dorelhome #LittleSeedsPartner #LittleSeedsFurniture #HomeDecor #KidsFurniture #poppycollection #closetmakeover

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