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The majority of my posts revolve around the dazzling beach city I live in. I love sharing travel inspiration, visitor guides, and local lifestyle. I have a very beach inspired and casual vibe.

So excited to make some connections!

Location Laguna Beach, CA West Coast
Country United States of America
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Laguna Beach has some of the most unique coastlines in California and a lot of these views feel like you could be in another country! Speaking of other countries, did you know Laguna Beach has 3 sister cities? • Menton, France • St. Ives, England • San Jose del Cabo, Mexico Which one would you visit?! 🗺 “Established in January 2008, Laguna Beach Sister Cities Association is a broad-based, City Council approved, non-profit organization. The LBSCA has a primary goal to establish and maintain long-term relationships between the City of Laguna Beach and our sister cities, Menton, San José del Cabo, and St. Ives. These partnerships will encourage a collaborative exchange of cultural, educational, and business activities. LBSCA is a member of Sister Cities International, an organization providing leadership and guidance in the establishment and operation of sister city organizations worldwide.” - From 💙💙💙 #vacationinspo #californiacoastline #mylagunabeach #welovelagunabeach #explorelagunabeach #allthingslagunabeach #lagunabeachguide #lagunabeachblogger #orangecountyblogger #orangecountybeaches

They’re open! The Taco Stand in Laguna Beach is on Cleo Street and PCH. Their outdoor space is cute and the menu is straightforward. @b_bythe_sea and I went by for a late night snack and ordered beer, carne asada fries, and churros. I can’t wait to go back and try all the TACOS! Would you believe that I had to be shown how to use their beer opener?!? I’ve always used something hand held. 😅 PS - I officially love churros now. #mylagunabeach #lagunabeachguide #bestoflagunabeach #allthingslagunabeach #lagunabeachrestaurants #orangecountyrestaurants #orangecountyfood #orangecountyblogger

I’ve wanted my septum pierced for a long time! In my 20’s I must have been fearless or something because I had a LOT of piercings (you name it, I probably pierced it). 😆 But I never did my septum because I thought my nose was way too big. Then in my 30’s I had acne and I didn’t want to draw attention to my face. Then I realized pretty soon I’ll feel too old for a piercing. So on January 1st I started my year with a bang and got a cute lil piece of metal in my face (well maybe not so little, I can downsize once it heals). LIFE IS SHORT, GET THE PIERCING! Thank you @lagunagoldpiercing and @dg_piercing. ✨✨✨ #septumpiercing #lagunagoldpiercing #lagunabeachbusiness #lagunabeachliving #lagunabeachlocals #lagunalocals #welovelagunabeach #mylagunabeach

I never planned on making a 2022 recap but Instagram offered me an extra bonus for using this template. As I was putting together all these memories I was overcome with so much gratitude! I live in a stunning city and I have freakin amazing people in my life. So thank you Instagram for reminding me how beautiful the small moments can be. 🤍 2023 I’m coming for you.

Merry Christmas friends! Top photo circa 1988. Bottom photo 2017.

Little known fact about me: Once upon a time I had this secret fantasy of starting a podcast. Actually, I still think about it sometimes! 🎙️💭 So you can imagine I was pretty excited to watch the recording of the @RickKellyShow right here in Laguna Beach. I had so much fun being part of the live audience! Kelly was the sweetest, everybody was energetic, there were lots of laughs, @TBD___Studios is classy AF, @ElizabethLynVargas made an appearance, and chef @ChrisTzorin cooked for us. Follow @TBD___Studios for future events or to book your own! Maybe one day I’ll be recording a podcast there. 😉 💎💎💎 #lagunabeachbusiness #lagunabeachstudio #lagunabeachphotographer #lagunabeachevents #lagunabeachcommunity #lagunabeachlife #lagunabeachlocals #lagunalocals #allthingslagunabeach #thingstodoinlagunabeach #rhoc #realhousewivesoforangecounty #rickandkellyshow

I love that you can see the ocean from one side of Moulton Meadows Park, and valleys on the other side. Truly SO grateful to live somewhere as gorgeous as Laguna Beach. Did you know I have tons of Laguna Beach GUIDES?! Under the guides tab of Instagram! Let me know if there are any categories you’d like to see. Side note… When was the last time you posted just a photo on Instagram? I miss the old days! 🏝️ #lagunabeachguide #explorelagunabeach #visitlagunabeach #livelagunabeach #allthingslagunabeach #mylagunabeach #lagunabeachlocals #lagunalocals #lagunabeachlove #welovelagunabeach

This brand is now 90% of my skincare regimen! • Kristin By The Ocean

This isn’t the first time I have mentioned Shine Skincare Co. and it wo The mask dried in about 15 minutes, going from dark to light; which let’s you know that it’s time to wash it off. The Antioxidant Body Wash smells a little fruity and the Antioxidant Body Lotion smells faintly like damp grass. and if you’re ready to start feeling good about what you use on your body, you need to check out their products!

Enchant your senses with luxurious Austin Press candles! • Kristin By The Ocean

My boyfriend bought me this Austin Press candle over a year ago from a local boutique. I couldn’t tell you how many I’ve bought and burned through since then because I’m OBSESSED with the scent! Inside, each candle comes with a story card that describes the scent in such enchanting detail that you feel yourself being transported to another world. the reason I asked if you ever wished you could wear a candle scent as a perfume is because I was browsing their website and saw they had PERFUME OILS of their candle scents!

5 reasons why you MUST try Urth Beauty natural soap! • Kristin By The Ocean

Although I’m fairly new to the handmade soap world, I’m in love with Urth Beauty. The demand for Palm Oil has caused the immense deforestation of some of the most diverse forests in the world and destroys the homes of endangered species! Just because a company uses quality ingredients doesn’t always mean THOSE ingredients were harvested ethically. Along with natural soap bars, you’ll find deodorant, body butters, lip balms, and their popular brow primer!

Escape to the magical desert, right in your own home! • Kristin By The Ocean

Of all the incredible small businesses I’ve discovered on this blogging journey, this might be the most excited I’ve ever been to introduce a brand to you guys! I didn’t notice the sage-scented winds or the mountains that distantly framed my every day views. Even the way you can see through miles and miles of land, sparsely populated with rare Joshua trees, didn’t register in my mind as anything special. I was scrolling the gram and somebody posted about a roll-on oil called *drumroll* the High Desert Wildcrafted Blend!

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