Anna Kostenko

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I am a fashion model located in New York City. I have won Miss Eurasia 2019 beauty contest, been a finalist in Queen Beauty Universe in Miami as well as a fitness/fashion model including New York’s own Fashion Week. I am following my fashion dream here in New York. I enjoy working with my fashion family and relish the excitement of presenting products, locations, and clothes to potential customers. Today’s social and traditional media outlets make it a fantastic time to be in the fashion industry. My passion and work ethic have allowed me to work in China, Turkey, Europe, and now New York City. I am looking forward to the opportunities that this fashion industry presents.

Location New York, NY Соединенные Штаты
Country United States of America
Member Since MAY 20, 2020
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Lovely collaboration with @ellybride_official ❤️ ⠀ Videographer 📸@nycameraboy Heir stylist 💇🏼‍♀️ @zirkalife Make up 💄@dashbarash #girls #modelingshoot #modelagency #modellife #bridal #fashionbloggerusa #fashionblogger #modelinfluencer #maryleestnetwork

Everyone should have their life written as a book 📚. Some of these memoirs would be comedies, detective stories or romance novels. Mine is not completely written yet but I feel it would start as a romantic fairy tale about a little girl looking for happiness. ⠀ ❓What would your book be about❓ ⠀ Wearing @aninebingofficial @aninebing MIKA SHIRT - WHITE, @storets Stone pant suit, shoes @Schutz #ANINEBINGMuse #mybentrovato #StoretsOnMe #INMYSCHUTZ #floridainfluencer #maryleestnetwork ___________________________ ⠀ Каждый должен написать книгу о своей жизни. Некоторые из этих мемуаров были бы комедиями, детективами или романами. Моя еще не написана, но я чувствую, что она начиналась бы как романтическая сказка о маленькой девочке, которая ищет счастья. ⠀ О чем будет твоя книга?

It’s Saturday ☀️ I plan on doing nothing and plenty of it 🤪 ⠀ I will apply a clay mask from @freshbeauty and then I definitely do nothing, since the mask will do everything without me having to do anything ❤️❤️❤️ #clayfacemask #freshbeauty #saturdaymorning ________________________________ ⠀ Это суббота ☀️ Я планирую ничего не делать, много и долго ничего не делать 🤪 ⠀ Я нанесу глиняную маску от @freshbeauty, и тогда я определенно ничего не буду делать, так как маска сделает все сама ❤️❤️❤️

Accessories are the exclamation point on a woman's outfit. Maybe the best accessory for my new pant suit @storets is a golden dog 😍. At the Ben Hotel in West Palm @thebenwestpalm, tributes to Byrd Dewey and her dog Bruno are evident everywhere. ⠀ Wearing @aninebingofficial @aninebing MIKA SHIRT - WHITE, @storets Stone pant suit, @rolex Watch Datejust 31 #ANINEBINGMuse #mybentrovato #StoretsOnMe _________________________________ ⠀ Аксессуары - это восклицательный знак на женском наряде. Возможно, лучший аксессуар для моего нового брючного костюма @storets - золотая собака 😍. В отеле @thebenwestpalm знаки уважения Берду Дьюи и ее собаке Бруно очевидны повсюду.

We are both different and the same. We need love and attention, yet we are different sizes and shapes. We should not be ashamed of our #birthmarks but maybe emphasize them with earrings! Do you have a birthmark? ⠀ Wearing @asos shirt, @ysl earrings #beautymarks #beautymark #yslbeauty #ysljewelry ___________________________ ⠀ Мы все такие разные и в то же время одинаковые. Нам нужна любовь и внимание, и не важно что мы разных размеров и форм. Мы не должны стесняться наших родимых пятен, и по возможности подчеркивать их, допустим как сделала я сережками! А у тебя есть родимые пятна? ⠀

How to become a bad girl: 3 instructions for a fun life ⠀ We can wear strict dresses, faithfully look into the eyes of a boyfriend, and make an understanding face when work colleagues start discussing another everyday stupidity. But there is always time, place, and mood when we take off our everyday look and try on the “bad girl”. And then hold on to those around! ⠀ When is the time to show the “bad girl”? Oh, do you understand and predict us! It can be a jolly vacation together with a friend when you can introduce yourself by other people's names and come up with a different life. Or ... yes, there are few options. I chose the three most disingenuous books from @thriftbooks about bad girls. They will go for excellent instruction for you, the next time you decide to release a flock of devils. ⠀ 💜“Maestra” @l.s.hilton - a book about a smart and beautiful girl. When she is offended at work and deprived of the opportunity to make a career, she spits on everyone and goes on a tour to the most expensive European resorts. At each point of the long journey, there will be dizzying novels, a cynical attitude towards chance partners, and a desire to squeeze maximum benefit and pleasure out of advantageous situations. Each of us will be envious of the ease with which the heroine realizes her wildest fantasies. ⠀ 💜«What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding” Kristin Newman. Is from that generation of American women who will not settle down until they try everything in their life. Do not expect a unique philosophy from this book; enjoy the ironic style of the author and her selection of men from all over the world. A great chance to find out why Brazilian men do not respect female breasts, how Cubans switch to sex already in the tenth minute of a relationship, and why people with a dramatic outlook on the world best kisser. ⠀ 💜«Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy» Helen Fielding. Our heroine is a little over fifty; she has two children, no husband, a lot of money. And a heap of complexes again. Well, okay: but there is a young lover whom she carefully hides from children and friends, wine parties alone, bouts of gluttony, and a million ridiculous situations.

I love the morning. There is something special about this time of the day. Just open your eyes and gaze around. We reach for our phones, check time and then stumble upon something else. Either a book that you left for the night, or an empty chocolate wrapper. It does not matter. What is important is that you start your day with a positive thought. I always try to track the thought that wakes me up and sets me in motion. ⠀ In the morning we do not know how the evening will end. Life always has much more in store for us then we realize. Wearing @chanelofficial pajamas, cup @heathceramics #fashionblogger #floridainfluencer #chanellover #influencerusa #bloggerlife

Golden Rule of Five “S” ⠀ To maintain a good mood and immunity, I use this rule (not invented by me, but tested on myself). ⠀ - sports (if there is no desire for a full workout, then at least morning exercises), - snigger (you can even laugh with a friend online or watch funny videos on the Internet), - sex (you can figure it out yourself), - sleep (try to get enough sleep to the maximum), - sunlight, of course. Now sunny weather is almost everywhere, and this is a 100% positive effect on mood and general condition. ⠀ ! In these conditions, I would add a shock dose of vitamin C to strengthen immunity. ⠀ Wearing @lulus dress, @coccinelleofficial bag, @chanelofficial glasses, @pearlsource jewelry ❤️#microinfluencers #naplesflorida #miamibloggerstyle #styleinfluencers #miamimomblogger #miamifashionblogger ___________________________________ ⠀ Золотое правило пяти «С» ⠀ Для поддержания хорошего настроения и иммунитета я использую это правило ( придумано не мною, но проверено на себе). ⠀ - спорт (если нет желания на полноценную тренировку, то хотя бы утренняя гимнастика), - смех (посмеяться с другом/подругой можно даже онлайн или посмотреть веселые ролики в интернете), - секс (с этим сами разберетесь), - сон (старайтесь высыпаться по максимуму), - солнечный свет, конечно. Сейчас уже почти везде солнечная погода, и это 100% положительно действует на настроение и общее состояние. ⠀ ! В данных условиях я добавила бы и ударную дозу витамина С для укрепления иммунитета. ⠀

Why has slamming a ball with a racquet become so obsessive a pleasure for so many of us? It seems clear to me that in 2020, a primary attraction of #tennis is the opportunity it gives to release aggression physically without being arrested for felonious assault. ⠀ Get rid of negative emotions without harming the world. ⠀ Wearing @nike clothes, sneakers, visor, @babolat tennis racquet #tennisgirl #tennisplayer #tennisflorida #naplesflorida ________________________________ ⠀ Почему удары мяча ракеткой стали таким большим удовольствием для многих из нас? Мне кажется ясным что в 2020 году, основной привлекательностью тенниса является возможность, физически освободиться от агрессии без ареста за преступное нападение. ⠀ Освободись от негативных эмоция без ущерба для мира. ⠀

Driving is like life ... always focus on what is ahead of you and not what is behind you... ________________________________ ⠀ Вождение - это как жизнь ... всегда сосредотачивайся на том, что впереди тебя, а не на том, что позади ... ⠀ Car @audi A6 #audia6 Wearing @lulus shirt, @lpa shorts, @pearlsource earrings #nycfashionblogger #miamifashionblogger #nycinfluencer ⠀

A dress with an open back is always beautiful, feminine, and incredibly sexy. An intriguing neckline that combines rigor and inaccessibility, on the one hand, and undisguised sexuality and a riddle on the other. ⠀ 5 factors for a perfect look with an open back: ⠀ 1. Skin condition. Since the back will be almost entirely open, the skin should look perfect. There should not be any pimples, rashes, or blackheads on the shoulders and back; otherwise, the outfit threatens to produce the opposite effect. On the even and clean skin of the back, you can apply a little flickering powder. ⠀ 2. Posture. Forget about stoop - a dress with a neckline on the back requires a royal posture from its owner. ⠀ 3. Underwear. A silicone bodice, a strapless bra, or an invisible bra will help make your chest more toned and not spoil the impression of a beautiful outfit. ⠀ 4. Hairstyle. The best styling for a dress with an open back is a high hairstyle with hair pinned up. Even if they look gorgeous, loose curls can nullify the whole impression of the outfit, especially if they cover the entire back. ⠀ 5. Health. Nowadays, air conditioners work in all rooms, and temperature differences are provided. Some drafts are harmless at first glance but can lead to disastrous consequences. If you are afraid of freezing, you need to take care of additional outerwear - a summer coat (the difference in length of the coat and dress should not exceed 5-10 cm), or an extended jacket. ⠀ Dresses produce an even more enchanting effect with a deep neckline that goes down to the buttocks. But I do not advise choosing dresses where a hollow will be visible, and it will look defiant. Only in advertising, it looks good, in life it is unacceptable. ⠀ Save this post and be incredibly sexy in an open back dress. ⠀ Wearing @houseofcb dress, @pearlsource earrings ❤️ #styleinfluencer #nycfashionblogger #fashionblogger ⠀ _____________________________ ⠀ Текст на русском смотри в карусели фотографий ❤️❤️❤️ ⠀

Change! Are you afraid of change? ⠀ It is something many of us fear and long for at the same time. We hide behind our existing path in life thinking if we just moved or changed jobs everything in our entire life would change. But change comes from within. ⠀ I have been spending my quarantine in #Florida near the #ocean 🌊. I had always thought I would go to the ocean every day to watch the #sunset ☀️. I would eat less to look good in bikini 👙and sundress 👗… ⠀ This did not happen for me 🤦🏻‍♀️. Have you had this experience in your life? ⠀ We are who we are and if you want to change anything in your life it must start from within. If you want to have a different outcome then you must start do something differently 💁🏻‍♀️ now. ⠀ What do you think? ⠀ ______________________________________ ⠀ Перемены! Вы боитесь перемен? ⠀ Это то, чего многие из нас боятся и жаждут одновременно. Мы прячемся за существующий жизненный путь, думая, что если мы просто переедем или сменим работу, все в нашей жизни изменится. НО изменения происходят изнутри. ⠀ Я проводил карантин во Флориде у океана 🌊. Я всегда думал, что буду ходить к океану каждый день, чтобы наблюдать закат 🌅. Я бы меньше ела, чтобы хорошо выглядеть в бикини и платицах 👗… Этого не случилось со мной. Был ли у вас такой опыт в вашей жизни? ⠀ Мы те, кто мы есть, и если вы хотите что-то изменить в своей жизни, это должно начаться изнутри. Если вы хотите иметь другой результат, тогда вы должны начать делать что-то по-другому сейчас. Но не ждать, что что то извне изменит вас ❤️ ⠀ Wearing @sheinoofficial bikini 👙 #SHEIN #SHEINgals #SHEINstyle #SHEINSS2020 #SHEINsummerfun #swimsuit ⠀

Imagine wearing a shoe that touches your soul like your favorite painting or piece of lingerie. ⠀ ANGELEI™ @angeleishoesofficial brings that artisan’s approach to produce a work of art combining shapes, colors and fabric. Slipping on the ANGELEI™ "GRATITUDE" sandal will add a stunning piece of artistry to compliment your wardrobe. ⠀ ANGELEI™ #angeleishoes combines the vision of their artists with the collaboration of women around the world to produce unique pieces of art in a conscientious #ecofriendly manner. ⠀ I am wearing the ANGELEI™ #angeleishoesofficial "Gratitude" sandal designed with ANGELEI™'s signature satin flower on the back heel representing eternal love and gratitude. Proceeds from the sales of the “Gratitude” sandal will go to help the L.A. Emergency Covid-19 Crisis Fund. ⠀ Find your elegant pair of shoes on the @angeleishoesofficial or website (link in my bio profile). Use code FR10 to receive an additional 10% off purchase of the "Gratitude" sandal. ⠀ ⠀ #becreativewearingangelei #luxuryshoes #shoeaddiction

“Is it in the shadows … where our true selves hide?” — Stephen K. Mansfield @mansfieldwrites ⠀ Every woman deals with her secrets, doubts and insecurities. Only by embracing these fragile emotions that we become powerful. May the sun help your true self come to light! @incantoofficial has the shades for all seasons to help increase our power!

A man’s best friend maybe a dog 🐶 A woman’s best friend is a mirror. It is always good to have one close to keep an eye on ourselves. A little check now and then never hurts. Especially when you have beautiful pearls from the @bananarepublic ❤️

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