Kirsty Leanne

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Plus Size Travel Blogger ✈️ International Speaker 🌍 Changing The Way Travel Looks👏🏻#plussizetraveltoo ❤️

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16 DAYS IN ONE CARRY ON 🤯 As a plus size person and self-confessed overpacker - this is quite the achievement for me! 😂 I knew that with moving around so much during this trip I wanted something I could easily travel with and so I decided to brave a carry on backpack, rather than a case. Here’s everything I managed to pack: ✨ 6 dresses (4 short and 2 long) ✨ 2 Skirts ✨ 4 Tops (t shirts, camis) ✨ 2 Shorts ✨ 2 Swimsuits ✨ 2 Coverups ✨ 1 Pair of PJs ✨ 3 Pairs of Chafing Shorts ✨ 12 Pairs of Underwear ✨ 2 Bras ✨ Medications ✨ Skincare/Make-Up ✨ Sunscreen and Deodorant (bought after security) ✨ 2 Sheet Masks ✨ Shampoo and Conditioner Bars ✨ Toothpaste Tabs ✨ Hair Bobbles and Bobby Pins ✨ Universal Travel Plug, Portable Charger and Charger Cables ✨ Eyemask and Ear Plugs for Hostel ✨ A Foldable Underseat Travel Bag (to bring home some souvenirs) For a carry on backpack, I’m extremely impressed! 🤯 #plussizetravel #plussizepacking #plussizetraveltoo #plussize #fatgirlstraveling #fatgirlstravelling

Oh wait, there are none 😉😘 #plussize #plussizetraveltoo #plussizetravel #fatgirlstravelling #fatgirlstraveling

I used to spend so much time feeling ashamed and guilty because I’m a fat person that enjoys to eat food, so now I make sure I take ALL the photos and videos AND I enjoy ALL of the delicious food I come across while travelling. Whether I’m enjoying a smoothie bowl for breakfast or ordering myself pancakes for dessert, I’ve learnt that when you stop treating food like they’re ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you enjoy things so much more. Now, food is such a huge part of my travels and I’m not ashamed to say that. I love trying local dishes and I can’t believe I let my worry of what others will think of me stop me from doing it for so long ❤️🥰 Video description: various different videos of Kirsty eating different foods, as well as clips of the food she eats. This includes pancakes, smoothie bowls, fruit, lots of guacamole 😂, tacos, waffles, churros etc #plussizetraveltoo #plussizetravel #plussize #fatgirlstravelling #fatgirlstraveling

PLUS SIZE TRAVEL ESSENTIALS ✨❤️ #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltoo #plussize #fatgirlstravelling #fatgirlstraveling #travelessentials

A reminder to anyone that needs to hear it 🥰❤️😘 Video description: Kirsty in various different bikinis and swimsuits. The text reads “With Love Island back on our screens, this is your reminder that you don’t have to look a certain way to look (and feel) good in a bikini 👀” #plussize #plussizeootd #plussizefashion #loveisland #loveislandmemes

Whether it’s been snipped or not, needing a seatbelt extender is always okay - they are there for comfort and safety ❤️🥰 #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltoo #flyingwhilefat #plussize #seatbeltextender #fatgirlstraveling Video description: Kirsty holds a blue seatbelt extender in her hand. The text reads: when you find out the reason seatbelts can differ from one seat to the next is because a lot of airlines trim them if they’re frayed or broken.

Hiiii! Welcome! You’re safe here 🥰❤️👋🏻 #plussize #plussizettravel #plussizetraveltoo #fatgirlstravelling #fatgirlstraveling

🥺🥺 so proud of myself for facing a fear and going on live TV to talk about something so personal to me! ❤️ Thank you Steph’s Packed Lunch for the opportunity and for being so inclusive with the interview 🥰 #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltoo #plussizetraveller #fatgirlstravelling #fatgirlstraveling #stephspackedlunch

There’s a lot of new people here, so I thought I’d reintroduce myself and how I ended up where I am today 🥺❤️ If you’re new, feel free to say hi in the comments! I’d love to meet you all ✨👋🏻 #plussize #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltoo #fatgirlstravelling #fatgirlstraveling #plussizetravelblogger #travelblogger #travelbloggers

I always try to go into the new year having a ‘word’ I’d like to focus on and this year, it’s unapologetic. I’m going to be unapologetically me this year and I CANNOT wait to see what’s in store for me ✨🥰 #plussize #unapologetic #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltoo #plussizetraveller #fatgirlsareaesthetictoo

Day three and four were definitely all about relaxation ✨❤️ There are only two spaces left for the November trip to Bali, which will be my last one to Indonesia for a while! 🥺 #plussizetraveltoo #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltips #fatgirlstravelling #fatgirlstraveling #plussize

Hosting this trip was one of my 2022 highlights and so I thought I’d share what we got up to in more detail! Join me for days one and two 🥰❤️ #plussizetravel #plussizetraveltoo #bali #plussize #fatgirlstraveling #travelwithme

How To Online Date With Confidence On Your Travels

From the unbelievable number of options in each destination to the short time in which you may get to spend together, it’s important you’re doing all that you can to build your own confidence during your international dating endeavours. Whether that means texting your friends to share your location with them or using dating apps that have added safety features, being extra cautious will help ensure your safety should a horrible situation arise and as a result, help you feel much more confident in what you’re doing. n’t want to, often it’s important to put larger aspects of your life out there for people to see if you know that your time in a particular country is going to be limited. An important thing to remember when it comes to confidence is that no matter what you look like, your body is worthy of love and respect.

My Top Tips For Making Social Media Graphics for Instagram

Written by Plus Size Travellers for Plus Size Travellers, it’s a place where you can find everything you need to know to travel confidently and comfortably. if you’re creating content for a branded account, you need to ensure you’re sticking to the brand guidelines with every single image you’re creating. For the Plus Size Travel Too account, for example, two ways in which I can provide value are by sharing useful information and inspiring quotes. For me, I can search Plus Size Travel and it will give me lots of different areas to discuss, all of which ‘the public’ are currently talking about.

Plus Size Surfing: The Importance Of Inclusivity -

I was humiliated on a busy beach trying to squeeze into a wetsuit that I knew wouldn’t fit and as two very persistent instructors tried to squeeze me into it, I felt hundreds of eyes staring at me and judging me in the process. While I felt slightly embarrassed having a visibly bigger board as we sat on the beach surrounded by locals, I also felt comfortable knowing that they were taking the precautions needed to keep me safe. Not having a wetsuit not only made me feel as though everyone was staring at me, but it also made me feel like I was going to be dismissed if I even wanted to try to surf. It made me feel confident that the Newquay Activity Centre had worked with a lot of plus size surfers and as a result, I felt much safer going into the water with them.

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