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Plus Size Travel Blogger ✈️ International Speaker 🌍 Changing The Way Travel Looks👏🏻#plussizetraveltoo ❤️

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Gifted | The City of Angels (apparently I’m never going to stop sharing photos of Cali) 💫✨ • • It’s still a couple of months until my next trip but oh my, it’s a good’un. I’ve had a bit of fun letting people guess on Twitter and Instagram stories but I thought I’d play the same game on my feed too. I’ll give you some clues and you have to guess where you think it is I might be going in May....🤫 • • Okay, so.... • • ✈️ It’s roughly 9 hours from London 🌲 I’ll be doing lots of hiking 🛶 There are lots of these ⛰ ... and these too! • • Can you guess where I might be going? 👀 • • ❤️ Dress gifted by @boohoo ❤️ UAE Skyspace tickets gifted by @klook_uk #skyspace #uaeskyspace #skyspacela #collettemillerwings #skyspacewings #lawings

Universal Studios Hollywood: A Fun Day With The Stars

Once you exit the Metro station, you will see a Universal Studios shuttle which provides complimentary shuttle service to the front gate of Universal Studios Hollywood. If you’re looking to save money on your trip to California, buying a Los Angeles Travel Pass that lasts longer than three days is 100% worth it when it comes to Universal Studios. If you’re pressed for time, you may want to consider exploring Universal City Walk whilst you’re on your way out as it remains open after the park has closed. Although we didn’t get to eat and drink as much as I would have liked during our time at the park, I thought it would be rude not to mention some of the amazing places you can eat during your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.

AD Alexa, play Heaven Is A Place On Earth 🎶🙌🏻👀 • • Since coming back from California my sleep pattern has been ALL over the place, with most of my days ending with me watching reruns of Hunted until 2am. I’ve tried melatonin gummies, lavender pillow spray and even those super relaxing podcasts that are supposed to make you drift off to sleep and so far... NOTHING has worked 😴 • • After a friend recommended I try a weighted blanket to try and help me sleep, I started to do a little bit of research into exactly how they can help. Essentially, the weight of the blanket is designed to mimic the pressure (also known as Deep Touch Pressure) of being held. This releases serotonin, which is known to have an overall calming effect. Seeing that they were ideal for those that struggle to sleep, I was so so excited to receive my weighted blanket a few days ago ❤️ • • The blanket is available in both blue and grey, weighing approximately 5KG. The design is beautiful and the blanket itself is so so soft to touch. I was worried about it being too warm I as overheat easily but despite it being heavy, it’s no warmer than a normal blanket as it uses breathable material 👏🏻 • • As I’ve only had the blanket a couple of days I can’t honestly say whether or not it’s improved my sleep just yet, however, I’m really looking forward to seeing the difference it makes! If all else fails, at least I know have a super comfortable blanket to use 🙌🏻🥰 #weightedblanket #weightedblankets #sleepwell #sleeptime

Ways to Save Money for Travel

– One of the best ways to ensure you’re able to save the money you need to spend on your trip. Think about what you can cut down each day and you’ll be surprised how much you save – especially if you start putting that amount into savings each day! Working out how much I need to earn to pay my bills and how much disposable income I’ll have each month really helps me see how much I have left to spend on travel. Every time I earn a little bit more than I was expecting in a month I like to put a little bit away for a travel fund.

Weezer were definitely onto something when they sang ‘Beverly Hills, that’s where I want to be’ - weren’t they? 🎶 • • Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of seeing the tall palm trees lining the roads in Beverly Hills and I know this is such a cliche shot of them but I’m ngl, I actually kinda love it🌴 • • Seriously though, I’ve only just got back from California and I’m already thinking about when my next trip to LA could be as I miss it so so so much. So, who wants to come with me? 👀🙌🏻 #beverlyhills #beverlyhills90210 #beverlyhillsla #losangeles #la

Five Lessons I Learned About Myself From Travelling - AD

I get to witness breath-taking sights and immerse myself in new cultures all the time, while following my passion and showing the world that plus-size people can, and do, enjoy travel. I do not need as much as I think I need Every time I get back from a trip, I am surprised by how much I have got sitting in my wardrobe at home; somehow I manage to live from a small carry-on when I’m travelling, yet I have drawers full of clothes that I never get around to wearing at home. Travel has really validated my urge to declutter, and I have been able to pack up so many cardboard boxes of things I definitely felt like I needed before I travelled, but have had second thoughts about once I’ve got back. It feels so cleansing to be able to declutter and minimize the things that you feel responsible for in life – whether that’s to sell them and make some extra pennies for your next adventure, or to keep memories boxed up in storage somewhere for a time you are ready to look back.

Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter. Gorgeous make ‘em drop dead, you’re a killer ❤️🎶 • • It’s a good job I love this guy as it looks like we’re about to be spending a lot more time together as I start social distancing. Let’s hope we can finally decide what temperature to have the thermostat at (the correct answer is off FYI) 😉 #socialdistancing

6 Reasons To Visit Stoke-on-Trent At Christmas

With stunning Christmas displays to the funniest panto I’ve ever seen, it actually showed me that I don’t need to hop on a plane to experience that all-important Christmas cheer. We didn’t spend a lot of time walking around the museum but it was incredible to walk through the heritage trail to see the pottery making process from start to finish. If you don’t get a chance to visit any of the pottery factory stores during your visit, you’ll be happy to know there are a number of stores here with reduced pottery. Although the Christmas pantomime is now officially over for the year, the amount of time and effort than went into the production was absolutely incredible and I’m positive it is the same year in and year out.

Gifted | ‘’Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” 💛🏰 • • I think, like many people my age, Harry Potter will always be a huge part of our lives. The first movie was released when I was 9 years old and after falling in love with the Wizarding World, I spent most of my childhood eagerly awaiting every movie and book release that followed 📚 • • I don’t know why this memory sticks with me so much but I once remember there being a fire alarm at school, just after the launch of the Order of the Phoenix book. We all piled out of our classrooms carrying our copies of the book, so all you could see was the flash of the yellow and red cover in so many peoples hands 📒 • • My recent trip to Universal Studios Hollywood was actually the first time I’d seen one of the many Hogwarts castles across the world and I think it’s true, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. It was so magical to finally see it in ‘real’ life 💫 • • Also, 10 points to your respective Hogwarts house if you know whose wand I’m holding. I bet no one gets it right 😏⚡️ • • 📸 @fordtography ❤️ Tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood we’re gifted by @klook_uk

It’s been a while since I posted a travel photo on Instagram due to my current lack of travel but with the whole industry feeling the strain, I thought I’d share a memory that reminds me how magical travel can actually be✨ • • Although we don’t know when coronavirus is going to slow down, I know my travels definitely will be slowing for the next few months. I have a UK wedding to attend this weekend then my next trip is scheduled for the 22nd May and as anything can happen in those two months, I’m currently going ahead as planned. Until then, I’ll most likely be at staying home as my biggest worry is spreading the virus to those that are much more vulnerable than I am. Whilst it would be easy to think of myself in this situation, I’m lucky to be in a position where I can limit my travel for a short period of time. • • I’m lucky I’m in a position where I can work from home but with work from the travel industry already slowing down, I’m definitely worried about how much of an affect this is going to have on both me and my incredible friends in the industry. Although I know it’s a stressful experience, this is definitely the time to be supporting one another. Share your favourite creators content as often as you can. Come up with ways you can work together in the future. Find new people in your niche to engage with. Consider doing a skill swap to help each other grow. There are lots of ways we can help each other and hopefully before we know it, things will start to get better ✨ • • In the meantime, please remember to wash your hands 👏🏻📸 @fordtography