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Plus Size Travel Blogger ✈️ International Speaker 🌍 Changing The Way Travel Looks👏🏻#plussizetraveltoo ❤️

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Instagram doesn’t always give you the full story ✖️👏🏻 • • When I posted this picture initially I talked about how much of an incredible time I had at the Garorock music festival in France. The sun was shining, the music was incredible and festival outfits were on point (and absolutely covered in glitter) ✨ • • I had amazing company and the whole weekend was one I’ll never forget. • • You guys should know how honest I am by now but when it comes to sharing the full story so I want to ensure I continue to do that as we go into 2020. I want to talk about how I was applying anti-chafing cream every hour just to stop the pain from my chubrub. I want to talk about how at times I felt self-conscious as I couldn’t see many plus size bodies around me and how when we were in crowds I often felt like I was taking up *too* much space. I want to talk about how it was SO hot (45 degrees) that I spent a lot of time hiding in the shade and watching bands on a screen, rather than from in the crowds. I want to talk about how the heat made me feel uncomfortable and sweaty, even past midnight. 👏🏻 • • But why didn’t I share this at the time? Honestly, the good DEFINITELY outweighed the bad and when I was sharing my pictures, the bad moments didn’t even cross my mind for a second. All I remembered was reliving my childhood dancing to Sum 41, singing to Macklemore as he headlined on the final night and getting drunk on french wine before we even made to the festival most days. Oh an the Camembert. I definitely remember the Camembert. 🧀 • • I’m going to make even more of an effort to share both the good and the bad of my experiences whilst I travel but ultimately I want people to see that no matter what happens, travel will always leave you with some incredible memories ❤️ #plussizetraveltoo

The Plus Size Travel Too Travellers Survey 18/19

The plus size travel industry is something that has been loosely talked about for a number of years but up until now, there’s never been any statistics to show just how important plus size travellers when it comes to the travel industry. In the past, I’ve carried out research that shows that 95% of travel marketing doesn’t feature plus size travellers and when it comes to accessibility, that number also reflected in how comfortable we feel as we travel. From bigger plane seats to larger towels in hotels, the Plus Size Travel Too Travellers Survey was created to show the industry that they need to start taking note and making some huge changes when it comes to plus size travel. Transport and travel trends are a common topic when it comes to plus size travel and because of that, this was quite a large focus of the Plus Size Travel Too Travellers Survey.

GIFTED | Swish and flick 💫 • • One of my favourite things about the 3-Day Los Angeles Card with @klook_uk is that it allowed me to live out my Hufflepuff dreams in Hogsmede. I’ve never been to a Universal Park before so wandering through Hogsmede and seeing the castle for the first time was nothing short of magical 💛 • • Tell me your Hogwarts house and patronus below. I’m clearly a Hufflepuff and my patronus is a rabbit 🐰👇🏻 • • 📸: @fordtography

Planning A Winter Trip To Europe

With that in mind, here are the essential things you need to consider when it comes to planning a winter trip to Europe: One of the first things you need to do when Another important aspect of planning a winter trip to Europe is research, as this is what will determine whether or not your trip is a success. Whether you’re looking to visit the winter wonderland that is Geneva or you want to spend time at the Christmas markets in Berlin, you need to put together a solid plan as soon as you possibly can. Winter is an incredibly busy season across the globe so if you’re visiting somewhere new, it might be worth checking whether there are any special events or holidays you can experience during your trip.

LA you were poppin’ but it’s time to say goodbye! Don’t worry though, we still have 5 days in Orange County before coming home 😏🇺🇸 • • 10 days in California is definitely proving to be too little though, can I stay please? 😥📸: @fordtography

6 Things Still On My California Bucket List

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that this is going to be the first time I’m going back since I temporarily lived there in 2012 Although I’m heading back to Los Angeles and Orange County and won’t be able to cross EVERYTHING off of my bucket list, I thought I’d put together a list of some of the places I still want to visit in The Golden State. With hiking trails, stunning lunch spots and gorgeous views, I’d actually LOVE to visit every National Park in America and judging by the pictures I have seen, Yosemite definitely won’t disappoint. Located just southwest of LA, Catalina Island is a stunning place to visit if you want to spend some time relaxing in the California sunshine.

GIFTED | Back when I first started shooting with @fordtography over TWO YEARS ago I could barely look at the camera because I felt so incredibly awkward. Now, I can definitely look at the camera but apparently I can’t stop playing with my hair. I’ve gone from one ridiculous security blanket to another, I guess 👀🤷🏼‍♀️ • • I’ve given Kaye my permission to make me do whatever she wants for a photo and so far, I’m absolutely loving the results. Swipe for my favourite photo of the bunch 👉🏻❤️ • • 📸: @fordtography 🥰: Dress gifted by @boohoo x @boohooplus #lacma #losangelescountymuseumofart #urbanlight #urbanlights #losangeles

Christmas Traditions, Gift Giving and Dinner Essentials

Boots are also sponsoring a giveaway to win a Soap And Glory Christmas advent calender worth £42, so make sure you keep reading until the end to find out how to enter. Whether I’m looking for a cute festive outfit for my niece or a box of seasonal bath bombs for my aunt, I can be sure Boots will have most of the last-minute Christmas gifts for her that I need. I actually think I’m pretty useless when it comes to giving gifts and whilst this probably isn’t true, I really do struggle when it comes to buying gifts for those that are closest to me. Whether I’m swamped with work or I’m travelling, Christmas presents don’t start to cross my mind until my tree goes up (mainly because I then need something to put under it).

GIFTED | Yesterday was the first day using our 3-day @klook_uk Los Angeles Travel Pass, so we started the day off at Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier. We were one of the first people in so we got the whole ferris wheel to ourselves, as well as the best seat at the amazing pizza counter. From now on, I want to eat ALL my pizzas whilst watching the waves crash on the beach please 🍕🎡📸: @fordtography #klook #klookuk #pacificpark #pacificparksantamonica #santamonicapier #santamonica

In Los Angeles, everyone is a star 💫 • • 📸: @fordtography #losangeles #lacalifornia #california #griffithobservatory #griffithpark