Kim Saira

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🇵🇭 filipina + chinese ✿ not your model minority ☁️ immigrant, artist, queer, human 🌱 growing / learning / feeling 💌

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It’s National Stress Awareness Day! Aka a day to assess our current ways of taking care of ourselves and how we mitigate stress in our daily lives. It’s important to note that factors within our current system (ex: economic & societal factors) play a role in how marginalized groups experience stress and obtain mental health care. Stress affects everyone in individualized ways, and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution, which is why we need to be conscious of how stress impacts us daily. Share your favorite way to relax or reduce stress💕 ⬇️

everyday in my journal i rate my overall anxiety from a scale of 1-5 (5 being the worst) and during each therapy session, ill go through an anxiety report with my therapist and tell her my highs and lows of the week. but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve felt minimal to no anxiety at all. actually, last week, I had a breakthrough in therapy regarding childhood trauma & i finally saw my healing progress. I have a hard time admitting that I’m actually feeling *good,* because I’m terrified that the feeling might end soon. i don’t allow myself to feel the fullness of my happiness, to protect myself. im so used to anticipating the next bad thing to happen. but until then, I’m practicing grounding techniques, I’m doing more things that cultivate self compassion, I’m analyzing my feelings as I’m feeling them.

#ECCOCreator Trying to spend more time being with myself lately. During one of the first times I meditated, I had this realization that we, as beautiful human beings, are one with everything around us, especially nature. And that is why it’s so important for humans to just be more kind and understanding to one another, as well as share resources that we are borrowing from the Earth, and not be selfish and deplete them. Even more recently, I’ve just been appreciating nature more (which is something I used to always overlook or not really pay attention to). Literally just being outside and feeling the cool air on my face has just been helping me a lot with grounding and staying more present. ✨ Thank you for these shoes @ECCOShoes! Excited to take them on more adventures❤️ #ECCOShoes #ad

Halloween is this weekend & this is your reminder to be mindful of what you’re dressing up as!👻 Squid Game costumes will also be popular this year — mocking accents, taping your eyes back to look Asian or anything similar *is* racist (follow @ykreborn for more videos on this topic!) Honestly, there are so many costume options to choose from that aren’t offensive. Comment some last minute ideas below⬇️

It’s the last week of Filipino American History Month 🇵🇭 & ✨ADHD Awareness Month✨which makes it a great day to shine more awareness on ADHD, how the Philippines views ADHD, and what treatment may like! 💕RESOURCES ON LAST PAGE — PLZ SHARE! 💕 Written by @alexisgalamay & designed by me✍🏽 ✨ From Alexis: “I'm Alexis Galamay, and I'm a Doctor of Pharmacy who freelances as an ADHD coach, writer, and digital strategist. I was diagnosed with ADHD-CT (Combined Type meaning both Hyperactivity and Impulsivity) in 2019, about 2 years after my complex PTSD diagnosis from childhood abu$e and intimate partner violence. I remember feeling relief in finally knowing why I was such an impulsive decision-maker as a kid, why I had to copy my friend's homework even though I was up all night working on it, and why I fell asleep in class or at work no matter how hard I tried to stay focused. I also remember feeling anger at all the adults who called me a "quitter" or demanded more from me because of the Model Minority Myth. Overall, the grief was the hardest to sit with—grief for my younger self who didn't get the help they needed and only had themselves to blame for it.”

Lately I’ve been trying to digest my overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, feeling like I’m not good enough, or am undeserving — aka “imposter syndrome.” After doing more research on *why* imposter syndrome is so prevalent in today’s society, it’s no surprise that it is rooted in capitalism. It’s really easy to feel imposter syndrome, as we live in an unfair system that consistently has us competing for resources, running a rat-race to achieve “success” It doesn’t make sense calling it “imposter syndrome” either because there is no “cure” to the root cause of it, other than reframing / abolishing the system we live in, in order to build an equitable world. Until then, I’m giving myself more compassion and self forgiveness. Im resting more, for the sake of just resting. And I’m constantly reframing my mission so that I uplift others alongside with me. ✨i put “success” in quotes because success is subjective!

Last night was such an embodiment of Filipino joy, celebrating Filipino American History Month 🇵🇭 I was nervous before the event because I’m new to the Filipino community in LA and knew I wouldn’t know people there, but then making new friends like @betinagozo, @theflyplant, @michellecarigma, @jayr.doza, @saiviantha was so warm & welcoming😭❤️ And honestly, I just felt so inspired, just vibing and being in the same space with so many Pinays — especially after the tough year we’ve had. ✨I honestly can’t thank @step0nme, @nikelosangeles, @myxglobal, & @sarisaristudio enough for fostering spaces for 🇵🇭 representation and for welcoming new creatives like me into community😭❤️ ✨and ya still relieving secondhand-embarrassment from fangirling meeting @apldeap ✨ delicious filipino food cooked by @chefvallerie! ✨ photos by @jatecson

It’s the last week of ✨Filipino American History Month✨ and this is what a traditional Filipiniana dress looks like!🇵🇭 This purple traditional dress is called a mestiza dress, or Maria Clara dress. It has evolved over the years, through influences from Spanish colonization and American occupation. The white cloth over that is called an alampay, and the fan is made of banana fiber and wood. Taking these photos was a huge emotional experience for me. When I was a kid, my mom would buy me traditional Filipina attire, and I’d *refuse* to wear them bc I felt embarrassed. Now, I completely understand how important it is to uplift my culture & history, especially since so many people (including myself) don’t know that much about Filipino roots in America. Please keep supporting Filipinos, our history, and our beautiful culture. ✨Purchased at Barong and Formal Shoppe in Carson, CA!

As someone who is still trying to find my way around LA, being in community yesterday was medicine for me yesterday! It was so fun meeting different FilAm creatives & small business owners. HUGE thank you to @NikeLosAngeles, @SariSariStudio, & @Texino for putting this together for Filipino American History Month!❤️ 🇵🇭owned brands + people in LA to support: ✨ @sarisaristudio ✨ @absurda_absurda ✨ @theflyplant ✨ @isla.project ✨ ✨ @jewelsalesart ✨ @mallorywiththeflowers ✨ @themarimaristore ✨ @vacancyprojects ✨ @salamatyoga ✨ @sanandwolvesbakeshop

Saturday thoughts ☁️ As I am trying to actively heal through my traumas and past self, I’ve been finding it a bit challenging at times to exercise forgiveness. It’s so easy to be hard on myself and hold a lifetime of grudges for pain and hurt, but I also think there is so much strength in finding closure, letting go, and forgiving. Whenever I find it hard to forgive, I like to remind myself that we are all living different embodiments of the human experience, all here for a purpose, and just doing our best.

#ECCOCreator Something I really learned to enjoy doing again is going out for walks. As simple as it is, there was a time earlier this year (and it actually still happens to me occasionally) that whenever I would go outside, I’d get a “pins and needles”/itchy feeling all over my body due to my anxiety. I remember having a full panic attack in the middle of taking a walk outside, and rushed home in tears. At one point I didn’t leave my house for a month. Now being in recovery for my anxiety, I’m so appreciative for acts of rests outdoors, like going outside for a walk or a bike ride again. I’ll put on clothes that I feel the most comfortable in, walk to the park, and feel so much gratitude because I wasn’t able to do any of this just a few months ago. How have your self care practices evolved over these past couple of months? #ECCOShoes @eccoshoes #ad

finally being honest with you and myself, and coming to terms with my adhd. To be honest with you, ive always been so annoyed with it. I never told anyone i had it and denied my diagnosis for years. The reason why Im finally seeking treatment (most likely medication) is really because its so much more noticeably interfering with everything i do. Looking back, I’m also coming to terms with all of the times I was always so hard on myself because I thought that I just wasn’t “smart enough” or “understood things well enough.” When in actuality, I had a learning disability that could have been accommodated for. 🌿what im finally paying attention to: • because I stutter & spiral- being more patient w myself when i speak • I need to take multiple breaks • not being embarrassed to ask people to repeat things more slowly and if you know any resources or accounts to learn from for ADHD, please share!💜

The rise of popularity of Asian Americans in the media has grown so much lately— and more recently, the Korean show, Squid Game has taken worldwide popularity as one of Netflix’s top shows ever. ✨Resources on last slide! Share & save to amplify✨ It’s so important to remember that just because you appreciate Asian cultures, Asian pop cultures, and Asian representation in the media — doesn’t make you automatically anti-racist. We’ve received so much Asian discrimination, racism, & hate for most of this year alone— and we need to continue standing up for Asian people, regardless of media representation.

Have been thinking about why things happen the way they do in life. Some thoughts 4 u this Saturday🌸

✨GIVEAWAY!! ⬇️✨ I think it’s so important to uplift small businesses creating a difference in the world by keeping sustainability in mind during clothing production. Im SO excited to do this giveaway with @shopsitesee, a woman owned shop, creating sustainable & functional pieces! I’m wearing their Santa Teresa set that I feel so good & comfy in!! 🌿Their clothes are ethically made in New Orleans, made from 60% lyocell (a fabric made of cellulose-derived wood pulp), and 40% linen! ✨TO ENTER✨ 1. Comment your dream travel destination and tag a friend you’d take with you 2. Follow @shopsitesee & @kimsaira 3. That’s it! Unlimited entries are allowed👏🏽 No purchase necessary to enter. Giveaway ends Thursday, October 21st at 12:00 pm EST. The winner will be selected randomly and announced on Friday, October 22nd. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. 📸 Taken at @electrify_studios in LA / @disko_d

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