Katie Boutwell

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Hello! After traveling every chance I get the past few years, I have finally decided to start documenting the journey. Welcome to my travel adventure blog!

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Another @southwestair inaugural flight in the books!! This one looked a little different with masks than the rest, but still just as fun and joy filled. The energy on board and celebration is unlike any other flight and while this was my 4th, it certainly won’t be my last! Inaugural flights are not invite only, you just find the first day of service and book the first flight! This flight happened to be about half Southwest employees and we even recognized a few other people we met on past inaugural flights! #southwestinaguralflight #southwestair #southwestinagural #wannagetaway #southwest #southwestBZN #bozeman #bozemanmontana #visitbozeman #avgeek #avgeeks #glt #travelblog #travelblogger #travel #boeing737

I’m not good at staying in one place. After spending half my time anywhere but home being grounded the past 14 months has been challenging. I escaped this past weekend to Zion but more to come on that next week. For today, I’m back in the air and celebrating the return of travel and the summer of vaccications ✈️🎉

The happy earth day post I started with looks nothing like this. As I was going through my camera roll and being reminded of some of the beautiful places I have had the opportunity to see, I was also reminded with a lot of these in between. These aren’t the beautiful photos, these are the in between. This is the human impact we are having on this beautiful earth. If we want future generations to be able to experience the wonderful earth day posts you see on your timeline, then we need to start taking care of this one a little better. Don’t be the person that feeds wild animals, thus changing their behavior (and making them very overweight). Practice leave no trace and leave a trail better than you found it. And the other slides in here- results of human started wild fires. You should be able to see a beautiful mountain in the first photo- not a hazy shadow of one. Or the Portland airport that I never shared after experiencing the worst air pollution I hope to ever see in my lifetime. So Happy Earth Day and here is to treating you better in the next year and years to come 🌎💙 #earthday #earthday2021 #leavenotrace #portlandoregon #northcascades #glaciernationalpark #behindthegram

Throwback to giant crowds, Super Bowl champs, day drinking, an O Line and maskless lives. Who would have thought so much could change in a year. #kansascity #kansascitychiefs #superbowl2020 #SuperBowl #howwedokc

Travel tip!!! Alaska Airlines is currently has a few secret promo codes that can save you 30% off on flights for travel before August 31st, 2021, they just need to be booked before end of day tomorrow (12/20)! Sharing these promo codes for you: FLYWITHME or WHEELSUP (both should be the same). Hello last minute Christmas shopping without having to wait on shipping! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for 2021 travel! Photo from a getaway to Glacier National Park this summer. #iflyalaska #fillbeforeyoufly #alaskayousweaterbelieveit #flightdeals #travelhacks #travelhacking #experiencesoverthings

In the beginning of the pandemic when zoom game nights were all the rage, I was voted “most likely to quit my job and travel” and since then that moment hasn’t really left my mind. How can we make this happen? Well with the ability to work remotely, I’m more ready to take the remote part beyond our house and explore more. In June we rented a campervan and ever since I have been wondering if that is something we could actually make happen. So when @michelobultra posted the #puregoldCEO opportunity, there really isn’t anyone more perfect for the job than @benjaminbout. He doesn’t roll his eyes when I want to wake up at 3 am for a national park sunrise, he’s the driver for every road trip, he’s believes every mountain should be celebrated with a beer, he’s the reader of all signs, he’s full of fun facts, the first one to say yes to jumping in glacier water and the one to open the trash can after picking up others trash in a national park. So here is to crossing our fingers our national park journey can continue from anywhere in the US while cracking a beer, staying on trails and living in a tiny home on wheels 🍻 Dear Michelob, please hire Ben

Looking back on the beginning of 2020: from January to March 12th I had slept in hotel beds more than I had slept in my own, I had traveled 27,915 miles and April/May were expected to go at the same pace. Swipe for the really tired, heavily traveled raw real life I didn’t know I could miss so much. I have never been home this long in the last 5 years. This time last year I booked a spontaneous road trip to Moab, UT just because I had been home for 6 weeks and I was beyond stir crazy. Being forced to be grounded was amazing for the first month. I didn’t know how much my body needed a rest, but I haven’t felt that way since. Today I’m dreaming of the next passport stamp- I think it needs to involve an island and an amazing beach.

A national park I have been trying to cross off my list for 2 years ☑️ Bryce Canyon was worth the wait! This marks the 4th national park in 2020 but it was supposed to be the 6th still counting our blessings this was able to happen.

Trying out #vanlife and dispersed camping for the weekend! Love our little socially distanced home on wheels and the closest camper to us is 1,000 meters away. Renting a campervan has been a dream of mine for the last year and I finally convinced Ben! I’m fully convinced I could sell everything and live a minimalist traveling life, but I’m still working on Ben 😂

Things look a little different these days, but I’m ready for the same view at 30k feet. Off on a socially distanced road trip but a quick nonstop flight first. Headed to my favorite national park and one I haven’t been yet- any guesses where we are headed?

I have missed this view. I didn’t know how much this view was part of my life until it wasn’t part of my biweekly routine. 18 times from January 1st to March 12th I happily sat in my creative seat. It was more than a mode of transportation to my destination, it’s where ideas came to me, writing happened and where books are consumed. Trying to write post quarantine has been really hard for me and recounting how my last week in California went as the whole world started cancelling one thing after another as I rushed to get home. Traveling is more than a job, it’s more than a hobby, it’s part of my life and good for my mental health.

3 years ago: Mexico 2 years ago: Barbados 1 year ago: Rocky Mountain National Park This year: our dining room Not what we thought this year would look like, but still happy to spend the time with you. Happy wedding anniversary @benjaminbout! #barbados #barbados🇧🇧 #visitbarbados #mexico #puertovallarta #hyattziva #worldofhyatt #hyattzivapuertovallarta #beach #beachlife #ocean #oceanview #rockymountains #aeriereal #aerieswim #rockymountainnationalpark #quarantine #travelblog #travelblogger #dametraveler #glt #weddinganniversary

Happy Mother’s Day! Wishing we could spend time together today but holding every memory from Disney, Barbados, Nashville, Hawaii and everywhere in between #happymothersday

One year ago we were touching down on the mainland again after the most amazing 10 or 11 days. It was my first trip to Hawaii, a surprise trip for my mom and planned around a @southwestair inaugural flight. Hawaii will always hold a special place in my heart with such strong memories, but 5 hour flights aren’t required for wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Have you ever taken a trip with your mom and/or daughter? If so, where have you been?

Happy Earth Day!

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