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Hi! I am a beauty blogger & freelance makeup artist that writes about cruelty free/vegan makeup/skincare as well as self care (mental/wellness health). I do personal blogging and a little lifestyle too.

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How to dress in the mountains: 5 looks and perfect combinations for winter

we certainly can’t recommend your fellow adventurers but we can certainly suggest how to dress nice and stylish also in the mountains . “bundle” however, follow the latest trends mountain chic as the maxi coat teddy bear , eiderdowns , print camouflage , the technical ski pants in optical white by Colmar , Moon Boot  courtyards and backpack Chanel in the collection Uniqlo , sheepskin ankle boots padded with Sorel , zippered sweater and maxi neck of

How to live a "Gold Tranformation": the interview with Chiara Ferragni

From the first role as Global Ambassador in 2016, until last year’s #StopHairShaming campaign, the collaboration between Chiara Ferragni and the brand No one better than her can inspire and excite and no one, more than Chiara, can transmit the love and care for hair that are a fundamental means of expressing one’s identity. wanted to tell just this aspect, interviewing the woman of today and the Chiara of ten years ago. To the girl of 10 years ago who loved straight hair and hoped to realize a great dream, Chiara advises: “follow her instincts and trust herself”, while the 22-year-old woman recommends to the older woman not to forget the energy of the apos, the younger age and … the black pencil for the eyes!

Rina Lipa is the protagonist of the new REDValentino campaign

REDValentino launches a new photographic project for the presentation of the Spring 2020 collection . This is a new aesthetic by REDValentino, less conventional and with an unexpected approach and much more rock. On the contrary: it manages to emerge even more, in an mix of tulle, sequins and black amphibians which makes kaleidoscopic and multifaceted the new REDValentino woman . A just 18 years old, Rina’s making a name for herself on the big screen and the small screen.

Jennifer Aniston's family told her she had no future as an actress

Jennifer Aniston’s family told her she had no future as an actress Jennifer Aniston  today is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s best-known and beloved actresses. But the actress, 50 years old, recently revealed that when she first told her family that she wanted to pursue a career in acting her family didn’t offer her any support when she told them she wanted to be an actress. Jennifer Aniston, during the interview, also talked about the endless rumors about a potential reunion of Friends .