Julie Saillant

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Animal Whisperer & Transformational Intuitive Coach-I Connect Animals & People's Hearts.

Julie is an Animal Whisperer & Transformational Intuitive Coach who helps her clients connect to the hearts of their animals. This work supports a heart to heart connection for all.

Julie brings in your own personal sacred animal energy that is needed to help you find your true soul purpose and stand in your power.

Julie was born with unique gifts that allow her to speak with dogs, cats, and horses - either in person or long distance.  Animals can be here or have passed over the Rainbow Ridge, she can speak to them no matter where they are. 

Her specialty is facilitating the heart-to-heart connection with animals to bring in whichever personal sacred animal wisdom you most need now, to put you on your soul's path. 

Whether you need to connect with a pet or want to bring in the power of a sacred animal for an energy healing, Julie can help you find your soul's calling and stand in your power.

Location Myrtle Beach, SC Northeast
Country United States of America
Member Since NOVEMBER 18, 2019
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Umm, Can we just get back to normal life so I didn't look like a bank robber? ha! Anyone else done with this virus?

Being in a partnership takes patience. You may not always understand the other one perfectly, but choose love and everyone wins.⁠ ⁠ Photo by Kristinleephotollc! Your amazing girl!

Greatness takes time! Give yourself the time you need to be better than yesterday.⁠ ⁠ Thank you for the shot Kristinleephotollc!

Someone needs to hear this today! Open your heart and embrace who you are. Everyone is vulnerable and we are all here for each other. Step out - your miracles are waiting!

Happy Monday! #nofilter. #treatallwithkindness #motivation

1 Minute Tip To Success - What Do YOU Want? This is where your success begins but if you don’t know the answer to this question take the time to get the answer. What do YOU want?

Life doesn't always go to plan. Things don't turn out as you expected, people don't show up when you were counting on them too, and we don't always get what we want. Your two options are: 1: Run and hide, don't access your feelings and pretend things are good as shit hits the fan, or⁠ 2: Honor your feelings and circumstances that things are NOT where they need to be, decide to change them, and map out a plan. ⁠ ⁠ MOST IMPORTANTLY - CHOOSE LOVE! Choose to love yourself and know you did the best you could, choose to love those around you by not closing yourself off to the world and make a choice to be better. Which option will you choose?

Happy Friday guys! Zeus is Houdini but still hates cameras lol!

Today’s Intention: Forgive Yourself. We have all made mistakes and have faced circumstances that are difficult to go through. Please remember you did the best you could with the information and resources you had at that time. There are many things we cannot control. Choose to forgive yourself - that is where the healing begins. Where can you forgive yourself?

1 Minute Tip To Success-Chose Courage Take one baby step forward and release any pain you’ve been carrying. This will give you access to positive energy and release what’s been keeping you stuck. If you need help letting go of negative energy, send up a flare I’m here to help.

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